Saints Row IV has 109 songs, seven radio stations: get the full list here

Deep Silver and Volition have lifted the wraps off the full track listing for upcoming sequel Saints Row IV.

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KrisButtar1263d ago

Cypress Hill - "Insane In The Brain"

wonder if there is a sing a long like there was in SR3 with Sublime

xHeavYx1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

The rock/metal stations always disappoint =/

memots1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Lol what section? It's not even existent.....

JaneGLowe151263d ago Show
SlapHappyJesus1263d ago

Checked out the list earlier today. Some rather good tracks there. Didn't care for much of the music from the third game, personally.

T21263d ago

Yeah this is one area where gta outdoes sr by a lot .. Even vice city has better music than sr3

creatchee1263d ago

The Aerosmith/Nuke scene from the recent preview was brilliant. My favorite from The Third was the Helicopter dive to Power by Kanye West. Epic stuff.

stefan7711263d ago ShowReplies(1)
Tornadobounce1263d ago

I just hope the vehicles handle alot better or I won't be listening to any of them!

CommonSense1263d ago

Handling better? I can't think of a game where it's easier to drive a car than in SR3.

You mean more realistically?

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