Guy has almost every system ever made

From the Atari all the way the the Next Gen Consoles, except for the Wii.

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chasuk083575d ago

woah thats insane, except he needs a wii, and i think a psp

sonarus3575d ago

Almost? If he doesn't have ALL why do we care?

Gazman3575d ago

Totally agree its like saying I've almost been around the world and only been to two countries.

jazzking20013575d ago

wii is one of the systems that he is missing

KozmoOchez3575d ago

I think he's missing both psp's and the phat Gameboy(along with the wii)...i could be wrong

3575d ago
lsujester3575d ago

How has he not been able to get a Wii? I know there hard to run across randomly, but with a little effort they aren't super-hard to find. I've bought and sold three already for game money.

lsujester3575d ago

And this guy is missing more than a Wii and original Gameboy, BTW. The whole "almost every system ever" is completely wrong. I mean, come on, Magnavox Odyssey, Coleco Telstar, Nintendo TV Game 6, to name a few.

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mariusmal3575d ago

whoa and i tought i had many consoles lol.
i have an atari, master system, mega drive, Gameboy (one of the first ones) super nintendo, nintendo 64. playstation, psONE, xbox, gamecube, ps3, xbox360 and a nintendo DS

mariusmal3575d ago

2 disagrees ? why for ? lol

sunnygrg3575d ago

They are just jealous of you.

Max Power3575d ago

the original Gameboy, the big ol' gray one, with the green and grey screen.

mariusmal3575d ago

yeah. i own one of those. big a$$ white and green screen. it was powered by four batteries. damn

Fiyah3k3575d ago

3DO, turbographix 16, celecovision, wii, psp, oddessy 1&2, atari 5200

vudu3575d ago

I don't see the gameboy micro either.

INehalemEXI3575d ago

Virtual boy seems to be missing as well.

I remember a console I once had my uncle brought it home it was like a green screen it played a side scrolling shooter is all i remember and the console came with the green screen it was all in one off white case. Never knew the name of it. Anyway I don't see that one there either. Not having a wii is an epic failure of a collection IMO.

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mintaro3575d ago

cant seem to find that humungus grey gameboy of ol