Toshiba's 10 new REGZA LCDs: 3x Ethernet, built-in DVR, and much much more

In Japan, the hand can be used as a knife. And you can't swing a Yume Neko Smile cat without defacing a 1080p TV with built-in Ethernet and a hard disk drive recorder. Case in point, Toshiba's latest batch of REGZA LCDs, ten in all. The top of the line ZH500 series measures in at 52- (52ZH500) and 46-inches (46ZH500) with 120Hz VA panels, 4x HDMI (1080/60p, 24p) inputs (Playstation 3 supports 24p output for Bluray), 3x Ethernet (with DLNA support), 2x USB, Bluetooth, Firewire, SD slot, and a DVR to record your shows to the built-in 300GB disk.

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rushbd3540d ago

Built-in PS3 !??! OMG!!! It'd be awesome!! Just imagine!

MorganX3540d ago

When I first read your post I thouhgt, come on dude. But, as quiet as the PS3 is and as relatively cool as it runs, 'tis theoretically possible, however unlikely, possible.

The failure rate, though minor for consoles, may be too high for Televisions, don't know.

PlayStation3603540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

But I think if, and that's a strong if, Sony ever tried something like that. It would be after they bring out the PSlim3. And it would awesome if they built it in the new OLED's :D (just wishful thinking).

But speaking of 3x Ethernet. If I remember correctly, the original PS3 (the one w/2x HDMI, and 6x USB) had 3 ethernet ports. I guess whatever Toshiba is thinking, Sony was too. Like Kat said... DD maybe?

Wonder if Sony will ever bring that PS3. Man that would be trippy, PSlim3, 2x HDMI, 6x USB, 3x ethernet (again, wishful thinking). :P

Anyways, back on topic. LCD's badass.

muddygamesite3540d ago

True. By they time your receiving your pension, it will just be ready

kewlkat0073540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

can speed that me.

PlayStation3603540d ago

damn. lol Bubble+ for ya'll 2.

PirateThom3540d ago

I have a Regza..... love it, want new one.

tony3540d ago

one of the best for gaming.

M4I0N33540d ago

grrr... LCD tvs are temtping me to buy one but im gonna wait for OLED tvs

Skerj3540d ago

That's a tv for your ass, reminds me of those old TVs that used to have an NES built in.