Video Footage of PS4 Test Kit User Interface Leaks Out

"During the live stream of Zombie Studios' Blacklight Retribution, the developers showed off bits of PlayStation 4's user interface. The video was uploaded by YoutTube user MoejoeWins and he notes that this is apparently a very early build and is one of the first kits that came out. However this video lets us hear the sound affects and animation effects that we can expect in the retail version of the PS4."

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ps3vita4life1538d ago

Yeah, plus if it's a very early build then it probably looks miles better now. But imo it looks pretty good so far.

3-4-51538d ago

I don't make games, but I can appreciate things like this.

How don't people understand that games don't just instantly become made the way they play them when they buy them.

There isn't like step 1, step2 , step 3 , profit.

There are so many things in between I don't even know about.

The comments on pre-alpha videos like this, are kind of weird. Not so much on this one but few other videos like this where people say it's "ugly" or whatever.

That is like looking at a houses foundation of only cement and maybe Main room flooring is in, and call it unfinished and ugly.

Well duh! It's not done yet.

Mansions don't always look beautiful. It takes time.

Autodidactdystopia1538d ago

I always like ps interfaces and bios'

ps3s falloff wave in the xmb
ps2's clock and orbs, and ps1's visualizers, all inspired me to create what I do today.

I make shtuff :D cause I love these visualizations and the one in this test kit looks sweet. kinda like the ps3 one but the shading on the wave is solid like Fresnel as opposed to falloff from ps3 NEAT!

HammadTheBeast1538d ago

Yeah, it seems to be a pre-alpha of both the game and the UI as the dev says.

MWong1537d ago

Blacklight Retribution looks pretty damn good so far.

Blaze9291537d ago

Sony released a video trailer of the PS4's UI already and it looks similar to this - so I doubt the UI will change much. I may be alone here but really, do people really think that PS4 UI is amazing?

I'll constantly give Sony the benefit of the doubt when it comes to hardware but my gawd dat software!

aceitman1537d ago

don't these free to play games count as exclusive games toward sony too. warframes,superfun,planetside 2,Blacklight Retribution.. and dc uninverse.

Jeff2571537d ago

No because they can also be played on the PC. Or in the case of DCU it is also on the PS3 and PC. Anytime a game is on a console and PC it is multiplatform. It doesn't matter if it is F2P or a game you have to buy. The whole "Console Exclusive" thing is just stupid.

extermin8or1537d ago

Over the xbox-yeah seeing as titles like titanfall apparently count as exclusive to xbox, and various 360 games that were on pc always seemed to count when it suited.

LonDonE1537d ago

funny though titan fall is on pc,360 and xbox1, and yet the xbox fanboys call it a exclusive, strange that isn't it? for me they all are exclusives, because when it comes to consoles, you can only play these games on a Playstation platform, be it ps3 or ps4, and its the same with titan fall, you can only play it on xbox platforms so it is exclusive.

But how much you willing to bet titan fall will come to Playstation after 1 year? i would bet my life on it!! this is just a timed exclusive, which is sad for xbots, because allot of their systems exclusives end up on Playstation, but Playstation exclusives HARDLY EVER GO TO XBOX!

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saggysack791538d ago

so you dont need ps plus to play free to play games online is this right?

awesomeperson1538d ago

Correct - free to play games are free to play, not requiring PS+.

FamilyGuy1538d ago

Correct, but it's actually the developers choice. Not sure why they'd choose to restrict it to PS+ members though, not unless Sony charges them for making it that way or something. Doubt it though s yeah, Free-to-play = FREE-to-play on the PS4.

Buzz7S1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Because of the build. It isn't even at an alpha stage and if you ever got to experience the Battlefield 3 beta back in 2011, you'll know that alpha/beta previews tend to be buggy as shit!

TI_211538d ago

Huh? It crashes once, the second time he closes the game before it loads properly.

pixelsword1538d ago

It's not a finished game, so yeah; unfinished games tend to do that.

bub161538d ago

the GAME crashed not PS4, thats down to the game makers to fix, he even explains in the video lol

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