The PS4's Secret Weapon? - Galak-Z Preview | Eurogamer

"Forget pricing and DRM strategies: for Christian Donlan, it's the indies [such as Galak-Z] that have really made the PlayStation 4 exciting. Amongst the assault rifles and the racing lines, the smaller teams had a great opportunity to surprise everyone this June. They did, too, unleashing colour, character, and genuine vibrancy. Unleashing space-based dog-fighting in a procedural, flattened-out cosmos"

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GutZ311534d ago

Old school, but very cool looking. Might have to try this out.

JunioRS1011534d ago

This reminds me of Geometry Wars, which is awesome.

dcj05241534d ago

Would've liked this on my VITA. Looks awesome.

Nodoze1534d ago

Day 1....that game looks AWESOME!!

S2Killinit1534d ago

I would totally pick this up.