Top 5 Wii Games Ever

A lot has been said about the Wii, both positive and negative. This is Game Till You Drop's list of the Top 5 Wii Games ever.

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kalkano1716d ago

The Last Story should be #2, with Xenoblade as #1. Those two games are the only reason I own a Wii.

1716d ago
jagstatboy1716d ago

wow, I can't believe they put that on a top 5 list.

garrister1716d ago

Silent hill: Shattered memories should definitely be on the list. This game is really using everything that wii has to offer in quite unique way.

tweet751716d ago

yes this may be the best silent hill game ever. Also punch out should have been in place of world of goo on the list.

Tiqila1715d ago

best silent hill is the second

jagstatboy1716d ago

Seriously, World of Goo isn't even the best puzzle game; that honor goes to Zack & Wiki.