Bad Levels in Gaming History - Volume Two

SuperPhillip Central writes, "We've mentioned a lot of levels that we deem the greatest in video game history, but we also like talking about those levels that irritate us to no end. It's been since March 2012 since our first segment, and now your long wait for Bad Levels in Gaming History - Volume Two is over. The worldwide nightmare is over! Speaking of nightmares, this segment talks about those levels that have poor design, are frustrating as hell or simply just aren't fun. Today we have a wide variety of games, from Halo to Mario, and Grand Theft Auto to Sonic the Hedgehog. Get ready to get stressed out remembering these design atrocities!"

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guitarded771511d ago

"Supply Lines - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"

I spent thousands of dollars in years of therapy to forget that level, and you got to bring it up again. It took me like over 9,000 tries.

DavidMacDougall1511d ago

The RC plane attack? LOL yeah nightmare

3-4-51510d ago

I remember that. Took me like 20 tries at least.

superbhoy1510d ago

what about the rc heli in vice city??

1511d ago
DavidMacDougall1511d ago

The whole of Dead Island Riptide.

AntoineDcoolette1511d ago

The Hades portion of the original God of War was f-ing terrible.

SheenuTheLegend1510d ago

You will suffer for this...

Campy da Camper1511d ago

For me my most favorite and most hated level was the amusement park in all gillied up in MW. The first 90% was some of the best action cod ever made in the SP. Then you got to the end and had to fend off grenade spamming enemies. On veteran mode this was a bitch! I ended up laying prone in a ticket booth and spammed the return grenade button for 10 minutes. It was ridiculous.

e-p-ayeaH1510d ago

i didnt found it so hard if you play the original cods on veteran you know what i mean.

ChipChipperson1510d ago

Tail Concerto on PS1, the last level. Hundreds of times falling off the platforms inside the final boss.

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