PlayStation Store Update 8/6/13

Posted by Grace Chen // Director, PlayStation Store -

It’s a packed week on the PlayStation Store, with pre-orders of NHL 14, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. There’s also this week’s PSN Play title ibb & obb, the beautiful Dragon’s Crown on both PSN & PS Vita, and Tales of Xillia. There’s still one more week to pre-order Ducktales, so jump to it.

Finally, it’s time to celebrate Sound Shapes’ birthday, and we’re doing just that with a sale on the game plus all its add-on content, and we’re throwing in some avatars for good measure. Happy birthday, Sound Shapes!

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turgore1362d ago

Cool. Always intended to play the last Hitman game.

1362d ago
Emilio_Estevez1362d ago

It was excellent!

Can't compare to the old ones though as I've never played one before this.

Pillsbury11362d ago

Nice, haven't played hitman since the first one.

E2S1362d ago

never played a hitman game. Please tell me this is a prequel lol

kingPoS1362d ago

Got Dang!!!
17gb for Hitman Absolution

supes_241362d ago

17! I went to DL it and my PS said "not enough space!" I was like, noooooo!