Console Monster: Wipeout HD Hands-On

Console Monster writes: "Wipeout has long been a Playstation franchise that is known throughout the world. Back in the day, it was probably the most popular Playstation title around, and in fact was one of the main games that actually sold the Playstation and placed it on the gaming map. I wasn't surprised to hear that Wipeout HD, the Playstation 3's version of the game, was exclusive to Sony once again. I was surprised to hear, however, that it's only a Playstation network downloadable game. Maybe Sony have started to lose faith in the title, and decided to delegate it to a PSN download only? Or maybe the game's not worthy of a full Blu-Ray Disc?

Well, both of those questions must have the answer no. Simply because Wipeout HD is far beyond any PSN title already on the network, in fact, it's probably one of the best looking PSN titles ever - maybe even one of the best looking titles on the PS3 full stop. The franchise has really set itself up on handhelds more than full-on consoles recently, but to see Wipeout in full 1080p High-Definition is quite stunning. The tracks glisten with an amazing futuristic feel, and the ships hold visually pleasing textures worthy of a digital king..."

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mightydog013900d ago

I've been waiting for wipeout hd. Hope it come's out soon