Nintendo Details Risks That Could Effect Their Line Of Business

Ever wondered how much of reality Nintendo is in touch with? Well the answer is more than some might have thought. While Nintendo is confident about the fiscal year going forward, that doesn’t mean they have to believe they are completely immune to the potential problems they may encounter ahead.

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Reeze1749d ago

Sorry to be a grammar nazi, but... you should make sure you spell the title correctly before publishing.

Yep1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

I assure you "Their" is the correct usage.

Edit: Turns out the word was effect

3xkrazy1749d ago

Wrong usage of a noun in that title.

Hint: it starts with an E.

Yep1749d ago

There we go.

Thanks for the notice guys, unfortunately I can't edit the submission title.

Reeze1749d ago

Yes, I was talking about "effect." Sorry to be picky like that

Yep1749d ago

Look on the bright side, we determined that 4 people don't know the correct usage of the word "affect". :P

Reeze1748d ago

Yes, yes we did! That's actually kind of sad. XD

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Williamson1748d ago

I hate the fact I cant link my club nintendo account to my 2nd wii u, I linked it to the deluxe model I had before I returned it and now I guess Im screwed. I love how I was able to easily get my psn and all the downloaded games on to my 2nd ps3.

Yep1748d ago

I bet a new account system will be revealed some time soon. Perhaps tomorrow.