Battlefield 4 pre-order includes 3 Gold “Battlepacks” as a bonus, gives “a new reason to rank up”

Battlefield 4 pre-order includes Three Gold “Battlepacks” as a bonus, gives “a new reason to rank up”

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TemplarDante1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

fck your nickel and diming of "gold battlepacks". I love Battlefield, but I wish EA had nothing to do with it.
To the wealthy who plan on buying these packs for attachments and weapons, us Battlefield vets will stick kick your ass with skill :)

excaliburps1777d ago

Read the post. :) It only states, "camos, dogtags, knives" and no actual weapons or attachments. If so, I'm fine with it.

SillyYou1777d ago

The fact that there are microtransactions pisses me off.

LoaMcLoa1777d ago

Uuh, it also says
"XP Boosts and more"

So it's not only cosmetic

The_KELRaTH1777d ago

I'm sick to death of all this micro transactions. I purchased Grid 2 a few months back and it's got a serious game flaw which effects all formats in that it randomly corrupts the user save data. CM still say there's supposed to be a patch to fix it soon but on the other hand there's been lots of DLC packs of which none really work and to add insult the pre-order Indycar track pack has an oval track with no drafting - result you end the race where you started from - it's all just one big con.

dcj05241777d ago

Dude. It's just stuff to make you look cool. Like knives and camos and dogtags. Nothing that will improve skill ( unless in 2020 they have optic camouflage lol)

BallsEye1777d ago

Well, me and my friends screw over activision for that. Oh yea. The whole PREMIUM I got exactly for 3euro 2 days after it got released. I also got these for my friends :). How we got it so cheap? Let's say you can buy downloadable stuff for 360 at some places really cheap, and it's all original no scam ;]. That's what I do when I feel company like activision try to screw customers over. I just hate when they do all this premium crap.

Lwhit61777d ago

Too bad i pre-ordered this game in a bundle with the PS4 so i wont get this :(

excaliburps1777d ago

I'd wager it will come with it since PS4 copies come with China Rising.

Lwhit61777d ago

You serious? That's great news for me!!

N7Lukas1777d ago

What happened to just playing the game to unlock things?

dcj05241777d ago

You still can. This is just extra stuff. For show.

T21777d ago

Look at all those crappy smartphone games ... Great way to make money ... Ill just rank up the old fashioned way... Skill

Hufandpuf1777d ago

Everything in the battle packs can be unlocked regularly. TF2 does the same thing, yet because EA does it people start whining.

Battle packs range from bronze, silver and gold. They contain items (including weapons) that can be unlocked in-game but are completely random.

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