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Driveclub Dev: PlayStation 4 Has a Lot of CPU Power, No Need to Worry About GPU Compute for Now

Many are already talking about the ability to perform compute tasks on the GPU of the PS4, that according to the platform’s lead architect Mark Cerny will be available to developers a couple years after the platform’s debut. Evolution Studios is working on Driveclub, one of the console’s launch titles, and Technical Director Scott Kirkland thinks there isn’t much need to worry about GPU compute for the moment, even if the future holds a lot of potential. (Driveclub, PS4, Scott Kirkland)

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nick309  +   699d ago
We know ps4 is powerful.
nosferatuzodd  +   699d ago
yes we do lol
NewsForge  +   699d ago


My HD 7990 has 8.2TeraFLOPS of computing power while the PS4 has 1.8TFLOPS. My gpu is 355% faster than your weaky consulz.
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ILive  +   699d ago
Does it also help you solve all of lifes issues, your hd 7990?
ATi_Elite  +   699d ago
Your wasting your time. Your HD 7990 or my HD7970 CFX set-up with their Super High compute POWER means Nothing to a Sony fanboy.

in their minds a PS4 is the best thing EVER and nothing new in video games will not be capable until it's on a PS4.

So all that fancy stuff we have been doing on our PC's for like a Decade means nothing until a PS4 does it.

(even though with it's laptop 1.8GHZ CPU and it's soon to be outdated an already out classed HD7850 GPU means NOTHING, PS4 is a GOD and our High end PC's are pretty much CRAP)
xxxsiegezzz  +   699d ago
He said powerful not most powerful.
My 250hp car is powerful, but not as powerful as lamborghini.
I hate rich bitches who claim to own one.
nick309  +   699d ago
Pcs dont have the console exclusives, ps4 is strong for a console.

@ati, i never said that, lol. I have a strong pc as well. And i own pretty much all consoles that came in the last decade, so no fanboy here.
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Smoovekid  +   699d ago
You spent $1,000 on a GPU and brag about it on the internet. Well are'nt you cool.
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Old_Prodigy  +   699d ago
Do you really need all that for Half Life?
Heisenburger  +   699d ago
Well my foppydeefloop terrorpop xoverninethousand puts you to shame.

Actually I just plug and play. Life is all about the simple things.
Abriael  +   699d ago
yeah, and it also costs almost twice as much as the PS4 by itself.

Perspective, perspective...
thebudgetgamer  +   698d ago
Did you pay four hundred dollars for all of that?
SchwoererBear  +   698d ago
As a console gamer I will of course admit that a pc has better performance and power than a console. Why compare the two? they are for different markets and meant to be used differently. I can plug my console into my tv and use it for a casual gaming device. I think it is unfair to try to compare the two in terms of power.
DeadlyFire  +   698d ago
Most games don't touch 8.2 Tflops unless gaming at 2K/4K resolution. Kinda overkill there.

A console touching 1.8 Tflops is a positive thing. When they release drivers on the console with fully utilized GPU Compute available to developers. Imagine what will happen when they release the same drivers on the PC platform with all its extra power. :) That is the benefit of this console generation to the PC. 1box and PS4 have 12 and 18 CU. Your AMD 7990 has 64 compute units. All of those fully utilized on a PC game will be amazing when the drivers come for it.
medman  +   699d ago
All I need now is a release date and an update on what Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Quantic Dream, Media Molecule, and Guerilla are working on. Someone please get on that.
Minato-Namikaze  +   699d ago
They probably dont want to overshadow the launch titles. We might hear something at the VGA's
Abriael  +   699d ago
Or at Gamescom...
Destrania  +   699d ago
We'll be seeing some crazy stuff at Europe GDC, GamesCom and TGS for sure. Naughty Dog however will probably announce their new PS4 game at the VGA's.
pyramidshead  +   699d ago
Great news.
Dazel  +   699d ago
Two words, future proofed.
Convas  +   699d ago
With stacked DRAM, DDR4, ReRam, Dedicated GPUs with ARM processors, PCI-E 4.0 and other tech advancements hitting mainstream within the next 4 years ...

... you can't be serious?

If Nvidia has their way and actually mananges to double the power of the GTX 700 line with the GTX 800 line, gaming will see a jump to 1440p as the resolution of choice.

Which will be out of range EVEN for the PS4.

Future proofed? Not. Even. CLOSE.
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GraveLord  +   699d ago
Consoles set the standard for gaming, even on PC. Consoles are the limiting factor. So no matter how much raw power $1000 GPUs have, it doesn't matter. They have to wait for consoles to catch up. Also, most PC gamers game on weak integrated graphics.....
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Dazel  +   699d ago
For consoles it is, there'splenty of raw power in the PS4 that will last it years to come.

As I game on pc mostly, i can have the best of all world's. A bit like now with xbox360 / PS3 and GTX 680 powered pc.
Mkai28  +   699d ago
Thats good to here, but I cant help to think there is more to be desired on this matter. We would like more details..
jaelegend  +   699d ago
there is a lot yet to be seen for sure hype will build.
gaelic_laoch  +   699d ago
Keep that good news coming! Backing the in form horse always feels good!
MasterCornholio  +   699d ago
What the heck is compute anyways?

Seriously i read a lot of articles from Cerny but i still dont get what compute is.
grassyknoll  +   699d ago
It's difficult to explain, but compute is a way to program the graphics processing unit to do traditional CPU tasks. (Graphics cards have far more cores then central processing units). It'll allow far superior physics, particle effects & ai than currently possible.
jaelegend  +   699d ago
its like getting a graphics card to go super saiyan:)
monkey nuts  +   699d ago
Did anyone read the part of the article where he asks about using shared servers in the future?
" I ask, not entirely seriously, if we're heading into a possible future of shared servers – could Evolution get together with Guerrilla and build an online landscape that will house both racing and FPS games; so you'll have supercars jetting it along highways as infantry battle all around. "It's technically possible," says one of the game directors. "I like that idea." "
That would be totally awesome if it becomes possible in the future. Wipeout 2450 Vekta edition. XP
THC CELL  +   698d ago
That dose not compute, well it computes a little. Lol
Abriael  +   699d ago
The ability to perform compute (non graphical) instructions on the GPU, like it was an additional CPU, basically.

There's another article that explains it quite clearly linked in this article.
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Destrania  +   699d ago
PS4 is beast, 'nuff said.
CandyCaptain  +   699d ago
Get your game up to 60fps then. I don't have much use for talk. It's looks great, just double that frame rate.
byeGollum  +   699d ago
The devs are definitely stroking the fanboys with this one ^_^.
sourav93  +   699d ago
I'm glad that the GPU is compute capable. The current Nvidia cards (the keplar ones) are really poor when it comes to compute (excluding direct compute). AMD cards wipe the floor with them. Hopefully, with consoles using more GPU compute in the near future, Nividia cards will also improve in that category.
Belking  +   699d ago
You don't know what you're talking about. Nvidia has the best GPUs out right now. Go look at the Titan specs and compare them to the GPU's in the consoles/ It's not even a contest.
Dark_Overlord  +   699d ago
I'm sorry but you don't know what you're talking about, re-read sourav93's comment again. He was not on about raw power (which Nvidia easily wins) he was on about the GPU's ability to run tasks that are usually CPU based.
Kayant  +   699d ago
Did you even read his comment? He's not talking about pure power. Read this then you will understand ---> http://www.extremetech.com/...
sourav93  +   699d ago
Like Dark_Overlord and Kayant have said, I wasn't talking about pure power. In fact, my rig currently has a GTX 770 in it, so I have nothing against Nvidia cards. But the truth is that keplar sucks at gpu compute.
duplissi  +   698d ago
Yes lets compare a 1000 dollar gpu to a 400 dollar console.

Or you could try to comprehend what he was saying. When it comes to compute amd cards really do wipe the floor with nvidia cards. my 300 dollar hd 7950 Is more than twice as fast at compute operations than a gtx titan.
McScroggz  +   698d ago
Isn't that mostly a console thing anyways? With limited resources console game devs needed to find ways to artificially increase performance, whereas PC's can just brute force computations with raw power.

At least, that's my understanding.
duplissi  +   698d ago
compute is used for a lot of pc centric tasks.

it is used for photo editing, video editing, complex calculations, simulations, etc.
Saddam_hussein  +   699d ago
So a really unknown dev says there's a ton of power it's gospel.

But John carmak, says their almost identical, and he gets hate?

What's with you guys?
HiddenMission  +   699d ago
really unknown dev...more like you're really unknown lol

Where have you been this gen some of more favorite arcade driving games have come from them Motorstorm says hi.

Oh and you want to talk John Carmack yeah how did that mega texture thing turn out for him or how Rage was going to crush everything else on consoles graphically...epic fail. Dude smart but not smart enough to keep his own foot out of his mouth.
Abriael  +   699d ago
unknown dev? If you know only John carmak, you have a problem.

By the way, this dev didn't make a comparison, he made an absolute statement about the PS4. I smell an angry Xbox fanboy that sees attacks even where there are none...
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DarkHeroZX  +   699d ago
Well kinect does require 2 of the 8 CPU cores while Sony has a secondary chip to handle background task. So while they are similar the PS4 is still better in that regard as well as the GPU.
Destrania  +   699d ago
Unknown? Wow, you must have not been around for the last 10 years. Also, John says that the architecture of the consoles is incredibly similar, not necessarily the power of one over the other because he hasn't done much benchmarking on them if any. Don't be dumb.
MRMagoo123  +   698d ago
Thats the thing these xboners dont read the articles, the guy said architecture wise they are the same he doesnt know about the power cos he hasnt done benchmarks, yet they jump the gun as usual like they did with the 12gb ram rumor and the other stupid rumors.
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kingduqc  +   699d ago
A Playstation dev saying the ps4 is great.

Must believe that right? Sad thing is that my pc from 2 years is still about twice faster then the ps4, swap the gpu in 2 year for 300$ and it's going to be 5-7 times faster. There is nothing stellar about the ps4 frankly.

they've yet to show more then 1 interesting game that isn't multiplatform.
dcj0524  +   699d ago
Really? You have a PS4 Devkit, ran optimized benchnarks on it and on you're PC and you're PC won? Could you make a video about that? It sounds interesting.
kingduqc  +   698d ago
I believe you guys can read right?


See the benchmark? Take a look at those 7850, they are basically what the ps4 is powered by. They have a bit less gpu core but also clocked at higher speed (cause the ps4 had to be downclocked to fix thermal issues you can have in a small machine) So gaming results is about the same as what ps4 will deliver.

Take a look at results in the 1080p section, you see the 7850 getting 49 fps in ultra. Now take a look at the 7970, it get 71 fps. But wait it's not over, Mine is ghz edition and I have overclocked it to 1250 Mhz... I'm getting closer to 90-95 fps usually.

Now let's compare: 49 vs 95


But.. but but... OPTIMIZATION!


Here is a video, a Nvidia 8800 gt released in november of 2006 for about 225-300$ depending on the region, same time frame as the ps3 release running far cry 3 in 1280*1024 with about the same visual fidelity you would get on a consoles. Guess what? It's running at 45 fps on average (15+ then the ps3) and have about 30% more resolution. PS3 at it's release was considered a high end pc, ps4 is more of a mod/low end pc from today's standard.

So yeah, go sit down in your sandbox and play with your toy but don't tell me I can't predict how ps4 will perform.. Its a PC is a black box with a Sony logo taped on it. Easy, simple to use bot nothing impressive tech wise i'm telling you. You'll be lucky if all games play in 1080p by the end of 2015.
bratman  +   698d ago
1) you say your gpu is 2 years old and then say its a 7970 ghz edition which released in late june 2012 which would barely make it a year old...

2) you speak of a graphics card that is on average 400-450+, your not going to cheap out on the rest of the components in your pc (so you dont bottleneck it) so that just leaves a power supply, mobo, ram , cpu, case, decent cooling etc... So your looking at 800-900+ minumum (OH WOW, IT'S ALMOST DOUBLE THE PRICE. WOW, MAGIC RIGHT?)

3) show me one game that runs on 2005 pc hardware that looks as good as The Last of Us, and then talk about optimization...

4)Im not saying that pc hardware (present & future) wont wipe the floor against ps4 specs wise... But for the price it is, for what its gonna do, and for the experiences its gone give us gamers.... its the simple things (:
Abriael  +   699d ago
He is a dev, so at the very least he knows better than you do.
kingduqc  +   698d ago

1)The 7970 released in July 21 2011... I traded mine to a friend and bought a new one cause I wanted a new cooler on it too. Both are the same and can the same speed. "GHZ" editing is just a factory OC and does not change anything beside ganing like 60 mhz

2)I never stated price, Just saying that the ps4 is not impressive at all. Don't get started on price cause I know you pay twice for every game as I do lol.


Reality check, last of us looks like garbage even compare to the first crisis (without any mods too lol) even if it released years before. Console gamer won't admit it but that's the truth.






alleyes  +   699d ago
Try playing the last of us on your super pc, it would have black textures black screen no sound.
Destrania  +   699d ago
I've always bought and will continue to buy Sony consoles due to their amazing, absolutely unmatchable line-up of exclusive games every single console generation, and also continued support of their platforms even after a new gen has started. So many PS3 and PS4 games on the way, I can't wait!
moscardini7  +   699d ago
This Funny., YoU Have Powerful PC , But Console Have Great Games ,
moscardini7  +   699d ago
I Have PC , But For Years I Don't See One Game I Like To Play ,
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   699d ago
You sure u wont get XBOX for CALL OF DUTY?? FUCK!!!
Death  +   698d ago
Why compare PC to console gaming? I am aware the line is getting more blurred with each console release, but they are not the same. Yes, games that release on both console and PC are a great way to compare, but console and PC exclusives are what really seperate the two. You won't play Last of Us, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, Forza, or Gears on a $2000 gaming rig no matter what gen GPU you go with. The tradeoff is you won't play with as a high a res and frame rates as high on a console or enjoy PC exclusive games and free online. It really is apples and oranges.

If a console gamer wants to be excited about the specs of the newest systems, why pee on their Wheaties? Let them be happy and enjoy your PC games. I own a pretty decent rig running at 4ghz per core with a 6950 running as a 6970 and 16 gigs of Vengeance. I have just as much fun on it as my PS3 and Xbox360. Why do some think it has to be one and not the other?
Alin05  +   697d ago
I hope the hd7990 owners enjoy playing Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, Metal Gear Solid 4, inFamous, Killzone 2 and 3, Demon's Souls, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception or Grand Theft Auto V. When it is going to be released on the pc of course. If it's going to be released on the pc of course....

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