Battlefield 3 Double XP weekend, for all players across all platforms

Battlefield 3 Double XP weekend, for all players across all platforms

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BALLARD321448d ago

That picture sums up pretty much all level 100's.

KwietStorm1448d ago

The game is almost 2 years old. You can't say that anymore.

BALLARD321448d ago

Yeah I can. I have almost 400 hours on Battlefield 3 and I can safely say that 99% of all the 100's I've seen play like total douchebags.

Ace_Pheonix1448d ago

I just barely broke 100, but I certainly don't think I play douche...

SillyYou1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Yeah. Im Colonel 10 and im almost always better than those 100's guys. I think im good at Battlefield, but i just dont enjoy Battlefield 3. Bad Company 2 was more fun IMO.

3-4-51448d ago

I love BF3, except the maps are kind of weak. At least the Original maps. Kharg is awesome though.

KONAAs1448d ago

umm, im a 100 and it took me 17 days, im sorry u suck at playing, focuse on team and objective instead of K/D r and u will rank up faster, im getting 10 kill in a game and 60 death but some how im always on the top of the boards,

KwietStorm1448d ago

17 days? Ok if you say so. 10/60 but you're telling him he sucks at playing? lol yea ok, if you say so.

KwietStorm1448d ago

What does being a douchebag have to do with the shit bucket joke?

KONAAs1448d ago

yes 17 days, my score per minute was 1000 my average game score is 10,000 to 15,000 depending on the map and mode, specially in metro conquest 500% tickets, check my status

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M-M1448d ago

I can't stop laughing, out of all the pictures you could have chosen xD.

younglj011448d ago

means Metro everywhere........

1448d ago