Gamer Chatter Podcast - Episode: 29 Spreading The Disease

Edward, Amy, and Tim have another awesome episode for you! We talk about some awesome news this week, our normal chatter and our best gaming moments of the week! Our community question this week was, What is the worst game you have ever played? Which had some great responses! Superman 64 almost took away the prize but we have a feeling Edward game took it hands down. We have a few codes to give away so please keep an ear open for that and enjoy the show! See you all next week!

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beepbopadoobop1751d ago

Started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago! Very enjoyable with a good cast, everyone seems impartial too which is nice, no major hating on any console is always good. Will certainly be an avid listener from now on!

yeahbeer1747d ago

Thank you very much beepbopadoobop we try to do our best.