5 Simple Mistakes Nintendo Made with the Wii U

Sometimes, the hardest problems to see are the ones staring us in the face. The Wii U isn’t Nintendo’s death knell, as the company has billions of dollars in reserve, but recently released sales figures show that the console is entering dire straits. Owing to waning interest, the console has been removed from the shelves of British supermarket giant Asda.

With only 10,000 units sold across Europe, Nintendo have a long road ahead of them if they want to match their previous success. So where did it all go wrong? Let’s take a look at five simple reasons Nintendo’s Wii U dream turned sour.

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claud31749d ago

First mistake, they actually made this console

hatzwontfit1748d ago

Pointless stupid comment. Why?

insomnium21748d ago

Boobs or gtfo. That's why.

Thatguy-3101748d ago

I think we all can agree in Nintendo simply naming the console Wii U.

RFornillos41748d ago

and your mistake is to make a stupid comment like this.

blueberry1748d ago

Absolutely right.

If you don´t have anything worth while to offer, at least make the damn thing as good as the rivals.

Nintendo did neither.

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Tong1748d ago

Aaaand these articles again.

LOL_WUT1748d ago

Aaaand one could simply ignore them... ;)

ritsuka6661748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

I am busy playing Pikmin 3 right now,people. Awn...

Navick1748d ago

I hope for your sake and for those who would like to play a Pikmin 4 that Nintendo acknow ledges that they have a problem unlike many of their fanboys. I would love to play Pikmin 4 but there aren't that many games that interest me enough to warrant a purchase of the WiiU. They need to also get with the times when it comes to their online service or lack there of, which this article states.

FinalomegaS1748d ago

where did you see the 4?

Pikmin 3

InTheLab1748d ago


Pikmin 4 is being used as a hypothetical Wiiu game that probably won't be made due to the failure of Nintendo with it's WiiU.

Context Clues are wonderful :)

WiiUExposed1748d ago

What were you doing before? Blowing dust off?

andshesays1748d ago

your username is so funny LOL EXPOSED WIIU HAHA

mii-gamer1748d ago

fairly reasonable points

1748d ago
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