Do 'Next-Gen' Games Deserve That Title?

The author discusses his views on the upcoming releases for the next generation of consoles and whether or not better graphics makes the game "next-gen" or if there is something else needed.

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malokevi1684d ago

"innovation". Easier said than done.

Gamers are generally of this wild opinion that "innovation" is something that just happens. Not only that, they think that it "just happens" at the beginning of each generation.

Innovation means so many things. For me, massive open worlds, persistent worlds, amazing visuals, physic, particles, and MMO-style online play ARE innovation. All things we will be getting.

Refinement is innovation, at this point. When true innovation happens, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

UnHoly_One1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

This author is assigning a definition to the phrase "Next Gen" that isn't accurate.

"Next Gen" doesn't mean a jump in graphics, and it has nothing to do with innovation.

Next Gen means literally what it says. It's the Next console Generation after the current one.

ANY game that comes out for a PS4 and Xbox One is Next Gen, even if it is an ugly piece of crap that could have been made on an NES.

A year from now, nothing will be "Next Gen", because the PS4 and Xbox One will then be the current generation.

I get tired of people throwing around that phrase and using it to mean something it doesn't.

Imonaboat11684d ago

Based on the time frame, wii u a next gen console but hardware wise? no, its almost current gen

Roccetarius1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

We don't already have said innovations? :)

Anyways, CDPR is really going out of their way, to make a truly next gen game with Witcher 3.

malokevi1684d ago

That's what I mean, and great example. Witcher 3 looks so great because it takes all those aforementioned factors, includes them all, and turns up the volume to 10. Incredible refinement is true next gen, at the moment.

Cant wait to drool over that game.

webeblazing1684d ago

its funny cause just last year before new consoles was announced pc gamers had this and was saying how detailed the games wasnt and they get massive disagrees and laughed at. suddenly these so called next gen games is such a huge leap. it funny how people change their views when it benefits them.

more flip flopping lol

JunioRS1011684d ago

Exactly. And it took a few years for really really new ideas such as LBP to come out on PS3, so I'm sure in 2015/2016 we will see some REALLY impressive stuff.

starchild1684d ago

Graphics are really the only area in which we will see a general sea change with the new generation. The gameplay innovations are more rare and are kind of just sprinkled here and there throughout a generation.

There isn't a sudden massive shift in gameplay innovation simply because there is new hardware. Most games could be done on previous console hardware if the graphics were scaled back enough.

This is why I think it is wrong to try to define "next gen" as anything but the jump in hardware and graphics that we see with a new console generation.

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cyguration1684d ago

It's not about whether or not they fit the criteria of being "next-gen" it's a moniker that carries weight only insofar that they actually are "next-generation".

Someone brought up a very interesting point that a lot of the great features that will make games fun are things that you can't readily advertise or showcase in games like you could going from the PS2 to the PS3.

For instance, particle simulation physics -- features like this will allow you to see things like smoke embers putting people on fire (as opposed to just using outright flame throwers to do the job).

We also have things like more enhanced soft-body deformation physics and AI improvements, things that were peaked or undoable on current-gen. So yes, by definition of potential, mechanics and tools, these upcoming games whether they look the part or not, are indeed next-gen.

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Gamer6661684d ago

None of the multi-platform that ship on x360, x1, PS3, and PS4 should be considered next gen games.

Although graphics on the new platform will be better, the core game mechanics are still being achieved on current gen hardware.

Next gen games start appearing in year 2 and 3 of the cycle when devts scrap devt for current gen consoles and only make the games for the next gen consoles. When devts are saying "This game was impossible on the previous gen hardware" then it is next gen.

starchild1684d ago

That's a stupid definition of next gen, because in that case there would only be a handful of next gen games in a generation.

The vast majority of games in any generation have gameplay mechanics that could have been done on the previous generation of hardware.

Even among innovative games, very few of them could be said to be impossible to do on previous consoles. Little Big Planet's core mechanics could have been done, Journey could have been done, The Walking Dead could have been done. I'm seriously having a hard time thinking of a game from the PS3/360 generation that absolutely couldn't have been done on the previous console hardware.

If you scaled back the graphics enough, most of these games could have run on previous generation consoles. Their innovations came about through creative thinking and better ideas, not because some more powerful hardware suddenly made something possible.

fsfsxii1684d ago

The only next gen thing i'm seeing is Driveclub. I trust Evolution studio because i still play MotorStorm to this day.