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Nintendo Slams the Wii U Game Pad in New UK Ad

Nintendo has teamed up Rufus Hound, an English comedian, in an effort to win the UK audience in a series of videos that highlight “The Wii U Difference.” The goal of the video series is to create awareness about the Wii U which it has been lacking up to this point. However, with the first video, Nintendo might have buried themselves in to a deeper whole by degrading the most crucial piece of the Wii U hardware. (Wii U)

iamnsuperman  +   255d ago
"The great games require a game pad” only to turn to the viewer and snicker “No, not really.” "

This is an odd moment for the advert. I, at first, thought it was a fake advert taking the mick out of the Wii U (some sort of comedy show). I almost reported the post until I released it was real. One bad to do when advertising a product is to say your product/or part of it isn't really needed.

I still think Nintendo need completely change tack with their advert direction. Sitting with family and friends watch TV (on those rare occasions) they wonder what that good look game is. Nintendo need to advertise it like this. Show something cool with explosions or something like that. We are fickle beings
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DarrenJJenkins   255d ago | Spam
Zodiac  +   255d ago
These adds need more Dinosaurs.

@GenericNameHere. Exploding Dinosaurs in fighter jets like my avatar!
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GenericNameHere  +   255d ago
EXPLODING dinosaurs, to be in fact!
tigertron  +   255d ago
My god that was a bad advert.

Do Nintendo really want this console to fail?
Khordchange  +   255d ago
didnt they just praise literally a second after, it was a joke. Like i dont NEED wipe cream, but it makes the smoothy taste that much better. Quit over analyzing
falcon97  +   255d ago
Talk about a site that talks rubbish knowing full well it will be well received by the trolls ??? it was a sarcastic advert that basically says the GAMEPAD is the cherry on top....
falcon97  +   255d ago
Very good advert in my eyes....

Another article twisting the words of the original,look the ad says it's the icing on the cake if you watch it....basically saying the GAMEPAD makes it superior over other consoles ect great advert....and with Windwaker,Ghosts,Watchdogs,Don keykong,Wonderful 101,ect it will be a success..
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Sykoticz  +   255d ago
That advert just made me not want a wii-u. I quite like hitting start and over scrolling past map then going back up one and pushing a button. I would like to point out that the guy on the advert is my cherry on top for making me go wow Nintendo you really know how to pick your actors in your cry for help i mean really?
mcstorm  +   254d ago
Nintendo should use bring the fun back into gaming with the Wiiu as that is what Pikmin 3 has done for me. Yes playing COD, Fifa, BF ect are fun games but games like Pikmin 3 have made me enjoy a game again rather than enjoy killing someone online.

I think come the end of this year Nintendo will of turned the WiiU around as the games lineup is impressive between now and march but they also need to do what they did with the 3DS and show it is not another version of the wii but a next gen console.
yugovega  +   254d ago
really good ad. i'd say it's in the same vain as the ps3 butler ads. though not as entertaining. but good none the less.
Tiqila  +   254d ago
stage88  +   254d ago
Looks like Nintendo has given up and even they are taking shots at their console. Can't say I blame them though. It has been a rough ride.
Tiqila  +   254d ago
i like the gamepad, now give me the games!
TheEvilWithin  +   254d ago
Love how they pointed out the difference at the end lol.
---> New Controller ---> New System

Might help to get rid of some of the confusion for people who don't understand what the Wii U is. Don't get any more blunt then that lol
RobbyGrob  +   254d ago
"And that is the Wii U difference!"

And that is why nobody wants it!

- Everyone who knows anything about the Wii U already knows that it's HD with a controller that has a screen in it and can perform remote play. Marketing these features more isn't gonna help in the slightest. Instead, it's most likely going to hurt its reputation as people expected more than what they've already heard, which clearly isn't coming if this is all that Nintendo cares about.

- The most loyal Nintendo fans already have ten different gadgets for their Wii and are probably simply not satisfied enough with the features of the new controller. Nintendo already have a way better alternative if you want gaming in your hands, and it's called 3DS.

- The whole swinging and turning nonsense is hagged out. This was the huge new thing from Nintendo last gen and it's already dead. It's nowhere near as entertaining or long-lasting as a good new game with a controller. And the new replacement for that rather large invention is a controller with a screen in it. It's not good enough. Human beings get used to things and get lazy very quickly.

- The announcement of the next-gen Playstation and XBox certainly didn't help Nintendo as they both show features that are similar and/or way greater than that of Wii U.

- Several developers have announced their disdain with the Wii U and are abandoning it, delivering even less multi-platform games for the console than it would otherwise. None of which plays better on a Wii U than on any other console, for that matter.

- The world has gotten so used to gaming that people's standards have risen considerably. We get tired of yesteryear's stuff even sooner and want truly new experiences more often. And new IPs are way better at doing that than new inputs will ever be.

I really hope that Nintendo learns from this and starts thinking about new IPs, reinventing gaming via the GAMES rather than via the hardware, like they used to. However, there seem to be quite a few studious out there that plain and simple are even better than Nintendo at making video games by now. The video game market has become much tougher now, and Nintendo have far underestimated their opponents. Maybe they should take a trip away from Japan for a second and see what people elsewhere in the world actually cares about.

As a person who grew up with Nintendo's fantastic early consoles it pains me and almost feels like taboo to say that maybe Nintendo have already given us the best that they had. Maybe their ideas have run out, the golden age over, all that they could deliver being in the past? I certainly don't have much interest in their games anymore, and that's actually quite odd when you think about how much everyone loved their games years ago. Why do i like other developers' games more these days? I don't really know to be honest. But i'm among those who grew up during their golden age, of which most are turning 30 now/soon. Maybe we've simply grown up with such high standards for games that we can't be satisfied with repetition anymore, however good it may be. I guess at one point in your life you feel like you don't need more Mario, Zelda etc anymore. Nintendo certainly aren't the masters of variation.
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