More PlayStation 3 Home Details [Video]

When PlayStation Home finally goes live, a new icon will automatically appear under the [Network] category, without the need to update your firmware. Upon booting your PS3, the console does a simple check on two XML files to see if the service is active in your country.

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decapitator3873d ago

Not much but a nice update. One of my anticipated things this years has to be Home.

fenderputty3873d ago

does that mean that this component has already been added in a past firmware update? One of the last ones did almost nothing on paper right? It sounds as if they've already done what needs to be done with the PS3's and that the update is only on the network side when it finally launches.

Man ... I hope it's sooner then later. It would be nice to have it by GTA or MGS.

TriggerHappy3873d ago

Yeah I hope it's sooner as well. Sony should shed more light on Home.

Jack Meahoffer3873d ago


Update, update, leaked screenshot, leaked details, update, OMG someone downloaded 1.0 but it doesn't work, leaked screenshot, update, details, sigh

CrazyMystical3873d ago

you can imagine GTAIV as home but with cars & only 16 players max

what I'm saying all this Home news is depressing and GTA should cheers you guys up and and if it doesn't R* has failed (but i highly doubt that)

sonarus3873d ago

Sony should be working really hard to get home up and running. Imagine getting to play MGS4 with accomplishments that would be awesome. They should at least have a basic accomplishment system by the time MGS4 is out even if home isn't out yet.

MikeGdaGod3873d ago

Home was updated last night. i didn't notice anything different though. just a few different videos being streamed in the common areas.

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Shadow Flare3873d ago

It's beginning to get to me though. I understand that it needs to be really good when its released and i want it to be so, but i just want it now. It's been more then a year since first seeing it, and i just want in. But at the same time, i want it to do well, so i want to wait until they make it great so its really impressive when it launches. Aaaaarghh!!!

Blademask3873d ago

It would have sucked, everyone would flame it. And it would be thrown under a bus.

jwatt3873d ago

I think since the ps3 is doing so well now Sony doesn't need to rush Home. They will release it when it's ready, which I prefer. Would you rather have Sony release Home early and it comes out boring? killing a lot of momentum they have now or release Home when it's ready with only minor bugs and many things to do?

It would be cool if Home comes out and you can do stuff like play baseball, kickball, arcade games, While there are a lot of events going on at the same time. I just want home to have alot of things you can do. It probably won't be like that when it launches but down the line those are things I want to see.

MikeGdaGod3873d ago

yes be happy you didn't get it when it was first announced. i've been in the beta for almost a year now and it JUST got good with the last big update.

its coming along nicely now but there's still alot that needs to be implemented like in-game XMB, of course.

sony is trying guys. just try to be a little more patient.

CaptainHowdy3873d ago

anyways, i still think home will be released within the week of GTA's release, which by that thrusday would be May, the 1st week of May @ the latest. Between GTA4 & Haze

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The story is too old to be commented.