Square Enix trademarks “A World of the VERSUS Epic”

A new trademark filed by Square Enix suggests they're preparing more FFXV for years to come.

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Need4Game1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Final Fantasy XVersus

-Gespenst-1750d ago

Er, no. It's the tagline of the recent Final Fantasy XV trailer; a tagline which implied multiple XV titles. (XV used to be called Versus XIII, but if you don't know that then... wow)

We'll likely see XVs 2 through, well, who knows? 5 maybe? I for one am fully behind that given how great XV looks.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1750d ago

could this be ff15 versus which could be an exclusive like ff13 versus was supposed to?

Need4Game1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

FFverxusXIII was a spin-off, plus Square Enix habits of making Spin-off, "A World of the VERSUS Epic" could be a spin-off

Key points to suggest that, "mindless-button-mashing, hack & slash game" is one big Criticism on FFXV. ‘A World of the Versus Epic’ could probably a spin-off, simply to make a Great & Unique action that is not a "mindless-button-mashing, hack & slash game".

Updating Dissidia graphic engine, add online multiplayer, and we get,

"Final Fantasy Versus"!

SERIOUSLY, who wants to play untested & unproven "mindless-button-mashing, hack & slash game Final Fantasy XV Action Game" it'll be just another "mindless-button-mashing, hack & slash game"!

"Final Fantasy Versus" will help improve FFXV Game Mechanics, Fix Bugs, improve Gameplay & Graphics.

Or we can play "mindless-button-mashing, hack & slash game" filled with bugs, Final Fantasy XV.

dasbeer881750d ago

Gee this CLEARLY looks as though it's nothing related to Final Fantasy XV.

1750d ago
-Gespenst-1750d ago

@Need4game: Hey! Pretty big edit you made there guy!

SexyGamerDude1750d ago

Nice edit you made there. I know what you said, though. You're nothing but a troll.

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Lovable1750d ago

I personally don't care how many spin offs they make as long as they can speed up the process of making games. Their games takes so long to release god damn.

dasbeer881750d ago

If only Square-Enix are hardworking developers like Ubisoft. They already pumped out like 7+ games, and still more to come this year.

Darrius Cole1750d ago

All there games don't take this long, Just FF vs.13, now call FFXV.

In the meantime we have had almost 2 spin-offs of FF13.

fsfsxii1750d ago

A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is eternally bad.

animegamingnerd1750d ago

so i guess they will turn final fantasy 15 into a new IP? XD

spartanlemur1750d ago

Seriously this is just stupid. Why can't they do it the old way with a new world each time?
It's sad when even the sequels to a game have sequels.

richierich1750d ago

I hope they actually launch Final Fantasy 15 in the next generation and not the generation after

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The story is too old to be commented.