Philips Discontinues US Market TV Manufacture

Electronics conglomerate Philips has announced it is to stop manufacturing televisions for North American sale as of September as the flat-panel TV market continues to struggle.

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decapitator3901d ago

Sucks to hear, I know some people that have Philips TV's and love it. Does import work with TV's ?

TriggerHappy3901d ago

You wouldn't wanna import though, the cost would be out of this world..

Diugu3901d ago

Philips tvs are great. My parents have one on their house and when I travel there the PS3 works great.

And they are about to launch the Aurea tv! I want one of those.

Fux4Bux3901d ago

They make good TVs but they're always more expensive than the competition.

TriggerHappy3900d ago

More expensive than Sony's TV's ? I think they made "OK" TV's with a hefty tag and thats what hurt them.

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