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Keith Stuart: "In the second of our reports from Evolution Studios, we look at advances in lighting technology and how visuals affect handling."

Evolution’s art staff went on months of field trips to research architecture, geography and habitats for DriveClub.

"The mountain we're driving up is two kilometres high. In the distance, a patchy landscape of tea plantations and scrublands stretches out toward the horizon. Above us, bulbous clouds crawl by, scattering vast grey blankets of shadow."

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slimeybrainboy1533d ago

I so hope this game comes out looking like the screenshots and trailers. I love how realistic the lighting looks and the colours.

Salooh1533d ago

I only liked the first trailer but after that i felt that the game is different . I dunno , i'm waiting for judgement until i play it my self from ps+ . Then i will say my opinion .

cozomel1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

"All the detail we're putting in is equivalent to PC first-person shooters," says technical art director, Alex Perkins. "And then we're throwing a whole dynamic lighting system over the top."

"Everything is then lit via a true 24-hour day/night system, rather than a baked in sequence of pre-set lighting changes. "We've developed our own capture technique so the lighting in shadow, the lighting in direct sunlight and the way the car highlights fall off over distance – they all maintain proper energy conservation values," says Perkins. "We had to redesign our entire materials system – how we actually collect the information; it's much closer to the process you'd have on a film set for compositing CG elements into a live action image."

"For a while, we've seen effects like lens flare coming into games to mimic the sense of viewing filmed footage through a screen, the sense that you're somehow in a movie; but this is all becoming much more complex as lighting technology matures.

"None of the direct light or shade is faked anymore," says Perkins. "It's at the point where you can see things like dynamic lens flare when you look at the sun and you can see a bit of chromatic aberration because we're mimicking slightly cheaper film lenses to capture deliberate imperfections that will make the game more lifelike."

But there is more to it than simply making nice effects. It's about using environmental lighting to build atmosphere on a macro level. "One of the big things we're trying to do with the game, is to keep things as dynamic and changeable as possible," says Perkins. "The whole look and feel of the game changes dramatically based on the cloud covering – there's massive variation every time you play. And the light scatters properly, so when the clouds are injected into the scene, we get a real sense of scale."

Car models too surpass anything Evolution has done before. While Motorstorm vehicles maxed out at around 23,000 polys each, DriveClub models are hitting 250,000, with interiors alone requiring around 60,000. Everything is authentic, from the fully functional speed and rev dials on the dashboard to the materials on the seats. Principle vehicle artist Neil Massam tells me that manufacturers are now having to rethink their approval procedures for racing games because the level of detail is so high."

Sounds like all the naysayers might be eating crow once this comes out. Sounds good and I cant wait to see it/play it. I know Pacific Rift looked good and had really good lighting.

Salooh1533d ago

It sounds great , I just want to see it in action , no bad videos , i don't really know anything about the graphics or gameplay and i feel like the videos are misleading since these are motor storm developers , that's why i'm waiting until i try it my self like motor storm where i was really impressed with it , wow factor was huge in it's time .

mewhy321533d ago

Here's another Sony exclusive setting the high mark for others to follow. Sony is defiantely leading the industry this gen. They're setting the tone for the gaming business and the tone is sweet.

TwistedMetal1533d ago

yep this is an innovative driving game right here in the design of everything around the cars and not just the cars like every forza game is basically copy and paste the same old crap you can play the old forza and it will be just like the new one. with drive club theres actual innovation here its worth the 60 bones or heck get the psn+ edition for free.

nosferatuzodd1533d ago

Wow now if this game really looks like this im sold nice

1533d ago
DoesUs1533d ago

Pre baked lighting is so last gen. Realtime dynamic weather should be the norm going forward.

Destrania1533d ago Show
gaelic_laoch1533d ago

The PS4 truly is leading the way into the next Generation of consoles! I hope the competition can keep up so as to keep Sony on their toes!

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