EB Games Canada Guaranteed Trade In Values: $23 for TLOU, $100 for PS3 Super Slim, $120 for Wii U

If you’re looking to trade in some of current generation hardware and games, or some other electronic devices, EB Games Canada has detailed some guaranteed trade in values that you can expect right now. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1533d ago

Wow, Super Mario Galaxy 2 holding strong!

guitarded771533d ago

Because Nintendo won't drop their prices. I hope that changes this gen.

TrendyGamers1533d ago

I definitely won't be buying Wind Waker HD at full price, so hopefully that drops at some point.

Williamson1533d ago

I want to pick up some ds games like Mario 64, nsmb ds, and pokemon heartgold but they still sell for 34.99-39.99$ around where I live. Too expensive for some pretty old games.

zeal0us1533d ago

Ebay is your friend skip Gamestop

ZBlacktt1533d ago

Craigslist.... forget any middle man.

sashimi1533d ago

lol $23 for TLOU and than turns around to sell it for $50+ >.>

RadioActiveTwinky1533d ago

Question is... Who would want to trade TLoU?
That game is part of gaming history.
I know I haven't played GTA 5, but I will say this. I dont think it will be able to top it.
The story in that game is just very well written and portrayed. It also helps that the glameplay was really fun as well.
The multiplayer also feels very unique. Some may disagree but I still think it is.

Murad1533d ago

The thing is, at the end of the day people don't believe that. There will always be better games as the generation goes on. It's happened with all the great Ps3 games that have come out, and it will happen with all the future games as well.

fudgenasty211533d ago

i sold my ps3 slim last month for 180 cash. this is a ripoff. just a videogames pawnshop

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The story is too old to be commented.