Grand Theft Auto IV - GTA V Character Switching System Updated, New Video Emerges

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader 'Jonathan Gustafsson' shared with us a new video from the amazing mod that brings GTA V's character switch system to GTA IV; a mod that was recently updated."

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1471d ago
cyguration1471d ago

Oh crap... their voices switch, too! WOW!

nick3091471d ago

N4g is the land of disagrees, just ignore it. It looks like an amazing mod.

joe901471d ago

disagrees coming from some sad console gamer who owns a locked device that gets charged for every smell of new content.

Proud PC Gamer here.

sarcastoid1471d ago

is this the bald fat guy from south park that plays WoW? It is, isn't it... I can almost smell the cheetos.

joe901471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

@misterzadir...Is this the Fat Guy who plays the Golden PSP from South Park??????

I laugh at you and your kind for owning over-sized tablets.

BAAAAHAHAHAHA...hope you will be happy with [email protected] for another 10 years.

Hmmmmm them Cheetos smell good.

boing11471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Quick, sign the petition for GTA V on PC or next year you will still be laughing out how GTA IV is superior on PC.

ATi_Elite1470d ago

Once again you have witnessed the TRUE POWER of the MASTER GAMING RACE!

GTAV character switching on PC before GTAV even comes out.

Now I can play the GTAIV Avengers Mod w/ IceNhancer Mod Graphics and W/ Character switching mod and use any 3 Avengers.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Choke on that consolers........oh and GTAV is still coming to PC AS USUAL.

AiirJordann231471d ago

some people need jobs developing video games if they managed to do this

Sam Fisher1471d ago

That goes to show you that prob a group or one guy did the same thing that an entire dev team was working one

cyguration1471d ago

I'm curious who this angry, mysterious disagreer is going around being angry and disagreeing with people?

Angry console fanboy pissed off that it isn't in their version of the game? An angry dev who feels threatened that modders will take over their job one day (very likely, too)? An angry publisher who wish they could have turned this into DLC and resent not thinking of it first? Volition Studios maybe?

Koyes1471d ago

The two can hardly be compared. The mod is nice and all but R* >>>>>>> modders

1471d ago
alejandroelputo1471d ago

Still looks like crap when compared to the real GTAV

joe901471d ago

it looks better than GTV on console IMO.

HolyDuck1471d ago

Trying to understand where your hate for everything but PC's comes from?

The three comments you've posted have been about hating tablets/consoles and it's pretty sad "IMO".

I think you need to understand that you can like something else without having to insult the things other people like.

1471d ago
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