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Submitted by Gekko 844d ago | opinion piece

The Big Final Fantasy Question

Kotaku: ''Is Final Fantasy dead? Should we stop getting excited about the series? Is it time to abandon all hope?'' (Culture, Final Fantasy)

kalkano  +   844d ago
I've answered this question, in-depth, about 2000 times this week. So, I'll go with a very simple, "Yes".
zeal0us  +   844d ago
Maybe to the some of the hardcore fans who loved the traditional way FF operated,believes FF is dead.

I would have to say no mainly because FF series is SE's golden goose. SE will never killed series so long as it remains profitable. Even if SE decided to drop FF it would just be replace by another series that they would keep popping out until your kids move out or have kids of their own.
Need4Game  +   844d ago
Final Fantasy is dead.

The Question is, can Square Enix Revive it?
FFXIV tells that they could possibly do it.
SkyCrawler  +   844d ago
IDK if phoenix down will work this time :/
Edito  +   844d ago
Im with you, YES a big YES.

I didn't finish XIII and im not excited about any FF even XV.
clouds5  +   844d ago
I agree. It died when the guys who created Final Fantasy started leaving Square Enix. I think it was around FFX (the old devs where still very involved in FF IX which was developed alongside FFX, and as advisors for FFX - if I remember correctly that is :) ). It was also the moment when Square Enix started sucking at a whole...
Even though I loved games like FFVII I don't want Square Enix to do a remake of that game. I'm almost certain they would fuck it up... They just don't get the characters.
Cloud for example isn't the cute emo boy. He's a cold soldier who just doesnt give a fuck. Look at how they portrayed him in Kingdom Hearts One (which was designed by the guy who did most of the characters for FF7/8/9), there they got him completely right. I'd rather play the original, who needs fancy graphics anyway :)

Nevertheless, FFXV looks like a cool game. The only thing that is wrong with it is the name. They should just stop calling it Final Fantasy because Final Fantasy is dead.
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StephanieHBradley   844d ago | Spam
Nerdmaster  +   844d ago
I also think the series is dead. The last great game was FFX. But I'm still buying the games hoping that Square will use a Phoenix Down eventually.
SexyGamerDude  +   844d ago
No, it's not dead. We still have XIV and XV look forward to.

And if they increase the jiggle physics and breast size a little more and add in bikini DLC, I might buy Lightning Returns.
kalkano  +   844d ago
Can't tell if serious...
SexyGamerDude  +   844d ago
I'm serious. Don't you agree that XIV and XV look like great games?
kalkano  +   844d ago
Not at all. I don't care about the MMO Final Fantasy games, and XV is more Kingdom Hearts, than Final Fantasy.

But, my comment was directed more toward your second sentence...
SexyGamerDude  +   844d ago
Oh, no I wasn't kidding about my second sentence. If I'm buying the game might as well get my money's worth, right?

Lightning was never really appealed to me that much and now that she is the only playable character they should look for a way to make her appeal to a wider audience, right? And what better way to do that than through glorious fan service? Serah had beach wear dlc, Lightning might as well get some too. I'd pay for that, big time!!

And since they already took the time to add in bigger breast and jiggle physics, they might as well keep expanding on that.
kalkano  +   844d ago
I don't understand why stuff like that sells. You know the internet is full of porn, right? I'd rather my Final Fantasy games take themselves seriously. It's become a joke.
helghast102  +   844d ago
"I don't care! lalala what you say doesn't matter!"

That's what you sound like.

FF is far from dead.
adorie  +   844d ago
Once "jiggle" decides game sales, I will contemplate dropping out of this hobby.

I would rather a game sold by it's merits, and not several pairs of anti-gravity tits, throwing two sheets to the wind.
Hicken  +   844d ago
They're not even trying to sell it based on that. It's simply the answer to a question, and now it's become a huge deal.

For my part, I've enjoyed every FF I've played since VII, and I've played EVERY FF since VII. And I simply can't understand why some FF fans slam certain games: they all have their good points, they all have their flaws.
EXVirtual  +   844d ago
No. I find it funny that everyone was craving Versus but it turned into XV, everyone says Final Fantasy is dead. Well I've got news for ya FFVII fanboys. Turned based RPGs on consoles are the past. The tech was too slow to handle something like FFXV. Move on guys. FFXV will surpass VII. I'll tell ya that for nothing.
EdoubleD  +   844d ago
Exactly, the conclusions some of these so-called 'hardcore/traditional' fanboys really stagger me. So one of the mainline entries was bad, turns out every new entry will be 'crap'. It sucks that some people have this way of thinking. Both ARR and XV look promising, yet because they aren't turn-based they're not a 'True FF', whatever the fuck that means.
helghast102  +   844d ago
"So one of the mainline entries was bad"

Come on, FF2 wasn't terrible.
Lovable  +   844d ago
Yawn...another article about FF being dead.

It's not dead. How many FFs are coming out again? Yeah that's dead alright.
ThisJarContainsTHC  +   844d ago
The Lightning saga was dead on arrival

FF as a whole is still very much alive. XV is coming and looks quite incredible, like a throwback to the golden age of FF.

Did you forget about Type-0? even though it wasn't localized, surely it must count for something. It's one of the better FF games according to anyone who knows Japanese.

But how do you tell when a franchise is "dead" anyway? Lack of sales? lack of spotlight? company goes under? What determines the so called "death" of a video game franchise. I think it'd be chalked up to word of mouth and pretty much everyone has nothing but praise for XV. That game's been hyped to hell since it was prematurely shown at E3 2006.

How could anything "dead" generate any sort of hype?
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greyhaven33  +   844d ago
greyhaven33  +   844d ago
For some it is, for others it is not. The fact that ARR and XV are coming out and many are excited for them is proof that it is far from dead imo
I_am_Batman  +   844d ago
I don't even see a reason to discuss that. You don't like FF? Don't buy it. If you are asking whether or not to get excited for a game you're doing something wrong. You either get excited or not.
EdoubleD  +   844d ago
As I've mentioned before, I believe FF is in a coma. It's not dead, it just hasn't been transitioned well into HD. Hopefully next gen is when they can shine again.

EDIT: Also, I can't get over the fact that they keep comparing the new entry to Devil May Cry, as if to shrug DMC as a useless series for kids or something, that really irks me.
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Slade23  +   844d ago
XIV is right now the 2nd top selling PC game right now on amazon and some of you are saying that final fantasy is dead... Funny how all the CE edition is sold out.

@EDoubleD I do agree with you that FF is in a coma right now and we don't know much about the upcoming games yet except for XIV which I know will do great.

@edit yea I do hate that when someone compares DMC to FFXV. Really!!... DMC is not a RPG action game lol.
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MrTrololo  +   844d ago
They should have stopped making FF after X and FFXV doesn't look like a FF game at all
CLOUD1983  +   844d ago
Yep FF die after FFX every FF who have the logo of SE on it is more or less garbage compare to the old ones, I must admit that I was very excited for Versus & I couldn't w8 to get it in my hands, when I learn they decide to rename it to FFXV I felt so disappointed... Versus could only work for me as a spin-off although it was one of my most anticipated game I was more excited to hear how the next main FF title would be, I speak for FFXV before Versus become that one, I was w8ing to see if they plan to go back to turn-based/ATB battle system after all those fail experiments they did, & now FFXV a button-mashing action game ala-KH become a main FF title, that's tragic.

The past years we become guinea-pigs for SE, they test on us every horrible idea they have we get games that play on their own, games who we just assign roles & leave the characters to some-kind of auto-pilot while we just observe how things going & now we will get a game that go against what FF is all about, battles in the old FF always required thinking, to put your brain to work, to make a plan in your head & find the weakness of the enemy after FFX all that was thrown away.

Some people can't understand why old fans can't accept that but it's the same thing with Resident Evil 6, old fans can't accept that their favorite survival horror series go full action & throw the survival part & all the scares out of the window, same way we old FF fans can't accept that our favorite JRPG series turn to DMC & Bayonetta this is not FF some of u might like the direction SE go the series but that's not FF & we will never accept it or satisfied until they decide to return to their roots.
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wishingW3L  +   844d ago
maybe in a coma. lol

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