New NYC GTA 5 Ad Forgets About The Xbox 360 version

Gameranx: "Rockstar has put together an ad for GTA 5 mentioning only the PS3, while foregoing mention of the Xbox 360."

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abzdine1472d ago

PS3 is superior version, it's understandable

Hydrolex1472d ago

360 doesn't even lift bro, everyone knows that

SuperLupe1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Sony wrote a check for a publicity deal so its understandable. Just like they wrote a check for Destiny exclusived timed DLC and what have you.

Saddam_hussein1472d ago

Sweet. Where did you read that?

ZodTheRipper1472d ago

lol @ "forgot"
You don't forget such things when making a 20 meter long advertising banner.

HammadTheBeast1472d ago


Unlike CoD or BF4 timed DLC, Destiny has exclusive content. Not timed.

gaffyh1472d ago

This is pretty normal actually, just like on Ass Creed ads, they only mention PS3 for example. On a side note, that's a huge advert, never seen one that big in UK.

SilentNegotiator1472d ago


Uhhh, the size of the banner would have nothing to do with someone's capacity to make a mistake.

That said, it was probably just a placement funded by Sony.

AngelicIceDiamond1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Its obvious no other site picked this up...

Except N4G.

Its super obvious Sony have an exclusive deal with R* which means "not showing the other console" and you have comments like @Abzdine.

You see posters like this relating to COD every year on Xbox.

Your commeent makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Care to explain what your comment means @Abzdine.

Bet you bubbles he can't explain without sounding like a fanboy.

Salooh1472d ago

Never heard of a developer get paid for a lead platform . However , the advertisement and exclusive content are paid from sony which MS do too so i wouldn't make it a big deal right now ..

Mainman1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

If the X360 isn't mentioned in the add, then Sony probably subsidized the add or something.

This happens all the time btw. There are a bunch of adds on tv, banner's etc for multi-plat games that only mention a single platform. This is most likely due to the platform holder sponsoring the add instead of the publisher.

brodychet1472d ago

I'm glad they do it. All those XBox360 commercials. For COD, and The Elder Scrolls, the commercial always ends with "get it now on Xbox 360!" Leaving all other systems behind.

Ezz20131472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

both versions will be fine
and every one will enjoy a great game
but i'm happy to see sony is doing good job at marketing games on ps3

Ares84HU1472d ago

Not sure which version is superrior but let me say this: a ton of times multiplatform games were just advertised for the xbox 360 while there was no mention of the PS3 version and no one really cared (in the gaming journalism world). Now that the tables turn it's suddenly unaccaptable and news worthy??

Give me a brake.

snipab8t1472d ago

How could you possibly know that?

yess1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

@ AngelicIceDiamond

"Its obvious no other site picked this up...

Except N4G."

Where N4G is using other sources for it's article's.

Do you even know how N4G works o_0

tokugawa1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

shock horror... a company paying for the advertising

and seeing as they are creating a bundle with a picture on the box, is it not obvious that some money changed hands for advertising??

thekhurg1472d ago

@super -

The destiny stuff is not timed, it's for the life of the game per the interview with bungie.

DeadlyFire1472d ago

I detect a timed PS4 exclusive deal possibly in the works.

Perjoss1472d ago

"PS3 is superior version, it's understandable "

The 360 version of gta4 ran at a higher resolution and had better frame rates (then ps3 version).

I'm just saying

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RedHawkX1472d ago

ps3 is the superior version might as well start getting your titles on the ps3 so your trophies can transfer over to the also superior ps4. its best to get started now because xbox one is dead boy and girls.

im gonna be playing the heck out of gta on the ps3 because playstation is where 3d open world gta started.

scofios1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Nobody wants the 5 disc version :-)

Kingdom Come1472d ago

360 Versipn is two discs, one for the game, one for installation...

ThatCanadianGuy5141472d ago

lol two discs.It's been 8 years since i bought a DVD disc, let alone a 2-disc dvd set.

contradictory1472d ago

i still find it amusing that it's a thing...
last time i bought a game with multiple discs was Final Fantasy IX in early 2000's...
although do keep in mind that i haven't bought any pc games since....ever...?
yeah, the latest pc game i got was Star Wars BFII
and even that only had one disc haha

Kurt Russell1472d ago

I don't see a problem with having an installation disc personally... The game will run off 1 disc after that horrifying 10 mins :/

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3-4-51472d ago

Video Game remakes would like to have a word with you MR. Yolo.

hakeem09961472d ago

How stupid are you guys are . Everytime you see a poster with only one console mention is because that console paid for the damn poster or commercial .This should be comment knowledge for everyone by now . I hate this kind of fanboys article .Gets stupider each time

Protosism1472d ago




dontbhatin1472d ago

Don't know what comments you are seeing, but just about everyone above you is posting with knowledge of the ad being sponsored by Sony. And your angry and poorly written post just made me chuckle.

TwistedMetal1472d ago

don't be so naïve and you wouldn't get fanboys if you and everyone else just supported the better system the ps3 and the ps4. butttt nooooo you have to go full retard and lose bubbles and peace of mind because you want to be a fanboy. if you cant beat playstation then join playstation so you can relax and sleep at night lol. its the best system anyways so what is your problem with playstation for christe sake?