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Metal Gear Solid 5 needs PS4 to fully tap the potential of Kojima’s Fox future

OPM: I want MGS 5 The Phantom Pain like its legendary pirate-eyed soldier craves two working peepers. Konami’s Fox Engine is capable of feats of graphical voodoo you couldn’t have imagined while your corneas were being scraped out by Ridge Racer 7’s jaggies. The only problem is, I don’t think PS3 is capable of giving this exciting new tech the platform it truly deserves. It needs PS4. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4)

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Tatsuya  +   601d ago
I am going to be playing the hell out of this on my PS4! That's a given.
harrisk954  +   601d ago
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Need4Game  +   601d ago
"Metal Gear Solid 5 needs PS4 to fully tap the potential of Kojima’s Fox future"

Konami don't have the money to do that, if they really do, they would already making MGS remake and fully tap PS4 potential.

So buy more MGS Legacy Collection.
The_Sneauxman  +   601d ago
It is coming to the PS4, what are you talking about?
Kojima has 0 interest in making a remake
Mainman  +   600d ago
In my opinion Kojima should just cancel the current-gen version's of the game. Unless the current-gen version's are scheduled to be released a couple months before the next-gen versions.
Pisque  +   600d ago
harrisk I congratz you for having 70 disagrees with 0 agrees I never saw that in my entire life
The_Sneauxman  +   600d ago
@Pisque Aaaand a troll to give it one agree.. that's ok I seen it before there was 1 (hipster I am).
C4rnos  +   601d ago
I'm surprised... why hasn't anyone mention how fucking good it'll look on a high end rig? oh wait that's right MGS is now on PC! Fuck yeah Kojima!
fr0sty  +   601d ago
Because those who actually own high end rigs make up a tiny fraction of the total gamers out there.
christrules0041  +   600d ago
Not every PC owner has a high end PC. To make that level of detail the costs will rise for development while limiting how many PC players can actually buy the game. I'm not saying PCs don't play games great because high end PCs do and it's a given that it'll look great on them. But if they go around saying you need a high end PC to play it PC gamers would freak if they couldn't afford it.

It's simply them not wanting to sink there company.
ShinMaster  +   600d ago
High-end gaming "rigs" are in the minority.

It doesn't surprise me when most of the PC fans boasting about high-end PCs don't have one of their own.

Also, why so surprised? Most people don't care (something PC elitists don't seem to want to accept). So you guys will always be around to remind everyone of how much better PCs are than consoles and blah blah redundant information blah blah.
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noctis_lumia  +   600d ago
and will sale POORLY like EVERY SINGLE mgs that came out for it

ppl knows where MGS sales...its called PLAYSTATION
and ppl also knows where MGS5 will sale the most...PS4.
Kurylo3d  +   600d ago
I think people are confused. High end rigs arent even needed. Mid range rigs are better then ps4. Truth. I am buying ps4 myself, but statistically speaking, my 4 year old pc has more power then ps4. Why do u think so many devs were complaining early on.
_QQ_  +   600d ago
Because fanboys.
wishingW3L  +   600d ago
you don't really need a high-end PC to max out a console game anyway. The best version will be PC no matter what. Stay free!
extermin8or  +   600d ago
Now I could be behind but when did kojima announce a pc version. Originally he was it was console only? (abit like R* sometimes do)
C4rnos  +   600d ago
In general terms guys, i should have actually said i'm just extremely happy to see MGS on PC is all...

Mid range rigs could easily be compared to the next-gen consoles, and i look forward to playing it on PC, the reason Kojima must have approved it is due to the similar architecture, and when exclusives go multiplat, thats a win for PC gamers.

Console gamers don't realise a lot of amazing games never make their way to PC, and PC gaming in general is getting the shaft...
RedHawkX  +   601d ago
i agree everyone should get the ps4 so we all can experience gaming at its best and fully tap the potential of gaming and have an extra 100 dollars to get mgs5.

dont see why anyone would pay more for xbox when its the weaker system that can unleash the full potential of gaming like the ps4 can.
malokevi  +   601d ago

Absolutely lathed in passive-aggressive confrontational fanboy BS.

In true N4G style. Bravo, budday!
JP1369  +   601d ago
"dont see why anyone would pay more for xbox when its the weaker system that can unleash the full potential of gaming like the ps4 can."

I going to ignore your tenuous grasp of the English language and point out that Xbone buyers chose their console for the same reason I chose a PS4: games. There are games that only Xbox provides that some people don't want to go without. It's powerful enough to provide great gaming experiences, that's all that matters. If the situation were reversed, I'd still be buying a PS4, because I like the exclusives. A spec war isn't going to affect my ability to enjoy the next effort by Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog, SSM or others.
P.S. If you're going to troll, at least learn how to imitate an intelligent person while doing so.
TwistedMetal  +   600d ago
I agree dude ps4 is the smarter choice.


seems like you fighting on the wrong side bro because there is nothing wrong with supporting the better and cheaper system. there is something wrong with supporting the expensive weaker system when all its games are multiplat and its online costs more. the xbox one just isn't a smart gaming choice at all. maybe later after a price drop but right now ps4 is cheaper, more powerful, and has more games and franchises. its the system to get if you want a lot of gamers to play against online in multiplayer with mics and headsets and such. ps4 also can play with pc gamers the xbox one never will.
Raiden  +   600d ago
All you people are writing x1 before it even arrives, all because of the specs. The only way to test this will be the games at the launch and vs the games 6 months after, eg, Forza v GTand the time it takes to make it, don't forget how long it tsked Sony's first to release a quality title the LAST OF US took just unders 4yrs to make, people should remember gaming is big business and many companies would go bust, also many companies would have two tittles release within that time frame, both systems use the same gpu, forget about the ram, because it esram + old reliable DDR3 VS GDDR5 of which Gd5 will need to powess operations of the unit and the games. People are too quick to write things of, both systems are going to be close, it will take first party AAA to prove with is better and that going to take time so while we all are waiting for this to happen, let's just enjoy what games we have and whatever system you choose, one more thing to remember software programs are crested to manipulate hardware just remember that have a nice day all
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Mounce  +   601d ago
Yap. I'm getting PS4 pretty much with MGS5 in mind. Everything else is Bonus.
TwistedMetal  +   600d ago
yep that makes since as the mgs4 was and still is ps3 exclusive. you need to play all the metal gear solid games to understand the series and get the most out of it. you don't just skip over games and play number 5 if you haven't played all the exclusive playstation ones. Most smart people will be picking up this game on the ps3 and ps4 to go with the rest of the mgs series. this people are true fans and gamers.
Gster  +   600d ago
@JP1369 Where in my comment did I ever mention anything about graphics. If u read it again u might understand that because someone talks about tapping into the full potential of a console obviously doesn't mean only graphics. Think before u write plz.
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andrewsqual  +   601d ago
Can't tap anything with Keifer Sutherland.
Mr_Pinky  +   600d ago
Keifer Sutherland ?

Oh you mean Codename: S***Snake
RickHiggity  +   600d ago
I'm going to pre order the fuck out of this game.
showtimefolks  +   600d ago
day one for sure, when i saw the demo/video my jaw was dropped to the floor lol

sad thing is we are not sure when this is coming

Infamous 2nd son
the order 1886

i want to see gameplay demos and release dates soon
Ksar  +   601d ago
I'll play MGS5 on my Xbox One :)
shivvy24  +   601d ago
I'll play MGS5 on my PS4 :)
guitarded77  +   601d ago
I'll play MGS4 on my PS3 :)
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malokevi  +   601d ago
I'll be playing MGS5. :D
fr0sty  +   601d ago
I'll play Metal Gear on my NES.
Blastoise  +   601d ago
I'll play MGS HD collection on my PS Vita :)
nunley33  +   600d ago
I'll pllay MGS for GBC (ghost babel) in my gameboy player and play it on my tv.
TwistedMetal  +   600d ago
yep me to it seems like you like agrees and are smart. the dude above you is not very smart because he should known what happens to those who go full retard lol. 75 disagrees. this is playstation nation get used to it boys and girls for another 10 years join the playstation club or fail. the oonly reason to go against the ps4 is if you are an xbox one fanboy.
andibandit  +   600d ago

Could you at least learn the language before teaching us what to do...
Saddam_hussein  +   601d ago
Don't understand why you got disagrees.
shivvy24  +   601d ago
Welcome to N4G
golding89  +   601d ago
Don't you know you get disagrees for any positive comments for the xbox one or MS?

SuperLupe  +   601d ago
He got disagrees because it hurts the sh!t out of them to see that he will be playing one of the best games ever made on a Xbox One and that it isnt PlayStation exclusive like some of them were praying.

Hell it may even have exclusive content on the Xone. Usually when MS showcases a multiplat its because theirs exclusive content coming or because its the lead platform.

Yep, no doubt whatsoever on which console I will be playing it.
Insomnia_84  +   601d ago
Because any Metal Gear Solid game is and will always be meant to be played on a Playstation System!

; p
Saddam_hussein  +   601d ago
I am new to this site. I jut found it in a game informer magazine.
NobleRed  +   601d ago
He's got disagrees because the Xbone is crap.

A lot more people will play the superior version on the ps4.

People like me.
ZodTheRipper  +   601d ago
Ever thought about that there are people out there who won't play it on Xbox? Why should they agree with him?
thebudgetgamer  +   600d ago
He got disagrees because who gives a crap what he plays it on.
Hicken  +   600d ago
He got disagrees because people disagree.
saint_seya  +   600d ago
He gets disagrees because he is in a ps3-ps4 article talking of why would be better to play it on the next generation of playstation, and he comes to say "ill be playing on xbox one" knowing that isnt related to the platforms that were been talked about.
If u got to a playstation section to talk about of xbox ull get disagrees, simple, u will be trolling, same as when ps fanboys go to xbox articles to troll, even if is stealth trolling.

On topic: I dont know how good this game is going to be, different voice, different settings #open world#.. i will wait for it to be released before saying is going to be great #i hope so#, since i played all mgs since ps1
TwistedMetal  +   600d ago
it doesn't pay to be an xbox one fanboy so don't be one. don't even see why you would want to hate on the ps4 when its better lol. I guess a lot of you just want to have one bubble by showing you irrational xbox one fanboyism.
harrisk954  +   601d ago
I'll play MGS5 on my Wi--... Oh, wait a minute... :P
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MidnytRain  +   601d ago
You'll play nothing on the WiiU, lol.
guitarded77  +   601d ago
I'm playing Pikmin 3 on my Wii U... I'll play MGS5 on my PS4. Many platforms = many games.
SuperLupe  +   601d ago
Same here, will be playing it on Xbox One since I don't see myself getting a PS4 in the near future. Maybe two years from now who nows.
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ape007  +   601d ago
most people here are xboxphobic

consider their feelings next time xD
gapecanpie  +   601d ago
"He's got disagrees because the Xbone is crap.

A lot more people will play the superior version on the ps4."

The irony in that false statement is the PC version is the superior version, while the ps4 and X1 will probably look very identical maybe a few more frames here and there but nothing major.
Salooh  +   600d ago
Early next generation console games won't look different then the pc versions because the consoles are not using all it's power , we will see the difference after 2/3 years after they released .

PS4 + Vita + PC = Best gaming experience in my opinion.
Ps4 --> Exclusives
PC --> Multiplatforms
Vita --> Play anywhere you want
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   600d ago
You should slap yourself for wanting a Xbox one in the first place.Then slap yourself again just because you deserve it.
shivvy24  +   600d ago
im getting a ps4 but sunset overdrive trailer looks awesome , hope insomniac pulls it off
showtimefolks  +   600d ago

and nothing is wrong with that, if that's your console of choice than have fun

i hate this idea of a 3rd party game has to be exclusive for fanboys to really appreciate it, my thing is if one of the better games get played by more gamers than we all win and developers make more
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   599d ago
You're absolutly right. developers like konami make more money developing MGS on other platforms other than PS.But thats just happening for profit only.Not to make xbox delusional fans happy.
N7Lukas  +   601d ago
Glad they made it open world, never played an MGS before, this one is more appealing to me being open world.
Saddam_hussein  +   601d ago
In a nice way, how old are you?
MidnytRain  +   601d ago
N7Lukas  +   601d ago
I know, i know, the thing is, i actually always liked the look of them whenever i saw my friends playing them, just never got round to actually buying and playing them. Ive heard nothing but good things about the series though.

And old enough to have played them all and understood them btw lol
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cpayne93  +   601d ago
I honestly reccomend you play all of them to understand the story, its a series that needs to be fully experienced.
Booyah  +   600d ago
I've played every MGS except the first one on PSX. Is it bad ?
cpayne93  +   599d ago
Is it bad? IS IT BAD???????? It's the best one in my opinion! Easily one of my top three games of all time.
N7Lukas  +   601d ago

And old enough to have been able to play them all and understand them btw lol
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HugoDrax  +   600d ago
Which means you're 30+? I for one watched my cousin play the first NES version, watched my brother complete Snakes Revenge, and the first one I purchased was for my PS1.
ANIALATOR136  +   601d ago
wish Kojima would bloody let us know the release date
shivvy24  +   601d ago
September 2014 ! Im calling it
ANIALATOR136  +   601d ago
my money is on around the march-may 2014 mark. Basically Q2 2014
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The_Sneauxman  +   601d ago
I Highly doubt we'll see MGS 5 this year, I'm calling it late 2015.

Kojima is a perfectionist
game_infected  +   601d ago
And xbox one cant !
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Chaostar  +   601d ago
Why not?
GodGinrai  +   601d ago
lol, I was waiting for OPM to do one of these...
Chaos_Raiden  +   601d ago
And I will definitely sure getting it on my future PS4.
gaelic_laoch  +   601d ago
Will the Xbone be getting a second rate version of MGS5? I'm so glad ill be sticking with PS just to be safe!
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Dan50  +   601d ago
No the X1 uses Blu Ray not DVD.
Vandamme21  +   601d ago
Man I can't believe this game is coming out for 4 consoles....ps3, ps4, Xbox 360
and Xbox one...man kojima really wants that money...we all know it's going to sell poor on Xbox consoles...but it's going to sell well on playstation consoles...metal gear solid 2 on Xbox sold really poor and same thing for metal gear rising on Xbox 360.
shivvy24  +   601d ago
Its sad that the wii u is not getting support , eh Nintendo needs to up their game
SuperLupe  +   601d ago
Got some more imaginary sales figures ?
LarVanian  +   601d ago
It's a known fact that MGS4 sold millions as a PS3 exclusive during the system's first year and a half on the market. It's now been five years and Sony has sold millions more PS3s. What's to say that the PS3 version of MGS5 won't go on to be the best selling version?
USMC43  +   601d ago
It's coming this fall/winter. BOOM.
Vanessa144   601d ago | Spam
pyramidshead  +   601d ago
Will be enjoying that hopefully fully tapped MGS5 on my PS4 :)
dcj0524  +   601d ago
So when does the MSX version come out?
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christocolus  +   601d ago
ps4 or xbox one..hmmm..i may just end up getting this on the xbox one cause he has been talking alot about revolutionary kinect integration into his games.may be ill just wait to see what he does with it before making up my mind or else its the xbox 360 version for me.
EXVirtual  +   601d ago
Kinect and Metal Gear Solid? Bleghh.
christocolus  +   601d ago
lol. its hideo kojima. you can never tell what he will come up with. definitly not voice controls though.the top japanese devs who have praised the kinect 2 are shinji mikami, hideo kojima and suda 51 and i highly doubt that their plans for kinect integration to their games would be gimmicky.
windblowsagain  +   601d ago
And if i want i'll play MGS1 on my PSX.
hazardman  +   601d ago
Im getting it on PS4. Kojima does his best work on PS consoles. Not knocking Xbox One version as im pretty sure its gonna be good and atleast Xbox only gamers can enjoy it as well.
Ozmoses  +   601d ago
MGS has always gone good with Sony.
DeniseJSmith1de   601d ago | Spam
o-Sunny-o  +   601d ago
Whoever plays it on Xbox anything isn't a long time fan of Metal Gear and wouldn't understand. Just play MGS4 to understand how nostalgic it is and fun on the PS3. ^~^'
MusashiBlack  +   601d ago
Metal gear online 2.0 :)
raiden-49  +   601d ago
You mean 3.0.....
MusashiBlack  +   600d ago
Metal Gear Online 3.0 (fixed)
AimeeLThomas   600d ago | Spam
thechosenone  +   600d ago
That 15 min demo they did a couple of months back was being played on a PS4 devkit wasn't it? It looked to damn good for it not to have been next-gen hardware.
#22 (Edited 600d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
thelaughingwiseman  +   600d ago
If Kojima wants to fully utilize the PS4, he is going to have to devote time to it. 2 years isn't enough when you realize he is also devoting his time to making it as good as possible on the X-one and PC. It also seems like he is porting this game from the PC to the consoles.

I don't see the console's reaching their full potential until 3 or 4 years into their life cycles.
kingPoS  +   600d ago
At the risk sounding fanboy I'll go right ahead and peel the band-aid off.

Most heartfelt Metal Gear Solid fans usually don't associate Microsoft with the series. Largely because there's no beginning or purported end on the Xbox.

Or to be frank - MG1, MG2, MGS2 & MGS3, but no MGS or MGS4.
Whew! that was close! For a moment there I almost became a fanboy.
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ghostrider32  +   600d ago
Wow at these comments. It's best if you don't mention you have MGS on Xbox. You might get shot for it.
tommygunzII  +   600d ago
MGS4 was a incredible game. I have no reason to think MGS5 would be any different.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   600d ago
What about the fourth one was great?

I played it about three months ago, tried to. I found it unplayable gameplay with a silly storyline. I hated both.

So, what was I missing?
S2Killinit  +   600d ago
this game should be played on a PlayStation anyway.
_QQ_  +   600d ago
Unless its on pc, then that will be the superior version, just hook up the PS controller.
teezy  +   600d ago
I'd happily play it on PS3 if that's what it's released on but if it is on PS4 then I'd buy it for this game alone.
(I'm getting a PS4 anyway)
jessupj  +   600d ago
I hope Hideo does at least a bit of optimizing for the PS4. Even if it's just a better frame rate, longer draw distance, better textures, etc. I'll be a little disappointed if it's the same on the X1 version considering the PS4 is considerably most powerful.

In fact, I will be furious if publishers aim for parity between the X1 and the PS4 instead of taking advantage of the PS4 hardware. I hope Sony doesn't let that happen.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   600d ago
The sad fact is Microsoft holds an agreement with a lot/most of third party pubs that forsakes any game looking better on an alternate console. Think PS3 now, and PS4 future.
jessupj  +   600d ago
MS holding back the industry.

Why do idiots support them?
_FantasmA_  +   600d ago

Becaus they're idiots :/
CuddlyREDRUM  +   600d ago
I have a PS4 paid off.

I can't wait NOT to play this turd. So much of a history of shitty games.

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