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Official Xbox Site Hints At Xbox One Release Date

Well would you take a look at this - the official Xbox site appears to think the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts will release on 5th November. The game has been confirmed as an Xbox One launch title. Has Microsoft prematurely revealed the date that its next gen console goes on sale? (Industry, Xbox One)

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golding89  +   727d ago
Hmm..That does seems a bit legit. we will see.
iamnsuperman  +   727d ago
I don't think it does. That is the date when the rest of the COD versions (360, PS3...) are releasing. I think it is just that. It will change when the release date is officially announced.

I may be wrong but I thought some 360 games that were going to be on the One were releasing before the One's launch
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gaffyh  +   727d ago
This pretty much confirms the date imo, MS won't come out after COD Ghosts release date, and the box art and the fact it's on Xbox website suggests it's legit. I personally expected 12 November, because then it would be 11.12.13 in the US.
blitz0623  +   727d ago
The thing is, most people who only play CoD or BF4 will likely stick with current gen. Still, launching the X1 at the same time as Ghosts is a good idea to grab some attention and convince people to move to next gen. Some of these people don't want to wait a whole week or even worse, 2 weeks to just get CoD on a next gen console if they can already play it on their 360s/PS3s - with their friends I might add
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starchild  +   727d ago
Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!
tokugawa  +   727d ago
i thought that it would be obvious that it woulg launch with cod
evilhasitsway  +   727d ago
same stuff happened when 360 an ps3 launch and I would expect that to happen a lot at the next gen releases.
malokevi  +   726d ago
Early November would be great. I've been saying the 21st, because that's when XBL debut, that's when the first and second Xbox's came out, that's when Halo 3 came out... pretty much every major Xbox release has gravitated towards the 21st.

If it comes sooner... that would be awesome. Prevent me from going insane, at least. That would mean 3 months... *gargle - swoon*
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jjb1981  +   726d ago
You're right. I've seen an October 29th release date for BF4 on PS4 at the amazon website. I think that's a release date for all the current gen systems.
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Bigpappy  +   727d ago
X1 is getting a lot of attention from Battlefield and COD. But it is still left to be seen what the X1 release date will be.
alejandroelputo  +   727d ago
who actually cares about the xbox one?
Dlacy13g  +   727d ago
@Django_x7 ....plenty of people do sorry to disappoint you.

as for the release date of COD being the release of Xbox One... doubt it. PS4 version has the same date on Amazon. more than likely the game will come out prior to the console by up to a week or maybe 2. so it will be a launch game just out before.
avengers1978  +   727d ago
3-4 week in November, would be my guess.
Khajiit86  +   727d ago
I wish. Right around my bday. Got the 360 when it launched a day before my birthday.
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CRAIG667  +   727d ago
Seems legit, Microsoft will be EXTREMELY eager to launch next gen hardware along side this game, it doesn't take a genius to work that out...
ArronC07  +   727d ago
What a date to choose, the date when the UK celebrates the religious persecution of catholics.

cesuf  +   727d ago
So you really think theres a national holiday to celebrate persecution of catholics? Just based on that alone, your a complete moron. Then the link you added disproved your own interpretation. Wikipedia cleared said it was a freedom gained to practice Catholicism. I mean wow.

Please never breed, ever. There's already a surplus of stupid.
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ArronC07  +   727d ago

Someone has poor comprehension skills:

"Its history begins with the events of 5 November 1605, when Guy Fawkes, a member of the Gunpowder Plot, was arrested while guarding explosives the plotters had placed beneath the House of Lords. Celebrating the fact that King James I had survived the attempt on his life, people lit bonfires around London, and months later the introduction of the Observance of 5th November Act enforced an annual public day of thanksgiving for the plot's failure.

Within a few decades Gunpowder Treason Day, as it was known, became the predominant English state commemoration, but as it carried strong religious overtones it also became a focus for anti-Catholic sentiment. Puritans delivered sermons regarding the perceived dangers of popery, while during increasingly raucous celebrations common folk burnt effigies of popular hate-figures, such as the pope."

You know shortly before the pilgrims left England for the Americas because they were escaping religious persecution?

I mean wow. Please never breed, ever. There's already a surplus of stupid.
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Koyes  +   727d ago
Please spare the religious crap
aLucidMind  +   727d ago
If I recall, it was the pagans bring persecuted and not the catholics. Or is my memory of that era a bit rusty?

Nevermind, posted before I read your link.
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ArronC07  +   727d ago
I do love the fact that people are 'disagreeing' with established fact, absolutely priceless.

The world is doomed. Keep it coming guys, you're all the bestest.
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andibandit  +   726d ago

I realize that you not very fond of MS, to put it gently, judging from your comment history, but pulling up a 400year old event, that more or less lost it's meaning halfway thru the 19th century.....im just scratching my head
fossilfern  +   726d ago
I dont think the whole UK celebrate I think it's just England, we don't celebrate it in Northern Ireland (I think )
ArronC07  +   726d ago

Judging from your comment history you have a clear bias towards MS and therefore you probably perceive any negative comment toward them as a personal attack.

You do know that a multi-billion dollar corporation doesn't need you to defend it on an internet news site right? They only care about making money off you, they don't actually care about you as a gamer. Frankly they've deserved the crap that they got over the last couple of years, starting with the RRoD up to the XB ONE they've shown utter contempt for the consumer.

They are literally the new Sony.

I can guarantee that you'll fixate in the "MS bias" and miss the implied critique of Sony.

Also the fact that I am using a 17th century event to 'have a go' at MS kind of implies that I'm not being strictly serious but don't let that get in the way of your crusade to defend multi-billion dollar MS.
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MrFanboy  +   726d ago
I love when people write this "your a complete moron". It's "YOU'RE a complete moron" you moron.
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aceitman  +   727d ago
This can be released before the system comes out it has been done before . Wii u and vita and ps3 games came out 2-3 weeks before the systems came out.
Jazz4108  +   726d ago
I purchased and had inhand several 360 games before the console released.
Gekko36  +   727d ago
Cool, if it's the 5th November then it's on my birthday, happy birthday to me.

@gaffyh however it'd only be the 12th to get 11/12/13 in the us.

The rest of the world would be the 11th Dec, 11/12/13.

I've never understood US bullshit date system. It's even worse on film averts

"RED2 coming August two" what the fuck is that all about!!
mcstorm  +   727d ago
I wish it was tomorrow cant wait to get my Xbox one but if they are bringing the release date closer im up for that.
3-4-5  +   726d ago
The Master Plan for Sony & Microsoft, is to release not on Black Friday, but before Black Friday.

It essentially gives you 3-4 weeks of sales before the big one.

It's a smarter business decision and I suspect Sony will do something similar.

You can sell 1 million systems on Black Friday, or you can sell 3 million by selling them before black friday and the day after, November 3oth, you will have more consoles on the market.

More consoles on the Market = more game sales

More games sales = more 3rd party support
Khajiit86  +   727d ago
The only way xbox one could do some damage in sales compared to the ps4 is if its released at least a month before ps4 release.

5th of november for xbox and really early in 2014 for ps4 would workout great for me. I could buy both with no problems. Even though I would prefer ps4 first.
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Maddens Raiders  +   727d ago
"The only way xbox one could do some damage in sales compared to the ps4 is if it was released in 2012."

I think this is what you meant to type. :)
Khajiit86  +   727d ago
Worldwide PS4 would still catch up in sales. Sony is just a whole lot more popular around the world.

And yes sales outside of America MATTER! a whole lot.
YodaCracker  +   727d ago
Never underestimate the competition.
joefrost00  +   726d ago
Im going to say something a lot of sony fans are denial about
The only reason sony caught or even stayed in the race for that matter is japan
Sony sales well in.europe but so does MS and we.know whats been going on over here and not really how many they in japan more so the ratio
I tell my friend all the time the reason ps3 exclusives dont sell like they should is because that most of them are geared to a western audience
I keep hearing sony fans say even with all the problems we still won
Actually you all lost big time not just looking at sales but also money made by a system games bought , attach ratio, ect
And ask sony a bet they dont feel like they won
Now time to finish up Last of Us
Bigpappy  +   727d ago
The U.S and U.K are going to be very difficult for Sony to take back from M$, even with the $100 difference. Xbox is just way too strong in the U.S and the ability of the X1 to appeal to toddlers and adults (male and female) is going to offset some of the price point stigma.
AceofStaves  +   727d ago
I don't think the UK market is as tied to the XBox brand as the U.S. market is, especially given that many of the media capabilities of XB1 are limited to the U.S. I think XB1 will do well in its home market, but I think Sony has a clear edge globally.

It will be interesting to see how the sales pan out once both consoles launch.
aceitman  +   727d ago
The reason was because the 360 was priced at 299. - 399$ and the ps3 was 499-599$ that was the main reason plus the 360 had a year head start. It's time to find out soon enough head to head no head start for ms. The way the preorders are going it looks like Sony is ahead of the game.
_FantasmA_  +   727d ago
Even the US isn't that stupid. Sure lots of jarheads and obnoxious 12 year old posers who only play COD and nothing else will still think "Xbox is t3h best bro." But not all Americans, I'm sorry Muricans are stupid enough that they will allow M$ to just walk all over them, take their money and run. I am an American that supports the real gaming console that comes from Japan.
ForgottenProphecy  +   727d ago
Ps4 is already confirmed for 2013 though...
GraveLord  +   727d ago
A month isn't enough. Besides, PS4 is already confirmed for this year and its $100 cheaper. Who's doing damage to who?
andibandit  +   726d ago
I think once Sony pulls to far ahead i think MS will use some of the vast amount of money to lower the price.
joefrost00  +   726d ago
I have no idea which console will sell more or be better
I dont think no one does
Not counting the ones who were going to by a ps4 or xbox1 no matter what
what makes this so interesting is when I listen to people its more like more people are choosing the ps4 but the funny thing is that
Its not because they think its the best system more so cause of hatred for MS
So if you got people makinf there choice out spite and anger
It adds a certain level of unpredictability
stage88  +   727d ago
I hope Sony can release the PS4 a least a week before the bone. It would really spur momentum. October 29th sounds good to me if this release date is accurate.
YNWA96  +   727d ago
Oh I hope so too.... I have not slept for weeks worrying about this! The thought of X1 getting a headstart really gives me nightmares! We should do what guy forkes did, true british patriot and maybe burn any store selling X1.... Great british empire! We are still relevant!
jocomat9  +   727d ago
never go full retard people. . .
YNWA96  +   727d ago
Nah do not worry, I am fine... Trying to finish everything in GTA4 before 5!, I care nothing for the above, just funny watching people worry over who realeases first... Ya know, its life or death for some..... Crazy...
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   727d ago
Lmao now that was some funny fanboy shit lol
stage88  +   727d ago
Life or death? I'm talking about business tactics and what could spur momentum for the PS4.
Jocomat9 is right. Never go full retard.
GraveLord  +   727d ago
It really doesn't matter. Releasing on time for Black Friday won't help much since people are only looking for great deals and cheap stuff. PS3 + Xbox 360 will benefit from this. Xbox One + PS4 won't. In fact, it might make them look bad sitting there on the shelves while their older brothers are selling out.

Now, Christmas is a difference story. Consoles HAVE to be out before Christmas. Price is less of a factor here compared to Black Friday.
Maddens Raiders  +   727d ago
So maybe this is the day that anon will shut down all of One's services because of their DRM hubris and desires?

Interesting date to say the least.
pacostacos  +   727d ago
the dudes that got punked by the mexican cartel? lol
Elit3Nick  +   727d ago
Anon likely wouldn't have attacked Xbl, even with DRM, since people would've known that's what they were buying, the reason they attacked PSN is because they removed linux support and backward compatibility after the PS3 released
andibandit  +   726d ago
I thought Anon attacked Sony, because Sony dragged a hacker to court
RadioActiveTwinky  +   727d ago
Me thinks is Fish bait to try to entice sony on announcing a release date lol. Kinda like the European store Release date of the ps4.
It does sound plausible though. Anything before Thanksgiving and black friday is plausible to be honest.
sovietsoldier  +   727d ago
i have already been told by wal-mart in an email its the 26th of nov. which sound right because its a Tuesday and the anniversary of the xbox launching and its is be for black Friday.
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andibandit  +   726d ago
I think it's more a case of:
Walmart thinks the 26 November sounds about right, and are guessing that date.
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   727d ago
This is for the 360, PS3 and PC version of CoD: Ghosts.

I do believe the One will launch in Nov. Just not on the 5th.
Cam977  +   727d ago
Of course it's November!
November is the 11th month.
Eleven is comprised of two 1's
Microsoft's next console is called the "ONE"

Hahaha! Your name, I remember that!
Riiidddgggee Raaaccceeerrr!
Resistance_lord  +   726d ago
And there's 3 months left till November = Half Life 3 Confirmed!
KarlaJBroadnax   727d ago | Spam
DOOMZ  +   727d ago
Seems legit to me!!!
brewskiebob  +   727d ago
I'm banking that ps4 releases end of oct...they been passed the fcc and after all sony is a electronics manufacturing giant.
MrBeatdown  +   727d ago
GameStop and Amazon both have the PS4 and Xbox One versions listed as 11/5. I wouldn't take those as any kind of indication of a release date. Same with this.
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HugoDrax  +   727d ago
That they did, but I also have a screen capture from Xbox.com that had an advertisement for COD:Ghosts for XB1 that said 11/5/13. Actually it read 5/11/13, then when I went back to the same link the day after it read "Pre Order Ghost now"

Give me a second ill upload the image to photobucket...
MrBeatdown  +   727d ago
I'm not sure what you're getting at. You're basically just re-stating what was in the article.
HugoDrax  +   727d ago
Here's the pic I captured from my account last week. Link below


This is what the site shows currently, with the date having been removed.

#10.2 (Edited 727d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LucasEVille  +   727d ago
I hope not! I've pre-ordered the day one edition and was hoping to pick it up same day but I'm in London for the million mask march. Hope game do their midnight launch so I can pick it up before I leave.
PSnation4  +   727d ago
whenever the xbone releases i think sony will do everything in there power to release it 1st
sAVAge_bEaST  +   727d ago
That would mean the Ps4 launches http://www.battlefield.com/...
gamertk421  +   727d ago
There are usually a couple games and accessories that trickle out a week or two before launch, so it could be 11/5, but I'm guessing the 12th for the built-in 11/12/13 marketing, at least in North American usage.
ViolaNAtwell   727d ago | Spam
jay2  +   727d ago
Big (Rip off generic game) out on the same day, makes sense.
SITH  +   727d ago
The 5th is on a Tuesday. It could be legit.
Supermax  +   727d ago
Most new this was true a year ago.x1 will launch on November the 5 alongside cod ghost.there is also a small chance that ps4 will try to steel some thunder by launching on oct 29 alongside bfa4.
urwifeminder  +   727d ago
Nice almost paid it off seems like a good time to release.
Pancit_Canton  +   727d ago
With all the changes they did with the Xbone. I won't be surprise if the Xbone had a failure rate of over 50% due to software related issues and compatibility.
Flames76  +   727d ago
You seem slow
thehitman  +   727d ago
The 5th kinda seems early or maybe not maybe MS wants to push it out the earliest in November as possible scared of Sony release timing. However, the next-gen games will most likely be on shelves before the next-gen consoles so dont be surprised to be able to pick up the next CoD b4 either system gets released.
Fat Onion  +   727d ago
November 5th 2013 is the "Anonymous Declaration of Freedom" Day (youtube it!). "Remember Remember The 5th of November" is their slogan.

Xbox One (Living Room Spy) goes against some of the things this day is about. Let's see if the Xbox One's launch overshadows the million man march on washington on nov. 5th. If it does, Americans deserve to be stripped of all rights and might as well burn the constitutiin.
shadyiswin  +   726d ago
thinking way to deep bro.....not to mention 11/5/13 is activisons date not microsofts,so take your spygate sh*t elsewhere,dont buy an xb1 if it is a problem,im confident everyone will cave in and get an xb1 sooner or later when see that competion just can't compete,think ios vs android,it is now overwhelming how much one does vs the other,even the simplest of minds get it (elder people and young),simple minds being casual people will see this in the xb1 vs ps4. In american anyways most people will just simply upgrade what they have got for there kids in the past,which is an xbox 360.
samekratos  +   727d ago
heck yes
Flames76  +   727d ago
I hope the Xbox One will release on novemebr 5th cant wait to pick one up.Gonna be a great holiday but gonna be broke thanks to the Xbox One
tigertron  +   727d ago
Remember, remember the 5th of November, because that's when the Xbox One will be out.
Cable2kx  +   726d ago
If this is true wow.... They got about two months to get FCC approved and to start developing and shipping the systems. That's a lot to do in only two months
#26 (Edited 726d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Wikkid666  +   726d ago
MS has always been tight with the CoD games, so I wouldn't put it past them to do a co-launch.
shadyiswin  +   726d ago
not that it's hard to forget,but remember the wii u launce last year? i got in batmam arkham city armored edition almost 2 weeks before the system launched,we also got a demo unit in a week prior,i think micrsoft and sony will put the games on sale before they consoles are ready,i dont see why not,so i expect to see xbox one and ps4 games on shelf even 2 weeks before there release,the games will be finalized before the system date so thats just a given to ship out as many copies as you can,also had wii contollers and other things 2 weeks before the launch date,id love to snatch up everything earlier and just wait on the console.
GotHDGame  +   726d ago
Not that I care, but I think it will be closer to Thanksgiving. MS and its Spybox could come out today and I could care less. Now PS4 on the other hand, bring it on, and also Nintendo could I please have some more games for Wii U?
vigilante_man  +   726d ago
Nov 5th could be spot on with PS4 coming out just before on Halloween. I can sense an October release for PS4. They will pip MS once again.

But a few weeks apart won't make any difference really.
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