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New NYC GTA 5 Ad Forgets About The Xbox 360 version

Gameranx: "Rockstar has put together an ad for GTA 5 mentioning only the PS3, while foregoing mention of the Xbox 360." (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Sidology  +   570d ago
"yolo" - that ad
abzdine  +   570d ago | Well said
PS3 is superior version, it's understandable
Hydrolex  +   570d ago | Funny
360 doesn't even lift bro, everyone knows that
SuperLupe  +   570d ago
Sony wrote a check for a publicity deal so its understandable. Just like they wrote a check for Destiny exclusived timed DLC and what have you.
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Saddam_hussein  +   570d ago
Sweet. Where did you read that?
ZodTheRipper  +   570d ago
lol @ "forgot"
You don't forget such things when making a 20 meter long advertising banner.
HammadTheBeast  +   570d ago

Unlike CoD or BF4 timed DLC, Destiny has exclusive content. Not timed.
gaffyh  +   570d ago
This is pretty normal actually, just like on Ass Creed ads, they only mention PS3 for example. On a side note, that's a huge advert, never seen one that big in UK.
SilentNegotiator  +   570d ago

Uhhh, the size of the banner would have nothing to do with someone's capacity to make a mistake.

That said, it was probably just a placement funded by Sony.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   570d ago
Its obvious no other site picked this up...

Except N4G.

Its super obvious Sony have an exclusive deal with R* which means "not showing the other console" and you have comments like @Abzdine.

You see posters like this relating to COD every year on Xbox.

Your commeent makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Care to explain what your comment means @Abzdine.

Bet you bubbles he can't explain without sounding like a fanboy.
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Salooh  +   570d ago
Never heard of a developer get paid for a lead platform . However , the advertisement and exclusive content are paid from sony which MS do too so i wouldn't make it a big deal right now ..
llMurcielagoll   570d ago | Immature | show
Mainman  +   570d ago
If the X360 isn't mentioned in the add, then Sony probably subsidized the add or something.

This happens all the time btw. There are a bunch of adds on tv, banner's etc for multi-plat games that only mention a single platform. This is most likely due to the platform holder sponsoring the add instead of the publisher.
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brodychet  +   570d ago
I'm glad they do it. All those XBox360 commercials. For COD, and The Elder Scrolls, the commercial always ends with "get it now on Xbox 360!" Leaving all other systems behind.
Ezz2013  +   569d ago
both versions will be fine
and every one will enjoy a great game
but i'm happy to see sony is doing good job at marketing games on ps3
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TwistedMetal  +   569d ago
yep seems like it lol.
Ares84HU  +   569d ago
Not sure which version is superrior but let me say this: a ton of times multiplatform games were just advertised for the xbox 360 while there was no mention of the PS3 version and no one really cared (in the gaming journalism world). Now that the tables turn it's suddenly unaccaptable and news worthy??

Give me a brake.
snipab8t  +   569d ago
How could you possibly know that?
yess  +   569d ago
@ AngelicIceDiamond

"Its obvious no other site picked this up...

Except N4G."

Where N4G is using other sources for it's article's.

Do you even know how N4G works o_0
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tokugawa  +   569d ago
shock horror... a company paying for the advertising

and seeing as they are creating a bundle with a picture on the box, is it not obvious that some money changed hands for advertising??
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thekhurg  +   569d ago
@super -

The destiny stuff is not timed, it's for the life of the game per the interview with bungie.
DeadlyFire  +   569d ago
I detect a timed PS4 exclusive deal possibly in the works.
Perjoss  +   569d ago
"PS3 is superior version, it's understandable "

The 360 version of gta4 ran at a higher resolution and had better frame rates (then ps3 version).

I'm just saying
RedHawkX  +   570d ago
ps3 is the superior version might as well start getting your titles on the ps3 so your trophies can transfer over to the also superior ps4. its best to get started now because xbox one is dead boy and girls.

im gonna be playing the heck out of gta on the ps3 because playstation is where 3d open world gta started.
scofios  +   570d ago
Nobody wants the 5 disc version :-)
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Kingdom Come  +   570d ago
360 Versipn is two discs, one for the game, one for installation...
ZodTheRipper  +   570d ago
^Show him who's boss! lol
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   569d ago
lol two discs.It's been 8 years since i bought a DVD disc, let alone a 2-disc dvd set.
contradictory  +   569d ago
i still find it amusing that it's a thing...
last time i bought a game with multiple discs was Final Fantasy IX in early 2000's...
although do keep in mind that i haven't bought any pc games since....ever...?
yeah, the latest pc game i got was Star Wars BFII
and even that only had one disc haha
Kurt Russell  +   569d ago
I don't see a problem with having an installation disc personally... The game will run off 1 disc after that horrifying 10 mins :/
KristiRToledo12   570d ago | Spam
3-4-5  +   570d ago
Video Game remakes would like to have a word with you MR. Yolo.
hakeem0996  +   570d ago
How stupid are you guys are . Everytime you see a poster with only one console mention is because that console paid for the damn poster or commercial .This should be comment knowledge for everyone by now . I hate this kind of fanboys article .Gets stupider each time
Protosism  +   570d ago


dontbhatin  +   569d ago
Don't know what comments you are seeing, but just about everyone above you is posting with knowledge of the ad being sponsored by Sony. And your angry and poorly written post just made me chuckle.
TwistedMetal  +   569d ago
don't be so naïve and you wouldn't get fanboys if you and everyone else just supported the better system the ps3 and the ps4. butttt nooooo you have to go full retard and lose bubbles and peace of mind because you want to be a fanboy. if you cant beat playstation then join playstation so you can relax and sleep at night lol. its the best system anyways so what is your problem with playstation for christe sake?
irepbtown  +   569d ago
Check out: www.imdb.com

Ad on top is for GTA V and only shows PS3.
I think Sony have paid R* good money :D
I know I'll be getting it on PS3.
H3ADWOUND81  +   569d ago
WTF is comment knowledge? I'm winging it here but don't you mean common knowledge? Off ass my laughing...
showtimefolks  +   569d ago
oh no they didn't lol

what you talking about willis? lol

this is great news for inner fanboys but a normal thing in gaming now a days, just like COD,BF etc dlc exclusive for ms
TOGC  +   570d ago
Most likely PS3 exclusive stuff this time around.
Cam977  +   570d ago
I guess Rockstar prefer the PS3 then? This is absurdly strange...
SideShort  +   570d ago
Seriously? Not even. This is no different than the PS3 logo before every assassin's creed commercial on TV. Can't believe this can spawn an entire article now.
PSVita  +   570d ago
Exactly, there are so many commercials that only show the Xbox logo at the end. This isn't news.
hennessey86  +   570d ago
The fanboys have a field day GTA 4 was advertised for the 360 shock horror, companies always have exclusive advertising going on like FIFA with the ps3 http://m.youtube.com/result...
Elwenil  +   570d ago
Most like Sony may have paid for part of the ad. No different than all the multiplat game commercials that ended with the Xbox logo.
zyphee  +   570d ago
They honestly all prefer ps3, when I go to gamestop all I see is ps3 gta posters..the game was always played on a ps3 devkit so I guess. Mine is for xbox 360 though CANT WAIT!!
Snookies12  +   570d ago
Yeah, no matter which system you choose for it, the game is going to be phenomenal!
BattleTorn  +   570d ago
Both my current gen boxes will retire to be "GTAV boxes"

(yes - that means purchasing the game twice - and again whenever another is announced - PC/NextGen)
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SuperLupe  +   570d ago
Why the stupid title ?
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christocolus  +   570d ago
Hmmm makes me wonder.does this mean ms may have struck a deal for an exclusive xbox one version? most likely we could see Gta5 for the xbox one...Its not too far fetched for ms and rockstar to pull off...they have done something similar in the past with exclusive content.all it takes is an office,lots of beer, cash and firm handshakes...just a thought...expecting to get hit with many disagrees..remember its just a thought..lol.
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ZodTheRipper  +   570d ago
Wow, were you sober when writing this?
Fil101  +   569d ago
LMAO yeah that's exactly what I was thinking.
trenso1  +   570d ago
"all it takes is an office,lots of beer, cash and firm handshakes"

what are you babbling about?
Tito08  +   569d ago
Yeah, you was right expecting disagrees with such a silly thought, I definitely bet MS would rather go after Rockstars next GTA for the X1 when already this one is coming out for current gen, and R* isn't that stupid to let MS have that when the PS4 is going to be there right around the corner as well as X1, so if you're expecting GTAV on X1, expect it on PS4 as well.
GenericNameHere  +   569d ago
Hmm makes me wonder. There are no Microsoft signs here. Only PS3. Maybe Sony got a PS4 exclusive deal? You just need a room full of devs who are happy to tell you they are doing good with Sony, and possibly exchange hardware and game banter with the first-party Playstation devs like Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica...just a thought...expecting to get hit with many disagrees..remember its just a thought..lol.

christocolus  +   569d ago
@zod 18 & trenso 1 -

sober? babbling? you guys seem to be so anti xbox ..I guess it was really to be expected after all its n4g..and to think if a similar comment stating sony would be getting a ps4 version exclusive would have had lots of agrees to it. ..N4G .smh

I guess we will just have to wait and see then...
trenso1  +   569d ago
No you were just babbling I would have said the same thing to that same line i quoted even if you were talking about the PS3/4. So don't just pin everything on being anti anything when people don't like or agree with what you say.
christocolus  +   569d ago
Dude do i work for sony or ms?how am i to know if there is actually a deal of sort?i was only trying to be funny and stating something that crossed my mind.damn everyone here is so uptight .no probs bro.its all good.
Belking  +   570d ago
That's because they know the 360 version will sell anyway....lol
Saddam_hussein  +   570d ago
Disagrees for the truth. As a neutral gamer, even I know it sold better on Xbox 360
christocolus  +   570d ago
Lmao...here it doesn't matter.some people have their hands by default on disagree.
SpideySpeakz  +   570d ago
X360 sold better because.. DUH.. it was timed exclusive.
PSVita  +   570d ago
Two disks and mandatory installs for the Xbox version.
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YodaCracker  +   570d ago
@PSVita - The PS3 version also has a mandatory install of the same size. Both versions only use one disc to play the actual game.
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Aceman18  +   570d ago
only by 500k, and that's with the timed dlc. i bought it on PS3 and happily waited for it to arrive on the system lol.
Tito08  +   569d ago
@MassEffect23- Actually the episodes were time exclusive on 360, not GTAIV.

@YodaCracker- True, but the difference in GTAV is both game and install are on one disc on PS3 while 360 version has a disc served for the install, while the other is for the game, so basically without that installation disc being inserted first, the other disc is totally useless, after installation is where you don't have to use the installation disc as long as it's installed onto the HDD.
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TwistedMetal  +   569d ago
neutral gamers don't have 3 bubbles they have 5 because they know not to be dumb and support crap xbox 360 and xbox one because of how ms trys to screw everyone over all the time lol.
InsaneGam3r  +   570d ago
Please buy it on the Playstation....
Saddam_hussein  +   570d ago
Any perticular reason why?
ZodTheRipper  +   570d ago
Because he asked nicely?
maximus1985  +   570d ago
because i dont like pulling out after install....or at all :)
xtremexx  +   570d ago
errr no?
inf3cted1  +   570d ago
No. Ill buy it for the Xbox. Thats where most of my friends are, anyway.
NobleTeam360  +   569d ago
Let me think about it.
SpideySpeakz  +   570d ago
Sony made sure R* 'forgot' to put on the 360 version.
Microsoft did the same thing with GTA4, by paying $25 million for timed exclusivity.
Aceman18  +   570d ago
and i still ended up buying it for PS3 knowing full well it would arrive on the system in due time lol.
Eyeco  +   569d ago
correction $50 million plus
JoeSchmoh  +   570d ago
it was originally a playstation exclusive game
PSVita  +   570d ago
I highly doubt that
maximus1985  +   570d ago
i think hes refering to past gtas before 4
PSVita  +   569d ago
His comment wasn't a reply and it an article on GTA V, I don't think he's talking about the game before GTA IV. Even if he was they started out on the ps1, PC and GBC.
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Vanessa144   570d ago | Spam
quenomamen  +   570d ago
Whats the big deal ? You see the same thing with 360 and Call It Doodie. Only question is will the 360 version be gimped on purpose by Rockstar like the PS3 version of COD is by the hacks over at Infinity Ward and Treyarch. And unlike them I think Rockstar still has a bit of pride left in what they do so the game should run fine on 360.
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Salooh  +   570d ago
Rockstar are talented developers . Making Ps3 lead platform will mean great ps3 version and X360 will either get the same quality port or near it. But if you make X360 as a lead platform the ps3 most of the time get a bad port.

I for one never noticed the differences in multiplatforms between the consoles .
YodaCracker  +   570d ago
As Rockstar have already stated, there is no lead platform. Both versions are being developed simultaneously. No ports:

0pie  +   570d ago
Eh... its nothing new! It sometime happen when 2 company like rockstar and sony playstation make a deal between them.

I guess the deal must be something like ; sony pay a part of the advertisement of the game if they only publish playstation as the system on the ad.

If im right i think its the same thing with cod with xbox and it was the same thing for some of the assassin creed with playstation

this article is useless...
ApolloTheBoss  +   570d ago
This comments section is rustling a lot of jimmies.
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KristiRToledo12   570d ago | Spam
Clunkyd  +   570d ago
wouldn't be funny if an xbox fanboy spray paint, " and for xbox 360" on the bottom next to ps3 lol
Tito08  +   569d ago
And I wouldn't be surprised if they do, lol.
jah-Fu  +   569d ago
got no friends huh?
i8urCAKE  +   570d ago
This is good,very good.
poopfart   570d ago | Spam
vigilante_man  +   570d ago
If I remember correctly GTA 4 had massively timed 360 DLC release. In fact it was so long before it came to PS3 it was almost obscene! A bit of an insult to all the PS3 fans who bought the game.

I don't like timed exclusives, DLC or preferred marketing. Just me. Yes it happens, but I don't like it!
claud3  +   570d ago
Now that is how you assume the other has the edge over the competition
ThisJarContainsTHC  +   570d ago
The fanboy in me had to laugh about this.

Wasn't the Xbox heavily favored with GTAIV? Tables do turn, it's the way of the world.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   570d ago
The ad wasn't placed by Rockstar. We've seen this sort of thing in the past. And there is an exclusive PS3 + GTA V bundle on the way.
Jeff257  +   569d ago
They are also selling a GTA V branded Sony Pulse elite headset at the same time. Even better is that those who already have the Pulse Elite will be able to download the GTA V Sound Mode.
scullyuk2013  +   570d ago
why is everyone moaning about which console is better.....end of the day you lot moaning about this ad should be thankful that its coming to both consoles.....either way its only going to play as good on the ps3 as it is on the xbox 360. tho i cant deny im well excited for GTA V's release!
chikane  +   569d ago
this isn't 2008 .. think about that one

PS3 Rules
KontryBoy706  +   569d ago
PS3 FTW I just don't see how it was an accident. Like... "isn't something missing?"... "Nope, nothing more to put on this Ad".
sarshelyam  +   569d ago
Didn't anyone seen the run in GameStop? After the first big marketing push when the date slipped, came the full force marketing that had no mention of any platform other than PlayStation 3. Hell, even the blue aurora was all over the place. If one weren't in the know, it would be assumed that PS3 was the only place to get GTAV!

Couple that with the fact that GameStop will be carrying, exclusively, the GTAV Special Edition Pulse Elite Headset and BOOM!
RM-TatoTiburon  +   569d ago
Dat Sony paycheck
ghostrider32  +   569d ago
This is not a big deal. Especially when R* said there is no lead platform, they are being developed on both systems. And looking at these stupid comments makes me more excited to laugh at the stupid and obviously rigged graphics comparisons on Youtube.
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Rendermonk  +   569d ago
I'd love to see it be a timed exclusive for the PS4. Sony can come out at GamesCom and announce the PS4's release date as 9/17/13!! Then they will roll a big 4 over top that 3 on the 20 foot banner. Now that would be great! While the franchise did start on PS1 and on PC, as far as gaming consoles are concerned, it's been a Sony exclusive all except for GTA4. So this would in fact be a triumphant move for Sony and GTA. Would be shocking on so many levels, it's guaranteed to steal all headlines. PS4 release date 9/17/13! GTAV on PS4 day and date!! This would be a move to top all moves....really does need to happen.
#30 (Edited 569d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Jeff257  +   569d ago
GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas all came out on the XBOX. Also I'd rather see a new Red Dead game on the next gen consoles instead of them porting GTA V to the PS4 and XBOX One.
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