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Submitted by DPAD Dave 920d ago | news

Naughty Dog feared The Last of Us would 'review poorly'

Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann once feared that The Last of Us would "review poorly", and was unsure about how well it would be received by consumers. (Naughty Dog, PS3, The Last Of Us)

allformats  +   920d ago
Thank God it didn't. Besides, reviews had no choice, what else could they have done but rate this epic highly.

Forget the rubbish Polygon interview. They're Xbox fanboys over there, and their review was utter trash - and they knew it.
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MasterCornholio  +   920d ago
I remember the comments from Xbox fans when they saw the review from polygon and then they were severely owned by edge (correct me if I'm wrong) when they gave the game a perfect score.

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adorie  +   920d ago
Damn right. Polygon are utter crap.
GraveLord  +   919d ago
The hell is up with your Motorola RAZR i thing? LOL...
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SillyYou  +   920d ago
They have a good reason. They had not enough time (They wanted to add even more stuff, but Sony said said no), changed the game and its story a lot of times and had to make fast decisions. But they made everything right and perfect. The game is the definition of a mastepieces. If they are going for a TLOU 2 (i pray to the videogame god) they will hopefully have enough time to make the game they want. I think Sony has understood that these guys have never failed and wont.

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Stsonic  +   920d ago
Where did you get your info on them wanting more time?

The only part of the story I thought was cut short was after the sam and henry saga.
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SillyYou  +   920d ago
From the AMA on reddit. They wanted to add stuff like Infected vs Non-infected vs Ellie and Joel fights as well as an improvement of the AI from Ellie. Which makes her stealth better, but at the same time visible for enemies. Also she excuses after the fight for messing up if she got detected and stuff.
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GribbleGrunger  +   920d ago
'They wanted to add more but Sony stopped them.'

It doesn't work like that. ND have a deadline they work to -- as does every other developer out there. You could argue it's still Sony because they set the deadline, which again would be wrong. All Sony developers have freedom of creativity, but they don't have infinite time. Sony would ask how long they think it will take and ND would provide them with that time frame. If it needs to go over, Sony are usually very good and don't mind 'some' delays. It has been well documented that deadlines are seen as a good thing for devs. They focus the team.

Edit: You also need to understand, NOTHING is ever finished to the satisfaction of the creator. A film, script, novel, painting, musical score or whatever, are the result of 100% effort and 100% pragmatism

@Sillyme: Did you read the edit?

Whether it's sad or not is entirely down to how you view content. Could we, or the devs, know whether the game would have been better received IF the content had been there? Perhaps it would have unbalanced the game or slowed the pacing too much.

I do understand where you are coming from though. Please don't take my post as if it's in some way criticising you ... What I'm doing is helping you come to terms with your grief for the loss of EVEN MORE TLOU.

*Wipes teary eyes*
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SillyYou  +   920d ago
Mh... yeah thats a good point, you are right.
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TwistedMetal  +   920d ago
well said bubbles. this game is really good man. I cant wait to see what we are getting in the future from naughty dog.
itBourne  +   918d ago
I hope to no end its not sequels! Love Uncharted and love TLoU, but I love ND even more and they are far to talented to go into endless sequel mode with their two massive franchises.
dc1  +   920d ago
-It was multi player only.

With respect to the SP; the target was moved to the 2nd qtr of 2013.
ND themselves admitted that they had to make some early choices to get the game in before the PS4 launch window (this was always the strategic plan). Lastly I believe the game was in development for over 3 years.

FYI: Sony is largely applauded for the room they give dev teams and ND always has the time they need.

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SnakeCQC  +   920d ago
360 users seemed to hate it lol
Valkyre  +   920d ago
lol epic comment...

Was hell of a funny thing to see though!

When the game was released and perfect scores were coming down like a storm and then users were calling it one of the best games they ever played, the comment section was so funny:

It was something like this:

2382038502 people saying it is a masterpiece and then a combo breaker by a butthurt dude that said something like "pff game is average... at best!"

lmao. :D
MasterCornholio  +   920d ago
They are just bitter from the last Gears of War game. Just cut them a little slack because they had to suffer a lot the past few years.

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gaelic_laoch  +   920d ago
Probably because of the "cannot read disk" message they got from inserting the disk over and over again!
TwistedMetal  +   920d ago
they are just mad. I don't know why though because they can just buy a ps3 and they can play the game as well and then we all can be happy lol. I just know one thing im getting the ps4 for sure so I don't miss out on naughty dogs next game
itBourne  +   918d ago
Or all of Sony's other awesome first parties. I cannot imagine missing out on Uncharted, TLOU, LBP, Heavy Rain, MLB the Show (omg 2k sucks), GoW, Infamous, and so many others. Hell I still play Hot Shots Golf and Fight Night Rnd3 (first person mode) to this day, both those are like 6 years old lol.
Bathyj  +   920d ago
wow, that's the only time they've been off the mark
solidjun5  +   920d ago
Lol. Maybe they thought every review would be like Polygon's review.
babis1974  +   920d ago
just remember : Quarter to Three 6/10 , Polygon 7,5/10 , Riot Pixels 7,8/10 , Toronto Sun,GameSpot,GameFront,GameCri tics 8/10 , NowGamer,CD-Action 8,5/10 , 8 reviews under 9 and 87 reviews over 9/10. For me it's a pure 10 but this is the game of the year!
Valkyre  +   920d ago
and game has received over 240 perfect scores, most than any other game.

Even at metacritic, LOU is the game with the record of 42 perfect scores, most than any other game regardless of platform.

And guess what is the game with the second most perfect scores.... why... it is Uncharted 2 with 39! ;)
Bathyj  +   920d ago
developer of the generation, without a doubt. every game they've released on Ps3 has raised the bar and set the standard that most other devs have trailed behind.
babis1974  +   919d ago
AVERYONE should play this rare game (over 15 in my opinion). I hope in gamescom the reveal of Uncharted 4 in PS4 and the dlc for the TLOU...
Bathyj  +   920d ago
you can safely ignore any review under 9. they have worse taste than my arm pit.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   920d ago
I really did enjoy this game and hope, nay, i know Naughty God will surprise me again, next gen
I do wanna mention a few things about the game however
1. Your partner(s) cant be seen by others
I know they did it, so they wouldnt raise the alarm, but it does break immersion for a moment
2. Fuck that ending!
No not ending itself, i mean the fight before the ending. Was I the only one caught ofguard? I played first on hard and it was difficult, but doable. The last fight drove me nuts! I died so many times
3. Different outfits bring down AI
This might be a problem that only happened with me (glitch?) but when joel and/or ellie have different clothes on, your partner ai becomes a bit dumber. She stands in my way, misses rocks and bottles thrown at enemies, gets caught way more often and one time got stuck PERIOD. I had to reload the game.
But other than that, I dont have any other complaints and eventhough there are some flaws, it is an epic experience, one i think everyone should try
Sony, you better stay friends with Naughty God, as I believe they make the system sellers
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BlaqMagiq24  +   920d ago
Wow ND themselves thought this masterpiece wouldnt get perfect scores. Its like they dont know their own strength.
SynestheticRoar  +   920d ago
They knew the game was good. It was the haters they were worried about.
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josephayal  +   919d ago
The Last of Us is a masterpiece and an instant classic
Darkfist  +   919d ago
i also thought it was going to get poor review because theres not enough shooting.
Campy da Camper  +   919d ago
This game was so far above what has been put out that most people just got shell shocked. I love all sorts of genres but this game grabbed my heart and soul and took me for a ride that I will never forget. ND crafted such a great story and presented it in a fantastic world with awesome characters that anyone who games can see that this was a masterpiece. Its a game for all gamers. I'm truly sorry Xbox gamers can't play it. And even if this type is not your forte', you can't deny its greatness. Even if you listen to country music Bach's Brandenburg Concertos are still out if this world good.

The great thing about facts are that they are true whether you believe them or not.
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