Zatanna Strongly Hinted as Next Injustice DLC Character

Ed Boon tweeted out that the next Injustice DLC character would be announced tomorrow. Following that, he tweeted a clue about the character that strongly pointed to Zatanna. Just now, though, he tweeted another clue.



Zatanna was confirmed as the DLC character.

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pr0t0typeknuckles1783d ago

if you do research based off of his last hint you really can see zatanna being the next dlc character.

1782d ago
CustardTrout1782d ago

I felt so smart when I worked it out; curses!
It would be great it it was GI Joe.
If he didn't do clue 6 I'd think it was Abra Kadabra

GusHasGas1782d ago

Even though its obviously Zatanna, I'd still rather it be either Starfire, Dr. Fate, Red Tornado, Beast Boy, or Captain Atom.

Dno1782d ago

I am with you with Captian atom starfire and Dr. Fate but Zatanna is awesome also I hope they all all 4

No_Limit1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I think there should be 2 more DLCs left after this one judging from the players selection screen. If Zatanna is indeed the next character, I expect them to relocate Scorpion over to the Villain side to balance out the roster. The last two characters remaining should be a hero and a villain. I want Starfire and Plastic man.

nick3091782d ago

They just confirmed with gameplay, i wonder whats next .

pr0t0typeknuckles1782d ago

just saw the new trailer,yep its zatanna

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