Guide: Dragon's Crown Trophies - Everything You Need to Know

RealSG: "There are actually quite a few Trophies to be had in Dragon's Crown. If you happen to pick up both the PS3 and Vita versions, they even carry over from one to the other.

While some of them are simply obtained by playing through the story, there are quite a few that are very difficult.

Let us show you the way."

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AvidGamerrrr1783d ago

Finally picked up my copy! Bookmarked! Time to roll!

admiralvic1783d ago

Terrible guide, since very few things are actually explained and what is explained is very useless.

Like I was able to do the end boss at level 52 and get the trophy for hard, so that 71 requirement is silly. Also most people aren't going to play the Amazon class, so you should mention how to get the 100,000 as other classes, which is one of the hardest trophies. No explanations on how to level quickly, just trivial words and pointless videos.

What happened to doing something worthwhile and not just 10 seconds for a guide? Anyway, down voted.

MestreRothN4G1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

I appreciate his effort on organizing the trophies in a comprehensive list. Also, obviously there is less information than in a full guide, which will be available all over the internet, specially on the focused sites.

It is obviously not "Everything You Need to Know", but it was good and well executed: a simple, straight-forward catch of tips to start.

Downvoted you, admiralvic. :-P

AvidGamerrrr1783d ago

It's being update rather quickly. The game came out today, so chill out admiraldic

admiralvic1783d ago

@ Avidgamerrrr

So? You clearly have had it since before release and if you're going to write a guide that says "everything you need to know", then you should expect people to point out if your guide is lacking.

Like there are two events in the story that can get your throw in jail. The one that automatically happens, and answering B when you have over the scepter (I believe that was the point anyway), which I can also tell you won't unlock the trophy. Another one is the no damage trophy, since you pretty much assume that high stats will make up for an inability to play. You should write tips for characters / who's best (since you need them all for the platinum) and how to go about playing them. Also you have insatiable adventurer wrong, since ALL the stages are referred to labyrinths, so you're simply meant to play each stage (since there are 9) in sequential order, not the Lab of Chaos. King of the colosseum can be done with the AI or a second controller offline. Three Star Chef is heavily dependent on what enemies you kill and placement in the series of events. This stuff affects what food you can make, so seeing a video of you scoring 50,000 won't help anyone if the food changes. You also don't note that properly cooked food yields more points than improperly cooked things.

Your advice for Gourmand is all wrong, since you need to do certain things to get certain outcomes. Like what bosses you kill directly affects which items you get, so one of the more uncommon one is the Minotaurs tongue / Harpy egg / Gazer Eyes, since you need to go A route before getting the cooking events. Even then, you don't note that every food item has 2 forms (one for pot and one for pan), nor do you note that what others do doesn't seem to negatively impact you (Japanese wiki says AI at least work towards it). Paragon doesn't explain how the leveling system works, nor does it explain how to quickly level, which could be worlds better. Best of the Best is just about continuing your adventure (be it online or off) and getting as many points as possible. Though you don't note that some blessings give you a bonus (the one for beating Infernal gives .50% bonus), playing adventures for a while gives you at most 200%, food gives you a bonus (I've hit 40%), items in the background affect it, how quickly you finish a stage affects it, some equipment gives you a bonus and finally there is a skill that turns coins into score and score is XP anyway.

I shouldn't be able to point this many things out if you knew what you were talking about. Feel free to downvote / hate me if you want, but I think I've more than proven my point.

jon12341783d ago

i think its pretty good... i managed to get the game a week early and there are things on here i didnt know...

admiralvic1783d ago

I also got it a week early and managed the platinum. I am not saying it is completely without help, but most review sites have had this game for over a week, which is AMPLE time to write a guide like this. Especially if you're going to call it "everything you need to know".

jon12341783d ago

i guess we're not all super players like you i guess...

AvidGamerrrr1783d ago

You keep saying "you". I didn't write this guide. Just submitted the article.

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