Newly Revealed Sonic: Lost World Cutscene Busrts With Energy

Hardcore Gamer: A new cutscene from the game was just released that shows it carries some thematic weight behind it as well, introducing multiple characters and plotlines to the proceedings (including Eggman being terrorized and Tails being injured). Besides that, there's some slickly directed action that looks better than the cutscenes we've grown accustomed to in Sonic games.

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Abash1753d ago

Hopefully the story of this game brings the stories of Sonic games back to the level of quality they were in the Adventure games

CrossingEden1753d ago

Sonic the hedgehog stories are extremely bad, i'm sorry but it's impossible for me to care about a bunch of anthropomorphic animals who face off against an egg-shaped man. It's like trying to make Mario games have a serious story

XboxFun1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Gotta love Sega,

I want blue skies in games, not gritty gangsters and psychopaths.

juhis8151753d ago

Oh the irony of misspelling the title for the article...

Newly Revealed Sonic: Lost World Cutscene BUSRTS With Energy

It's suppose to be "bursts", as I'm not stupid about these spelling mistakes.

NarooN1753d ago

I busrt out with laughter after reading the title of this article.

Jagsrock1752d ago

This game really looks like the real deal.