BioShock Infinite ‘Burial at Sea’ DLC Details: Big Daddies & Splicers are Back

"You begin Burial at Sea as Booker, who is a private detective in Rapture. Then, a woman walks in who you don’t seem to know, and they don’t explain it." - PSLS

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Mr_Pinky1690d ago

"Despite that initial confusion, Ken says “it all will make sense eventually.”

Good, because Booker being in Raptures timeline makes no sense what so ever, he would be an old man by then. I'm still sticking to my theory that this is our Booker, the one we played in Infinite and after Comstocks/Columbias worlds was erased he ended up in Raptures world. The end of the game where he wakes up hearing Anna in her room looks like the same office in the Burial at Sea trailer. Maybe they'll just continue from there, he thinks he hears Anna, she's not there and thats because she's already grown up becoming Elizabeth.

You can't have Booker and Jack in the same world, theres only supposed to be one "man" in the story (Lighthouse, Man, City).

ThisJarContainsTHC1690d ago

You're telling me you wouldn't want to see a buddy cop like comedy with Jack and Booker working together?

actually....that sounds terrible

1690d ago
romancer1690d ago

maybe he found a vigor or plasmid that reverses aging....

(stranger things have happened)

AndrewLB1690d ago

I think you missed a major revelation near the end of infinite.


Booker IS Jack. How else would have it been possible for Booker to operate the Bathysphere? Rapture is another alternate reality created by a choice Booker made at one point in his life.

Mr_Pinky1690d ago

Booker isn't Jack, he's just a counter part for him.

Rapture is totally separate from any choice Booker made in his life because Rapture is in a world where the constant and variables have changed too much to create an all new world.

This could of been a world created where Columbia never existed and where Booker lived a long life before he died by Raptures time probably of old age OR a world where Booker never existed and Jack was their because he was the man in the story (Lighthouse, Man, City). As for the Bathysphere who knows maybe it's because he is a counter part to Jack or maybe it's because Elizabeth with her power is letting Booker operate the Bathysphere

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Kevlar0091690d ago

Isn't the dea behind DLC they can do anything they want? I think it's awesome they're going back to Rapture, especially since everyone asked if Infinite had anything to do with the first one before it was even released

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LiarasBoobs1690d ago

I thought it was supposed to be an alternate universe?

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Benjammin251690d ago

Good. Big daddies were very iconic, and I feel Infinite suffered from not having a similar enemy type.

Benjammin251690d ago

Yeah they count. But there are only like, four handymen and the songbird has about ten minutes of screen time.

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