Challenge Accepted: "Look who's playing Destiny.


When Destiny sets sail on the high seas of the video game marketplace, Bungie will be casting a wider net than ever before. We're developing for platforms that represent uncharted waters. We're reaching out to fresh fish who have yet to succumb to our lures. We have a new compass, a braver crew, and a mightier vessel.

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1571d ago
TwistedMetal1571d ago

destiny will be bigger then call of duty. destiny will be better then call of duty. its time for us gamers to follow our destiny and choose this game over all the other rehashed halo and call of duty crap.

darx1570d ago

Let me guess KZ isn't a rehash right?

PFFT1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Yes it is. Its a recycled POC. The Graphics was improved BUT not by much and the sound effects are still the same old crap. Gunfire sounds weak as hell.

bsquwhere1570d ago

The only thing that's more rehashed then Call Of Duty are your comments and your pathetic attempt at trolling.

SIRHC131570d ago

Cut it with the Destiny > Call of Duty and Destiny > Halo nonsense.

We've still got a year to go. It could function nicely within the same market without intruding on the sales of either franchise for all we know.

Let's not make such bold statements.

Iceman_Nightmare1570d ago

Im getting PS4, Destiny, and Killzone: Shadow Fall