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PS4Home: Killzone: Shadow Fall Preview

PS4Home: "Not to worry though, Killzone: Shadow Fall has been built to please and will definitely make use of the PS4’s extended graphical capabilities" (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

krontaar  +   637d ago
I really hope we get some new information at gamescom so we don't have to keep getting these same rehashed articles all the time.
joshuatobi  +   637d ago
cant wait get my hands on it. gonna get a hard on wit dem sexy graphics.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   637d ago
Kzsf mp will be shown at gamescom just hang in there until then
Heisenburger  +   637d ago
I'm new the Killzone franchise, having never touched a Killzone aside from a couple of demos, but I am very excited for the campaign.

From what I understand the consensus is that people enjoyed the multiplayer in two over three.

I am eagerly awaiting a mp reveal. Now of course I will use my own judgement, but I am curious to gauge the fan reactions of what we see from Shadowfall.

Breaking Bad this weekend then Gamescon days later.... woo hoo.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   637d ago
Yes that is true, a huge majority of the killzone community/hardcore audience was extremely disappointed with kz3 mp compared to kz2. More casuals like kz3 due to it catering more towards the cod crowd.

The sp on the other hand was better in kz3 than kz2.

They had the dev that worked on gta online as the lead mp dev for kz3 mp, now the old kz2 lead mp is back for kz2 so we will see what happens.

But btw nice name, as soon as I saw it I immediately thought of breaking bad
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Maddens Raiders  +   637d ago
"KZ: Shadow Fall” has an enormous legacy to live up to, at least in the minds of Sony fans.. (sic)..not to worry though, Killzone: Shadow Fall has been built to please and will definitely make use of the PS4’s extended graphical capabilities via its in-house engine, Umbra 3. Needless to say, this engine will push real-time visuals to a whole new level..."

Despite this being a poorly edited article and written at a somewhat immature level, -- "Not to worry, SF has been built to please" -- (Why would we worry? It's Guerilla Gods; look what they did on the PS3 with KZ2 and KZ3), they are right about one thing and that is the anticipation of this title by all fans of the Killzone series.

Despite my nerdy insistence that they [GG] explain the whereabouts of Staahl, Visari, his daughter, Rico, Sev and the findings of the two Helghast recon soldiers at the end of KZ3 - I am quite pleased with what I've seen "leak" out about SF so far, and what I'm hearing regarding the production values especially as it pertains to /storytelling/. This is one reason why I love the series so much.

I like the way GG initially built up the tension between the ISA and Helghast in KZ1. I loved the tension between Rico and Col. Hakha, the confidence of Jann Templar, the coolness of Lugar and the get it done at all costs attitude of Sev, Garza, Natko, Rico and Alpha team in KZ2 and KZ3. Despite what some haters say, I believe KZ has one of the best and well written /stories/ out of all the current FPS's. This in turn led me to feel sorry for Jann when he was shot in the gut, Rico when he accidentally shot Visari and ruined the whole mission (or did he?) in a fit of rage, and when Garza was accidentally killed.

"There will be a wide variety of locations and environments featured throughout the game in addition to an incredible level of detail." This is great news!! This is what GG attempted on the PS2 with KZ2. They wanted to take people to different environs to give them a sense of scope of the war and contextualize the story as opposed to the same old tired environment throughout the shooter.

I can't imagine what Guerilla will do on the PS4 especially since Herman Hulst has already stated that there will be areas you can gain access to in KZ:SF that "you're not even supposed to be in".. and they're using a new in house engine to boot - that's cool! These are the reasons why I pre-ordered my bundle day one on Amazon.

This video still bothers me sooooo much lol!!

Related video
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Bathyj  +   637d ago
Its nice that the technical wizardry of studios like Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Media Molecule, to name a few, allow them to build their own engines to suit their needs instead of going the easy route of using Unreal or some other one size fits all engine.

And boy do those efforts pay off. Killzone has always been the Benchmark for graphics on a console FPS, Second Son is one of the best looking next gen titles coming out, LBP never gets credit for graphics for some reason but I think it has some of the best textures going, and Naughty Dog, well what more needs to be said about Naughty Dog, their games raise the bar in graphics with every release.
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Maddens Raiders  +   637d ago
Yeah I think it goes hand in hand when you have created the engine that your games will follow that unique and organic feeling that makes them so like the devs you pointed out. There's no doubt that these people love creating and are very concerned with the finished product. That just spells win for everyone involved with their projects. From the artists, and the sanitation workers that clean up at night, to us the gamers. It's all good.

Guerilla is at the top of their game right now and Naughty Dogs products speak for themselves. We could go on and on but I think we all know Sony is enjoying some rather good fortune from it's arsenal of devs even through this tough worldwide economic funk.
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MrMayhem28  +   637d ago
can't wait to see the multiplayer gameplay at gamescom
windblowsagain  +   637d ago
Looking forward to many new shooters.

Also many new Racing titles.

Lots to choose from:)
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mayberry  +   637d ago
Killzone :SF looks to be another great game!

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