Disabled Marine Zach Clark Is Designing The Best Steam Box You've Never Heard Of

Forbes - Xi3 is expected to launch their Piston Steam Box later this year, and it’s been confirmed that Valve is designing hardware, likely Linux based. Now, a little known company called RoundsDownRange, led by Disabled Marine Corps vet and CEO Zachary Clark may beat both to the punch.

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TripC501087d ago

If you take away the endearing, dissabled marine, phrase out of the title I would be like, "whateva" but instead its got me saying "AMERICA!"

TripC501087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

Hiding tears of joy with hand eh? America can do that.

TripC501087d ago

Ha. Don't hide your pride brother!

Rivitur1086d ago

^why did I read that as if you were in the arian brotherhood?

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ElementX1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

I'm an American and really, this country isn't all that great. You have basically the same freedoms in Canada and Europe as you do here and they have better healthcare, have shorter work weeks, and don't try to police the world.

MiasmaDodo1086d ago

then move to Canada and Europe

with all the other Americans who think they're better then the country they were born in.

what a joke

TripC501086d ago

hey come on man, I'm just messing around. Canada has it's perks and beautiful environments and stuff but man I sure do Love that America. She can be a handfull of facepalm but I think she is alright.

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Smoovekid1087d ago

If you want to get console players over to PC the you have to make it affordable. If you already have a PC why switch to this.

DarkBlood1087d ago

because my pc isnt really a gaming pc persay and a machine dedicated to playing is a must for me

i could learn how to build one instead but the way i learn takes way too long lol

ElementX1086d ago

It's really not that hard, it takes at most a few hours. The hardest part is plugging in the USB and power switch wires for the case because they're so small, lol. Most of the cables only fit into one place so it's almost foolproof.

5eriously1086d ago

Price will be the factor (wink) Custom 690's?

Bolts1086d ago

The highest end unit will cost you $1700. Lol. No thanks. That's a lot of money to sink into a custom PC. I could do better for less building my own.