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5 Simple Mistakes Nintendo Made with the Wii U

Sometimes, the hardest problems to see are the ones staring us in the face. The Wii U isn’t Nintendo’s death knell, as the company has billions of dollars in reserve, but recently released sales figures show that the console is entering dire straits. Owing to waning interest, the console has been removed from the shelves of British supermarket giant Asda.

With only 10,000 units sold across Europe, Nintendo have a long road ahead of them if they want to match their previous success. So where did it all go wrong? Let’s take a look at five simple reasons Nintendo’s Wii U dream turned sour. (3DS, E3, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

claud3  +   723d ago
First mistake, they actually made this console
hatzwontfit  +   722d ago
Pointless stupid comment. Why?
insomnium2  +   722d ago
Boobs or gtfo. That's why.
dboyc310  +   722d ago
I think we all can agree in Nintendo simply naming the console Wii U.
RFornillos4  +   722d ago
and your mistake is to make a stupid comment like this.
blueberry  +   722d ago
Absolutely right.

If you don´t have anything worth while to offer, at least make the damn thing as good as the rivals.

Nintendo did neither.
andshesays  +   721d ago
Instant - LOL
Tong  +   722d ago
Aaaand these articles again.
LOL_WUT  +   721d ago
Aaaand one could simply ignore them... ;)
ritsuka666  +   722d ago
I am busy playing Pikmin 3 right now,people. Awn...
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Navick  +   722d ago
I hope for your sake and for those who would like to play a Pikmin 4 that Nintendo acknow ledges that they have a problem unlike many of their fanboys. I would love to play Pikmin 4 but there aren't that many games that interest me enough to warrant a purchase of the WiiU. They need to also get with the times when it comes to their online service or lack there of, which this article states.
FinalomegaS  +   722d ago
where did you see the 4?

Pikmin 3
InTheLab  +   722d ago

Pikmin 4 is being used as a hypothetical Wiiu game that probably won't be made due to the failure of Nintendo with it's WiiU.

Context Clues are wonderful :)
WiiUExposed  +   722d ago
What were you doing before? Blowing dust off?
andshesays  +   721d ago
your username is so funny LOL EXPOSED WIIU HAHA
mii-gamer  +   722d ago
fairly reasonable points
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jessupj  +   722d ago
I don't really have any interest in Nintendo, but I blame my parents when I was younger because they never got my a nintendo console. Now I'm older and don't feel to need to try their consoles.

I predicted this a while ago though. The casuals were never going to upgrade to whatever following the original wii because the casuals are non-gamers; they don't care at all about gaming one little bit. The Wii U could have baked you a daily cake and the casuals would have still not bought it.

What confuses me is Nintendo doesn't just make a console and hope for the best, they do a lot of research and surely that research what have told them what I'm saying now. Very puzzling.

So the only ones that Nintendo could rely on are the ones they abandoned, the core players. But it's not like Nin did it out of spite and did something horrible like MS did, the core would have forgave them if they made a console that catered to them, but Nin didn't.

They allegedly tried, but failed miserably to attract me. The core aren't stupid,, they knew dam well how under powered the Wii U is and with the real next gen consoles right around the corner there was no real reason to get one.

So Nin found themselves in the dead zone. The casuals were a lost cause from the start and the core wanted a true next gen console which they didn't get.

While the sales have been very scary the last quarter, I think the Wii U will be absolutely fine 2 years from now when all Nin's first party games have been released. I might even get one myself then, but right now it's no surprise the Wii U is doing horribly and I have no idea why Nin made the decisions they did and thought it would still sell.
AbortMission  +   722d ago
"What confuses me is Nintendo doesn't just make a console and hope for the best, they do a lot of research and surely that research what have told them what I'm saying now. Very puzzling. "

If Nintendo actually did decent research on the market, they wouldn't have a flopping console right now Lol
blueberry  +   722d ago
At this point, I am really starting to wonder if these are truly the same people who made ZELDA happen, who actually managed to get ANY profit.

Bringing a console out - without games....what am I supposed to do with the white wonder - heat my room?
Honestly, what is it with this ignorance/stupidity?

And then the lameass excuses a la,"Our team is analyzing the current situation..."

Hello? Did they suddenly lose all braincells?

For my part, I am glad to see them get what they have been asking for ever since that piece of crao, Wii, came out.
Casuals bought the thing, nongamers in general did, just to see what the fuss about that remote control was all about.

They tried it, and now, they´ve had their fun. They lost interest.

Actual gamers, and by that I mean anyone interested in more than just 20 second long minigames, got nothing in return.
A fucked up wiimote, that only ever worked the way it WAS SUPPOSED to when they dropped the plus at the end of it´s lifespan. Crappy controls in general, much fumbling, crappy graphics, and bad games.

I hated the wiimote, simply hated it. Why this need to force me to wiggly the damn thing is beyond me. I want to play, not be in that thing, simple as that.

They way I see it, and what ultimately made me turn from Nintendo that last generation - you put away the novelty that was the motioncontrol, and what you have left, are bad games (with the exception of Zack&Wiki, Metroid..) very poor controls, bad visuals, and irritation.

So basically, what Nintendo did with the Wii, was to turn their backs on anyone with at least a passion for real games - they presented a new direction, and when it showed, time and time again, that it was not going to change, those who had their backs turned away.
The casuals had their fun, and lost interest.

So as a result, Nintendo did not only loose those casuals, but also all others before, who were simply searching for a good gaming experience.

And boy does it show.

I hope they fail miserably, so that they can finally start creating a console that actually delivers something - good games, not minigames.

(And don´t even have me started on that Skwardsword-galaxy...)
AbortMission  +   722d ago
I basically agree with everything you've stated blueberry. Nintendo is at an impasse right now; go third party and continue to make games or continue making consoles that struggle in the market. Because let's face it, the Wii u will NEVER match the PS4 or Xbox One in 3rd party support or even in sheer number of games. The Gamecube proved that with its low sales but pretty powerful hardware and the Wii proved that with its big sales numbers and weak hardware.
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HugoDrax  +   722d ago
Here's the mistake they made with me. At E3 2011 they showed a Zelda HD Tech Demo (link below)




Then in 2013, you decide to show off the next Zelda. Which wasn't the tech demo from 2011, but a HD remake of Wind Waker from my GameCube days. Now it's going on 2014, and still no word on that "Tech Demo" you showcased 2 years ago. That's my gripe, oh and the fact that my Wii U has been collecting dust since I purchased it at launch.
hooba93  +   722d ago
I remember when the wii u was announced, at first I thought it was just an add on to the original wii.

I liked the rumored name nintendo had back in 2005-06 which was the Revolution. now that sounds like a console that everyone would be interested in buying.
Iltapalanyymi  +   722d ago
everything actually.
RFornillos4  +   722d ago
* missing online functionality
- it's not like it's missing online multiplayer; in fact, most people who tried it like it and have no gripes about it. you also can't blame the online population since the install base is low at the moment.
- the only legit issues for online functionality is the achievements (which some people love, but personally don't care for it much) and the online purchases tied to the system as opposed to you your account. although i'm hoping the latter will be resolved when the unified account system is implemented.

* "The Vita and PS3 function so well as a pair that owning both is very compelling indeed"
- really?!? if it's sooo "compelling", how come there's not that many vita and ps3 owners at the same time. in fact, perhaps there are more people who have a ps3 and a 3DS. also most people i know who have a Wii U also have a 3DS.

* Few games justify the controller
- okay, a valid reason; but early on in its life cycle, it's understandable.

* also, there’s far too many controllers for the system
- it's called backwards compatibility. which unfortunately both the PS4 and XBone will not support.
- also it's called "options". it's not as if Nintendo is forcing you to use all the controllers at once.

* Nintendo have produced Nintendo Land, which is an enjoyable game. However, it doesn’t come bundled with the system,
- Wii U Deluxe comes bundled with Nintendoland.

* and isn’t nearly as natural a fit to the Wii U controller as Wii Sports was to the Wii controller
- agree. even Nintendo agrees that Nintendoland wasn't the "Wii Sports" they hoped it will be.

* The trouble is, most third party developers have only really used the second screen for menus, inventory management and maps
- is this really Nintendo's fault? when you're a developer and you're given an option, and you don't use it, that's your call.
- also, inventory management on the 2nd screen is way better than pausing the game and having to go to different menus just to know where you are (map) or to change your weapon (inventory).

* lack of 3rd party support
- yes and no. you can't blame nintendo solely for the lack of 3rd party support. yes nintendo is partly to blame, but 3rd parties, particularly the one shown in the article (EA), are also part of the problem. there were gimped ports, releasing a trilogy at a lower price while releasing only one iteration for the Wii U at standard price, late ports, etc.
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truechainz  +   722d ago
Don't understand all the disagrees

"Few games justify the controller"
Yeah that's just silly. At the very least you can use the pro or wiimote and be on your way, though personally it sucks going back to old controllers after using the gamepad for me. Complaining about having controller options is probably the silliest thing I've heard of. As for coming up with innovative uses for the gamepad, this could be done better. But having off tv play is a feature that I would want for every single game I play from now til the future, and though I love my vita, it hasn't proven to me that aside from full mobility it can do off tv play better or on par with the wii u at the moment.
miyamoto  +   721d ago
Its sad to see someone beating a dead horse.... again and again
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FinalomegaS  +   722d ago
should of named it something else and the hardware design.

The general mass out there just think it's the same old.

should have a commercial explaining the differences.

The Wii =
- SD ( Standard Def)
- Wii Sports and a lot of family friendly games
- wiimote pointer controller for playing game
- it's OLD news

The WiiU ( change the name )
- HD 720 to 1080 , comes with its own HDMI cable
- Nintendoland, more advance gaming for players looking for more.
- it's like have a tablet and a controller at the same time.
- more blah blah blah
-blah blah blah
- It's the New nintendo system, go out and buy it!

whatever, i think a booklet or something might be needed.

personally i would of stop selling the wii and drop the U price to that magic number 249 that made the original sell so well.

I'm not marketing guru but I don't think nintendo should of let it go out in the wild like that...
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   722d ago
I love my Wii U and I could careless why ya trolls think
andshesays  +   722d ago
WiiU - Pure Comedy
Picnic  +   722d ago
For me, personally, what they did wrong was alienate many previous Gamecube - and perhaps N64 - owners so that once the casuals who bought the Wii for the one Christmas turned instead to mobile phones, there were fewer diehards left standing and waiting to support the next console.

I never held Nintendo in quite as massive regard as many do anyway. in The UK, the NES was overpriced, the SNES had the Amiga and Megadrive as distinct, sometimes cooler, competition and the N64's best games were often by Rare.

But at least with the Gamecube they had the Capcom deal, they had Eternal Darkness, they had the resurrection of Metroid, they had Luigi's Mansion meaning that I could overlook that I only liked Sunshine up to a certain level. There could have been more great games but there was enough freshness there apart from just N64 sequels.

I just hated the look of not only the Wii controller but the Wii itself. Its design is like a beginner's guide to minimalism. Its graphics were sometimes inexcusably basic- the Dreamcast would have thought twice about putting out some of its visuals. It put me off Nintendo as a true technological - and design - innovator. It seemed like a masquerade of a console to me. And now that they give us HD graphics they don't even want me to look at them most of the time but refer to a second screen in front of me instead.
Gr81  +   715d ago
The Name
The Gamepad and the greenlighting of games that appeal to a limited gaming audience...To name a few.

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