MadCatz signs Arsenal FC licence

Third-party accessory provider Mad Catz has agreed into a licence agreement with Arsenal Football Club plc to produce customised video game controllers and accessories that carry with the team's brand.

Mad Catz plans to develop Arsenal-branded video game controllers, faceplates, 'Console Skinz' and carrying cases for the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, DS and Nintendo Wii.

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Harry1903901d ago

small club that was sent crashing out of all major competitions,at least
they still got MadCatz.

Shadow Flare3900d ago

no they're talkin about that club who was top of the table for most of the year. The same club that everyone admires the way they play, the games that everyone wants to watch because they're always exciting, a club who's average age is about the same as your IQ

resistance1003900d ago

The same club that everyone admires the way they play,

Games that everyone wants to watch because they're always exciting.


I think you mean the club which everyone hates, because of there english player policy, i'm sorry but 1 English player in a 24 man squad isn't good enough. I personally don't think they deserve anything, and shouldn't be in the premier league

Mr_Showtime13900d ago

they dont have an english man policy, its called common sense, why would a manger spent £millions of ppounds on a n english player when he can pick up another one for next to nothing,

eg Michael Carrick cost £18 million
cesc fabregas cost £2 million

english players are way over priced and often dont match up to the talent of players from foerign countires

gunnerforlife3900d ago

naa its def the club that everyone like he way they play football lol its only English people that think that way

no_more_heroes3900d ago

run that by me one more time? I'm not so sure I read that correctly. How dare you dis baby Barcelona(keyword "baby"). At least they're better than the self-righteous, point-fingers-at-everyone-else -but-yourself-when you-slip-up [email protected] at Manchester United.
Just kidding. Seriously though, Arsenal have one of the youngest squads in Europe. Remember that 5-1 loss to Tottenham in the Carling Cup? The average age of the players that The Professor put out on the field was 21. As shown by their current form, they still have a lot to learn, but they're making progress. Like Sony with the ps3, Arsene's trying to future-proof the club without overspending.

By the way, they WILL beat Man U this weekend :p

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