SEGA Racing Studio closing, "effective immediately"

SEGA has announced that they will be closing their young SEGA Racing Studio without further notice. The studio's only release came in the form of SEGA Rally Revo, which saw better than average reviews, and less than average sales. SEGA's comment on the closing follows what you would expect a company to say, that the studio just wasn't going to turn a profit quick enough so it got the big old axe. This is really a shame in my eyes, especially in this day of huge mega-development houses ruling the roost. The studio, which is located in the UK, opened in 2005 and didn't even make it to its three year anniversary before its closure. Such a waste.

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Harry1903873d ago

that's how it goes sometimes.

BlazeXXL3873d ago

the latest sega rally game wasn't exactly great imo. It seems Sega is having a hard time developing some killer aps...

Dlacy13g3873d ago

Sega Rally was a horrible flop....that team lost the mojo a long time ago.

media733873d ago

The cars handling was awful, like it was on a big ball bearing. uk. Sega rally was/is/dead. Lets hope for Rally Sport Challenge from Microsoft studios.

Close_Second3873d ago

...Sega Rally Revo was dire. If you're going to release a rally game after the competition (i.e. DIRT) then it has to be better. SRR was nowhere near as good as DIRT.

However, I still regard Rallisport Challenge 2 as the best arcade rally game yet and SRR didn't even come close to matching it. If RS3 were to have been released by now I never would have sold the 360 for my PS3.

thomfilm3873d ago

As a resident of the UK it's always sad to see cut backs to our side of the industry. But then again, if they weren't delivering the goods then its tough luck.

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The story is too old to be commented.