New Black Ops 2 Teaser Suggests Origin Story Zombie DLC, Announcement Tomorrow

MP1st - Just recently, Treyarch Tweeted this strange image and confirmed that we will learn more tomorrow about whatever it is the studio has in the works.

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Heisenburger1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )


That doesn't make any sense.

Wouldn't the mummy itself *already be re-animated?

Bah nvm...

CaptainPunch1001d ago

I don't think you understood what I wanted. I want a map in Egypt with mummies.

badboy7761001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

I want a zombies map in a supermarket or Mall.

RaymondCFusco1001d ago SpamShow
Heisenburger1001d ago

Oh okay gotcha!

My mistake friend.

That sounds pretty sweet.

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Mr1Y1001d ago

Am I the only one that thinks that zombies lost its lust?

SIRHC131001d ago

Should be cool. Kind of miss the WWII setting, but this time, it'll most likely be a mash-up, given that there's time-travel involved.