New Facial Capture Technology Used on GTAIV, MGS4, Killzone Explored by Image Metrics

Image Metrics shows how their new facial capture technology works on GTA 4 and other game productions.

"Image Metrics has bridged the Uncanny Valley, developing a superior facial capture and animation system that creates facial animation with far greater accuracy, as much as seven times faster than key framing, and they only need video files and a facial rig and 3D model to get started."

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decapitator3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

The gap between realism and gaming is practically diminished at this point. If I had to vote for my favorite in that video, it would have to be GTAIV and Killzone.

Damn...and lets not forget MGS4.
*Waiting patiently for that boob mini game*

sonarus3873d ago

:( i wish i didn't already know that. NO more MGS4 spoilers PLEASE.

MGS4 is looking to have the best in game cut scenes yet.

decapitator3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Oh man, am sorry about that then. But I dont think a boob should be a spoiler for you. I mean its a BOOB son...:)

EDIT: Am sorry guys, if I have spoiled it for ya.

Crazyglues3873d ago

I'm so excited for GTA IV I can't stop making wallpapers for my PS3
(case and point - check attached image below)

and not to mention as soon as I really start to get into GTAIV, MGS4 will be here...

Cwalat3873d ago

my favorite ones... The African, Killzone, MGS4

decapitator3873d ago

yeah the the african dude looked cool too, very well animated.

mesh13873d ago

guys plz im getting bored of ppl lies put high quality ingame scans of gears of war 1 and mgs 4 and the new ingame screens of gears of war 2 and killzone and u guys can keep fooling ur selfs mgs4 looks rainbowsixvagas 2with a tiny texture upgrade and washout colours and minimal use of good lighting ,killzone 2 is dark when lit up using the filters looks play and low textured just plz stop leing to people and pit of screens of what ive said haha i know u fanboys cant lets just accept it gears of war 2 looks better than anything that will come out this year but gta 4 wil surpass anygame this year hands down and it comes out sooon hahahahah ive noticed the 1 thing tha scares fanboys on this site the most is putting side by side pics of gears of way to any console game that i meantioned and more

solidt123873d ago

I listened to that podcast also. I wish I didn't. Know I am even more eager to play MGS4 so please no more spoilers. Its gonna be tough since several people in the game media got a change to play through the game. Out of these videos the Samburu Warrior was the most awesome. I hope they are using that in a game. We need something like that. A game with African warriors that take place back in the time of Shaka Zulu would be really cool and something new.

actas1233873d ago

How is this new if its been used in Gears 1 and many UT3 games?

yesah3873d ago

that was UT3, not GeoW

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InMyOpinion3873d ago

I wonder if Mass Effect is using that as well?

decapitator3873d ago

Possibly but the article makes no mention of that though. But with the graphics that the game had, I would not be surprised if it was using it or something similar to it.

InMyOpinion3873d ago

The facial animation in the article video looks amazing, especially when you see the split screen with the human and the target animation. Lifelike, to say the least =)

Massacre3873d ago

Damn, that animated girls animation look pretty slick.

BilI Gates3873d ago

Is that from Killzone 2? Anybody know?

decapitator3873d ago

NO. That is the trailer for Killzone: Liberation for PSP.

BilI Gates3873d ago

Thanks for clearing that up.

decapitator3873d ago

No problem. Glad I could help..:)

ThaGeNeCySt3873d ago

Samburu Warrior.... ahh... i was looking for that one to show to a few friends.

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