A Warning About Dragon's Crown's Online Multiplayer

Dragon's Crown is an excellent modern beat 'em up, but the multiplayer mode can prove hazardous to your game saves.

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GdaTyler1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

I don't know about this specifically but I find this multiplayer to be hazardous to your health since it's too addicting. Atlus is evil for making such awesome games.

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Dir_en_grey1751d ago

Also there is free cloud saving for this game where you can freely upload your saves onto their server.
It is to be used for Vita=PS3 transfers but you can still use the service if you only have it on one system anyway.

Been playing multi player haven't ran into any problems though.

LiViNgLeGaCY1752d ago

You guys ready for a REAL warning? Get this, you CANNOT play online multi-player until you BEAT the game!!! How idiotic is that?! I was SO pissed when I found out.

HowarthsNJ1752d ago

It's a good thing really.

LiViNgLeGaCY1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

What? How in the world is that good? My friends and I were extremely excited to play this game together, only to find out we have to beat ALL 9 stages first.

No, that's not good.

At least the game is a blast to play even on your own. But still.

Ritsujun1752d ago

Yup, less n00b-leeching.

LiViNgLeGaCY1752d ago


No, I'm not talking about just doing random public games, I'm talking just STRICTLY playing with your friends. You should be able to do that right from the beginning.

dredgewalker1752d ago

I'm not complaining, I'd really like to experience single player first and get to know the heroes and the system before playing with other people. I think people will enjoy playing multiplayer with experienced players instead of noobs.

Inception1752d ago

Seriously dude, i don't see this as a problem / idiotic. It's more or less the same way with any game who got SP and MP. Hell, even with games like CoD, i always beat SP first before i jump in for MP.

Besides, playing Dragon's Crown online with hard diff are more tense than playing with normal diff.

TheoreticalParticle1752d ago

That isn't true. In order to beat the game once, you have to go through the A route and B route of each stage.

Once you beat the A route of each stage, you can play multi. I just beat the game for the first time yesterday...and I was IN MULTI.

LiViNgLeGaCY1752d ago

"Once you beat the A route of each stage, you can play multi."

Yes, exactly, of EACH STAGE! All I am saying is my friends and I were really excited to play this game together, and we can't until we beat at least the main route of all 9 stages. See what I'm saying?

TheoreticalParticle1751d ago

Yeah, I see what you're saying. Do you?

"Get this, you CANNOT play online multi-player until you BEAT the game!!! How idiotic is that?!"

You put it in caps and you can't even figure out what the fuck you're saying? How idiotic is THAT?!

Playing a portion of the game before you unlock multi is NOT beating the game. That's why you're getting all the disagrees. For not knowing English or hyperbole, pick one.

Yeah, you can't play until you finish the first few levels. It prevents you from powerleveling. It's not a huge deal to me, but I can see how it'd be annoying. Doesn't mean you aren't wrong.

TheTwelve1752d ago

How are you getting disagrees? I was planning on playing the game online with my friends --- I wonder what the meaning is behind this?

Dir_en_grey1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

He is retarded and never played the game.
You just go through the tutorial levels that teaches you different things you need to know about the game. There are just so many stuff to learn that it takes people hours just to learn the basics.

I dunno where these retards come up with "Beating the game" and mistaken that for a tutorial as you don't even see half of the stuff in the tutorial and only a few small bosses.

3-4-51751d ago

doesn't this make it so you have to know how to play before you can ruin other people's game.

Dir_en_grey1751d ago

That proves you never played the game and just copying what some retarded reviewers said.
You don't even beat the game you begin at where you finish the tutorial. You start multi-player when the actual story starts.

The game just has so much that there are many tutorial levels and can take long but you are learning by going through levels and have fun learning at the same time. I started playing after about 4 hours and I spend about half an hour during character creation. Now I got the hang of it going through a second characters tutorial won't take that long either. Each character is just so different that you are just going to get killed right away if you don't know how to play properly.

This is not your typical button mash hack and slash. Blocking/evading/dodging is required and learning and creating combos depending on your character is also needed.

Where you read that is probably from some really retarded reviewers who can't even figure out how to get through the TUTORIAL levels and probably took them forever.

Stop spreading the retarded lies this game is definitely the best of the best in the genre.

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TwistedMetal1752d ago

yep its hazardous to your health in more then one way to. right now im fapping to much while playing it. and I don't think 5 times a day is healthy.

ger23961752d ago

Makes the game more challenging, lol.

GdaTyler1751d ago

Makes it more challenging when you're disoriented from all the fapping?

Inception1752d ago

Holy hell dude, give your chicken a rest! XD

r211752d ago

Ive yet to play MP. Its ok though, SP is pretty good so far, I can only assume MP will be just as grand.

DEEBO1752d ago

i played it with my two sons with local it's a blast to play,a really great game.

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