Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer Beta Download Size Revealed

Lucky members who got accepted to play the Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer Beta have officially received their download keys. If you're wondering if you're going to have to make space on your HDD to play the beta then you will be happy to hear that the beta is only 1.73 GB on Xbox 360.

Here is the screenshot of the download screen for proof.

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stage881775d ago

Surely the devs don't mind if the size of the beta gets out. If anything I would think they would want people to know.

grashopper1775d ago

Well it's just that the guy hasn't even fully downloaded it and is already taking pictures and posting.
I know that stuff is unimportant but I'm sure there well be more where that came from.

rajman1775d ago

Downloading mine right now =) There is an NDA for it?

grashopper1775d ago

Yes, it was mentioned when asking for the platform you wanted and at the bottom of the code email.

3-4-51775d ago

Yea Just read mine a minute ago. About to download in a few.

How long does this last ?

Shadonic1774d ago

lucky I had completely forgtten about checking my oringal live account for an invite. I was too late when signing up.

Axecution1775d ago

honestly its the internet. If they put a beta out to the public, footage is gonna leak. ...and that's bending the definition of leak, since they put the content out themselves anyway lol.

Plagasx1775d ago

Sighs, not coming to PC..

MidnytRain1775d ago

It's a Batman multiplayer beta. My guess is you're not missing much...