Binge Gamer Reviews...Call of Duty 4 "Variety Map Pack" DLC

I bought the pack on day one, but have been so addicted I forgot to write up a review. I think for the most part I can leave out the graphics and gameplay since the game is already out, rather these will just be my impressions on the new maps and some thoughts on your weapon choice and what to expect.

For those thinking about waiting on these maps to become free, well I directly asked Mr FourZeroTwo himself on the matter, and he said, "We don't know any of that yet, we're currently talking all that out with the respective partners involved (i.e. Activision / Microsoft / Sony )" So though possible, I honestly wouldn't wait up to get these free, these maps are easily worth $10 if not more. In fact, even if you aren't bored of the current maps, you will not regret picking the new ones up, highly recommended.

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Bazookajoe_833903d ago

You know "ive been roaming the forum" and 360 version of gta is the only one to get? they seem trustworthy ;-)