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gamer421684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I was 2 minutes too late, but you got to the story first. :P

EDIT: relating to the article, a person should be always be paid for their work, distributing ways to use their work without paying the creator is a bit of a douchbag move, especially if they're indie.

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GraveLord1684d ago

Nintendo says in their press release that the website sells unauthorized copies of Nintendo games. That isn't true. They only sell the R4 carts needed for it.......

I don't think Nintendo has a case here. People have a right to "jailbreak" their DS or 3DS, they did buy it and they do own it.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31684d ago

"I don't think Nintendo has a case here. People have a right to "jailbreak" their DS or 3DS, they did buy it and they do own it."

Lol, tell that to Sony about their devices they sell and hear what they say.

3-4-51684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

OK people can mess with their hadnhelds, but what about people trying to play games they don't own.

In one case, they actually own the thing, in the other, they are trying to access that which they don't own.

I think your confusing the two.

The games they are trying to play, they don't own, so they can't do whatever they want with something they don't own.

That is like saying I can do anything I want with your stuff, because it's not mine.

It doesn't make sense.

They can mod their consoles all they want, they just can't play games for free on there.

Now, if they owned the cartrige/game, and wanted to mod the individual game for their own use, there should be nothing wrong with that, as long as it doesn't interfere with other people playing their game.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31684d ago

Well, with my comment Sony makes it quite clear you don't really "own" anything they make hardware or software-wise(with software that's every companies stand seemingly, not just Sony, just look at the license transfers and such.). I don't know if you're actually replying to me or the above poster. In reality, a device has to be modded to play a modded game and/or to actually mod a game. That's a definite for Sony but Nintendo on the other hand doesn't really go after people who own their software and hack or mod their games, example would be the Dolphin emulator.

GraveLord1684d ago

I don't see what Sony has to do with this.

Enigma_20991684d ago

Sure... as long as they don't follow that up with illegally pirating any games for free. And what are the odds that that was the entire point of hacking/jailbreaking their console, hmmmm?

yugovega1684d ago

good for nintendo. people who hack their systems should be considered theives same as people who bootleg movies.

PopRocks3591684d ago

This is a pretty gray area if you ask me. These R4 cards are not specifically designed for stealing games, but rather only provide the means for it. It's a shame since things like these could be quite useful if not for those who use them for unlawful purposes.

Misaka_x_Touma1684d ago

but they are designed to prevent the developers and publishers earning money. Worst than used games. It also the main reason why Pokemon sells between 10-20m now because 10m of them get the roms.

Pokemon Red and Blue sold over 30m now it just 10-20m.

PopRocks3591684d ago


Don't get me wrong, I don't condone any sort of illegal downloading. I feel if you're not purchasing the game or if the dev/publisher did not personally and legally provided it for free, then you have no right to play that content.

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Lovable1684d ago

You know you could have made your site a bit inconspicuous. Naming your site like that will only attract trouble.

gamer421684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

It's the sister site of gamingeverything, but instead concentrates only on nintendo hence nintendoeverything,

edit: @Sephiroushin
wow, I'm dumb :p
That makes more sense, thanks, I completely misunderstood him, and yeah they should have named their site something a little less questionable.

Sephiroushin1684d ago

He probably means the site that sells the R4 "" ; not nintendoeverything

Blank1684d ago


I cant help but to respectfully say FAIL! Lol

strigoi8141684d ago

first before some people compare handheld console to cars that gonna be modified..

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