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Submitted by MattS 915d ago | opinion piece

Why games need to be shorter

Digitally Downloaded writes: "I've recently finished the main plot of Attack of the Friday Monsters on the Nintendo 3DS. That wasn't much of a feat actually, the game only took two hours and thirty minutes. And yet after finishing it I couldn't help but think that I would love for more games to be just like it." (Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale, Industry, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Persona 4)

cl1983  +   915d ago
If games are 10.00 or less sure, but if they're charging more then no way.
zeal0us  +   915d ago
Yeah I'm not about to spend $40-$60 for a 10hr game.

Either needs to be long or have a replay-ability factor in it if I'm going to buy it.
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MattS  +   915d ago
Would you pay $40-$60 for a good quality game?

Too few people seem to realise that length can hurt a game. If Studio Ghibli can tell an incredible story in two hours, it boggles the mind that people think that a Studio Ghibli game needs to be 50 hours in length to be any good.
Pozzle  +   915d ago
"If Studio Ghibli can tell an incredible story in two hours, it boggles the mind that people think that a Studio Ghibli game needs to be 50 hours in length to be any good. "

Yeah, but it doesn't cost over $50 to see a Studio Ghibli movie.
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MattS  +   915d ago
@Pozzle - in the article I did actually argue that game prices should come down.

Gamers should still focus more on quality than quantity. Especially when the latter comes at the expense of the former.
_QQ_  +   915d ago
@pozzle these are games not stories. and movies don't cost 60$
levian  +   915d ago
If I wanted a story told in two hours, I'd watch a movie.
ElizabethWHarris   915d ago | Spam
levian  +   915d ago
Seriously, games need to be shorter? 80% of games that come out now are way shorter than games used to be, on average between 10-20 hours.

I'm not paying $60 for a game I can beat in 15 hours, that's one day of some hardcore playing, or two-three days of light playing. Not worth it.

What we need - what is happening - is for games to be made more open world, where most of the content is optional for people who have time. Games like this usually have a TON of replayability, and are worth every penny of $60. Skyrim/Oblivion, Demon's/Dark Souls, Dragon's Dogma, Fallout 3/NV, these are the kind of games we need.

If people want games shorter than a Call of Duty campaign that's fine, go ahead and buy them. Don't drag the rest of our games down with you though.
3-4-5  +   915d ago
We need 10-15 hours games.

But we need them to NOT cost $60.

If I can beat your game in 10 hours, you shouldn't be charging more than $25
Sketchy_Galore  +   915d ago
I do enjoy a good cheap Indie game that can be enjoyed in one sitting like a movie, I thought Journey was a perfect example of that, it made for one amazing night but coming back to it for weeks before finishing it would have felt weird and not good.

I also enjoy a good ridiculously long RPG such as any classic Final fantasy or Bethesda's many games that allow hundreds of hours of exploration and discovery.

As for a story driven, linear (or sandbox with a linear campaign) game I would say about 15 hours is best. That always seems to be the time it asked me to complete those games that leave me the most satisfied. I thought GTA4 could have been much improved by halving the playtime of the campaign and nothing more. Obviously more gameplay sounds good on paper but for some games, GTA4 Being one for me, it just leads to fighting through the seas of obvious padding and repetition to get to the next interesting part.

Why my comment needs to be shorter - because I should have just said, it's not that games need to be shorter, they just need to be better edited.
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byeGollum  +   915d ago
WelI, I agree with the artcle. Plenty of games contain fillers just to extend the play time, and it's so obvious. There are so many games to play. One has to decide which you wanna devote your time to, considering the length of most games nowadays.
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levian  +   915d ago
While I agree that too many games contain filler, (Assassin's Creed feather collecting?) I don't think games need to be made shorter because of it. They just need to focus on content. Nobody is pleased with a 10 hour game. In games like that, they go "That was fun!", forget about it, then move on to the expected multiplayer.

Devs have the budget to make huge games. They need to realize they don't need the best graphics to sell a game, they really need to focus that money on CONTENT. Look at games like Fallout. Not the best graphics, but certainly good enough. If they can settle for graphics like that, or slightly better, then focus on content it will single-handedly fix the gaming industry. Well, probably not, but it would be a great start.
skydragoonity  +   915d ago
No. I think games need to be longer. If you've played zelda ocarina of time you'l know what I mean. But then again the author has some valid points
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M-M  +   915d ago
The longer the game, the better. As long as the story doesn't get boring and over-saturated over time then it should do pretty well.
ShaunCameron  +   914d ago
Not really. For action and shooter games, a short length is perfect due to the nature of their gameplay. Who wanna spend more than 10 hours on button-mashing, combos and QTE's?

Long length is only great for RPG's and certain action-adventure games.
TheSaint  +   915d ago
Games don't need to be longer to be good, they need to be longer to justify the payment.

It's not cheap being a gamer and I have to pick and choose the games I buy, so I'm unlikely to purchase a short game, unless it's ridiculously good.
TwistedMetal  +   915d ago
games are fine the length they are now. No need to make them shorter. the only people who want games to be shorter are the people who would rather spend all there extra time chatting on the internet surfing the web instead of actually playing games.

video games is probably the most physical acivity most americans get anyway pressing them buttons and such so the longer a game is the longer it keeps people from watching 6 seasons of south park back to back, reading 100 manga chapters back to back, commenting on every message board article or thread etc lol.

games are fine the rest of you need o decide if you are a gamer or something else because there is the door over there to imdb, anime otaku mangas, and internet social media facebook lol.

come at me you casuals
byeGollum  +   915d ago
Lol I like your post . . . Well done :D
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goldwyncq  +   915d ago
AAA games should at least be 12-16 hours like TLOU.
KentBlake  +   915d ago
Games need to be good from beginning to end. It doesn't matter if they're short or long. There are so many games to play, and time is so short. I hate when developers put a lot of filler content in games only to make it look like it has "bang for buck". But then again, when games are long and have no filler I'm all for it.
NYC_Gamer  +   915d ago
I wouldn't pay 60 bucks for a game that's only 2-5 hours long
byeGollum  +   915d ago
I don't think you'd be charged 60 bucks for a 2-5 hour game. . . Is there somethin' I don't know?
ShaunCameron  +   914d ago
Unless it's 1993.
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FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   915d ago
The author is bats hat crazy 2.5 hours.... games need to be short...


It is sad that this is even being thought of.... what a waste of money....

there is no value in a 2.5 hour game....
SegaGamer  +   915d ago
I like a long game, but they can't be repetitive, there is no point having a long game if it is so repetitive.
ShaunCameron  +   914d ago
Well, the majority of the games I own are short. I prefer short games because I'm trying to move on to the next thing quick.
Protagonist  +   909d ago
Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4: The Golden took me approximately 80 hours each to complete... wish they were longer.

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