Kingdom Hearts Will Have A Big Presence At Japan’s Disney Expo

Disney plans on giving Kingdom Hearts a push during the D23 Expo in Japan. D23 is basically an expo that’s exclusively about Disney.

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Need4Game1361d ago

Square Enix better have working Kingdom Hearts III Playable Gameplay Demo at Japan’s Disney Expo.

iamtehpwn1360d ago

No way. The game is hardly even 5% complete. The worlds and gameplay aren't even finalized in designed yet.

LAWSON721360d ago

He is guessing, but he is not far off considering development has pretty much just finally started

M-M1360d ago

It's possible considering they're aiming for a 2013 release. Also, they've been releasing a Kingdom Hearts every year so it should be very possible, and I don't count 1.5 HD remix.

colonel1791360d ago

They are not aiming for a 2013 release! Most likely not even 2014! They will definitely show more about Kingdom Hearts 1.5 or maybe announce 2.5. Other than that, don't see much happening regarding game announcements.

Nazara1360d ago

2.5 HD Remix announcement?

colonel1791360d ago

Hopefully! I want Birth by Sleep! I never got to play it.

Sigh1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

yeah agreed hope the announcement for 2.5 is soon. And Colonel, you're missing one of the best in the KH series. BBS was a great KH game. Hope that's incorporated into HD as well seeing as how the GOW PSP games by Ready at Dawn have been converted to be playable on the PS3 also.