When do we recognize what Microsoft has done right?

FrontBurnr: I’m a fan of gaming in general. In this last generation, I have honestly found myself preferring the Xbox 360 experience over PS3 and Wii when it comes to consoles. With that being said, I was ready to jump on this next generation of consoles and bought the 3DS, Vita and Wii U all on launch day. The PS4 and Xbox One will follow suit, although the decision wasn’t an easy one when it came to the Xbox One.

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agentxk1590d ago

Well, I guess we can't say they are anti consumer anymore. Also Mattrick is gone.

xHeavYx1590d ago

I think this describes MS the best
"They are making the right moves but they can never make that first impression again"
I agree with the person who said that MS was forced to do all those changes, they weren't listening to their consumers

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Enate1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

@edonus Since when is gaming something you do and feel nothing? Plenty of people are passionate about games and that in itself is a feeling. To feel nothing is to be something other then human. You can claim to be indifferent but you feel something. A company giving sarcastic, rude and immature answers to consumers raising honest concerns. Will always have a backlash on any company. It really is just simple ethics and common sense.

iamnsuperman1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

That is even more evident in their other ventures. They come off as awkward and weird. (the surface ad. I don't know what is going on here)
Good products just awful impressions given off in the ads

One thing I would say is I don't like the "Xbox team" (the public front guys). They come off as arrogant when all they need to do is let the product sell itself. Every Microsoft conference in the last couple of years has been awkward to watch. They spoke down to you instead of speaking at you. Got to say though the 2013 E3 conference was a big step in the right direction but they still did those weird inter conversation with each other on-stage/trash talk moments

Now hopefully since Mattrick has gone the new woman can address this because I do not like it. To me it is the number one thing Microsoft needs to address and change this next generation

This next generation launch Microsoft has made some missteps. But they now seem to be on a good path. I just hope their PR team doesn't go back to what they were before because that is the single thing that lets Microsoft down. Microsoft can advertise games but not themselves

JokesOnYou1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

edonus, I completely agree, nevermind the fact that the console is meant to cater to a variety of people so where YOUR feelings are hurt some US saw it as a more forward thinking approach that appeals to them for their own personal reasons, yet these self righteous folks act as if its an personal attack on them because of course the law says you have to buy an X1 like car insurance.

In the end the reason they still complain despite the changes is because they never cared in the first place and their agenda is to always find a reason to complain about the competition. Its no different than all the paying for online complaints we heard for years, its terrible until sony does it.

malokevi1590d ago


Exactly. All of this whining from gamers is purely opportunistic. These are people looking for an excuse to bash Microsoft, not people who are genuinely looking forward to next-gen videogames.

Its a gaming console. Who cares how the heartless corporation that oversees it "attempted to mistreat gamers". lol.

They have all the money in the world. They can rescind their attempts and lather on the goodness, so whats the problem? Even if they had gone through with their original plan, its THEIR console, with which they can do as they please. They aren't your daddy, and they don't have your "feelings" in mind.

xHeavYx1590d ago

@Malokevi, Joke and Edonus.
What? Seriously? You would buy something regardless of how much crap you have to put up with from the company that makes the product? For what, to use your console to watch TV on your TV while it monitors yor heartbeat?
Wow, the level of blindness is just amazing

4Sh0w1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Heavy what crap are you referring to? Like Jokes said what you may not like others might make good use of X1 original policies, its not all about you.

What you are doing is generalizing just to make micro out to be the bad guy so be specific because if its the drm stuff then that was appealing for some of us because of gaming sharing, along with never needing the disc again, which btw games could still be sold, always online was good for me too, Im always online the last 6yrs, so X1 is always updated and games would benefit because devs know everyone is connected so they fully take advantage of cloud servers, now they have to take a step back to design games with the idea that some dont have a everyday access to the internet, I get that and its fine so more people can enjoy, thats great but it is a lesser approach for devs. Truth the original X1 policies were far from crap, maybe too early but definitely not all doom n gloom about what was proposed. So tell me about "how much crap" we need to put up with vs any other company???

Im just so sick of people like you who think their opinion on how we should game is the only way it should be.

redwin1590d ago

Every time that MS comes out with a new machine it changes the landscape of gaming and its demonized for it. This is good, we have two big company trying to out do each other, one conservatively and another radically. I don't have a problem with either of them. I will own them both. Know this, Sony copies MS, they always at the end, and that's not bad either. That's how you stay competitive .

dark-hollow1590d ago

And Sony and Nintendo don't do the same? They don't make moves that makes sense in business more than "listening" to the fans.

If they are listening then where are the cross platforms game profiles from Nintendo? Where is the third party cheap memory cards for the vita from Sony?

And again with this "first impression" bullcrap! If that's the case nobody would buy the ps3 after it lackluster launch. If it true then millions of casuals would've bought the Wii u. Companies make mistakes, and good companies that fix it mistakes. If you think ms, Sony or Nintendo fixes their mistakes for true genuinely "listening to the fans" then you are the blind one.

guitarded771590d ago

That's what I said when they started reverting on their policies, and I damn near got crucified for it.

It's a common saying that "You only have one chance at a first impression"... and there is a lot of truth to that.

MS F'd up royally by letting the suits dictate the money hungry policies for the XBOX One. Now they are trying to do what they should have done in the first place.

I'm glad gamers voiced their disdain for what MS tried to do. I'm glad companies like GameStop forced their hand for us gamers.

I've said it before... I trust NO company... not MS, not Sony, not Nintendo. They all want my money, but they have to earn it. People loyal to ANY company disgust me with their stupidity.

Now that MS has reverted on some things, I will consider buying an XBOX One, but it will probably be after a price drop, and a new Gears is out.

malokevi1590d ago

"What? Seriously? You would buy something regardless of how much crap you have to put up with from the company that makes the product? For what, to use your console to watch TV on your TV while it monitors yor heartbeat?
Wow, the level of blindness is just amazing "

You say "crap", I say "what the hell are you ranting on about?"

I have absolutely no issue with anything that has been put forth. Its a VIDEOGAME CONSOLE. I will buy it to play VIDEOGAMES, not to play spin the bottle with MS CEOs.

Diver1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

When? When it was their idea an not because consumers put a financial gun to their head an backed them into a corner.

When? When they design a console that puts core GAMERS first.

Darrius Cole1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


I don't know what Heavy is referring to by crap. But when I think of crap from Microsoft I think of the DRM, always online requirement, and mandatory Kinect. Now Microsoft is trying to walk back most of that but it's kind of like agreeing not to beat your children after the judge threatens to send you to prison.

Microsoft wasn't listening to its customers; Microsoft was looking at their pre-order numbers, and saw that the new Xbox One was on track to sell the same number of units as the 1st Xbox one. After seeing these low pre-orders, they walked back their attempts to take advantage of their fanboys to the detriment of all console gaming. Refraining from doing something bad is not the same as doing something good.

And don't get it twisted, it would have been bad for ALL OF CONSOLE GAMING if the DRM-enable Xbone had been allowed to maintain the 360's marketshare. If Company A sees Company B making profit from providing less, then company a will try to duplicate that. That is what happened with paying for online play.

Online play on the PS3 was fine and it was free. Online play on Xbox 360 was also fine but MS charged people to use it, and paid no penalty in the marketplace for charging. Xbox fans loved the fact that they were paying and were convinced that somehow the connection was better because they were paying for Xbox Live. So Sony saw that, knew that they would pay no penalty for charging for online, and realized that they were leaving free money on the table by not charging for online play. Now PS4 users will have to pay to play online. WE ARE NOW ALL WORSE OFF BECAUSE ROUGHLY HALF OF THE MARKET WAS WILLING TO ACCEPT A WORSE DEAL FOR ONLINE PLAY.

The DRM would have been the same thing, but much, MUCH worse. If Microsoft had gotten away with that then next generation no gamer would have owned any game that he bought, and we would have seen NO CORRESPONDING PRICE CUT.

I'm glad that the marketplace moved decisively against the new Xbox One. The marketplace needs for Microsoft to be punished for attempting this.

malokevi1590d ago

"And don't get it twisted, it would have been bad for ALL OF CONSOLE GAMING if the DRM-enable Xbone had been allowed to maintain the 360's marketshare. If Company A sees Company B making profit from providing less, then company a will try to duplicate that. That is what happened with paying for online play. "

You can't have your cake and eat it too, buddy.

If it was such a horrible idea as you all seem to think, and if it really was "financial suicide", then it would have doomed MS and created a great opportunity for Sony.

But then, "it would have been bad for the industry because it would have been a success...."

funny how fanboy logic always falls apart.

JokesOnYou1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Darius Cole

"Microsoft wasn't listening to its customers; Microsoft was looking at their pre-order numbers, and saw that the new Xbox One was on track to sell the same number of units as the 1st Xbox one."

-Which is exactly like listening to the consumer, however prior to the 180 X1 was ahead of ps4 for about a week on amazon bestsellers (not ahead in total preorders, just selling more at that time)also there were reports of sellouts from several retailers, so I think it was more about bad press/online backlash than low preorders, they likely just didn't want the reputation of forcing consumers to change, not caring about military, people who don't have internet etc.

Also drm wouldn't force the industry to go completely that route anymore than the wii which led the market last gen forced out traditional controllers a fear tactic commonly used last gen to knock the wii, also its evident sony did their own thing at E3 despite policies they knew Microsoft wanted to implement. People like you just want a ps4 and out of spite prevent others from having a different platform, you'd rather us just have a ps4-like-X1.

Darrius Cole1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

The new Xbox One was doomed and it did create an opportunity for Sony. That doom would have come to fruition, if the Xbone had continued its DRM policies. It was on the path to Oblivion to join the Gamecube and the first Xbox One.

The reality is that the core gamers, even those loyal to the Xbox platform, were NOT going to buy an Xbone. MS changed those DRM policies because that fact had begun to show in the sales numbers.

My point was that if Microsoft had been able to fool their faithful into buying into the DRM policies, ALL gamers would have be worse off because WE ALL would have GOTTEN LESS FOR OUR MONEY. That is what happened with online play. Microsoft tried to take it further at apply it to all games. That attempt deserves to punishment.


If you want to argue that watching the sales numbers is listening to customers because the only speech that matters is what customers say with their wallet, then I'll go along with that.

I do not believe that DRM could have become successful in real life. However, the DRM would indeed have force the industry to go along with that, IF IT HAD BEEN SUCCESSFUL.

Developers for some reason believe that customers don't have the right to sell the copies of the games that they buy. They believe that those second-hand sales it hurt. They are wrong but they believe it.

Assume the Xbone had kept its DRM and acheived 360-like marketshare, without hurting profits from video game sales. If that had happened then all developers and publishers, on their own, would have enacted similar programs across all platforms. There would be no reason for them not to do it. They believe that second-hand sales hurt them(a reason to do it), AND they would have had evidence that DRM does not hurt them (no reason not to do it).

The result would be that all gamers would have to pay more money for their game library, or they would get to experience fewer games. In other words, WE WOULD ALL BE WORSE OFF. By "we" I mean the consumers of core video games.

malokevi1590d ago

You're still trying to keep your cake while you cram it down your face...

"fool their faithful"? "worse for all of us"? It would have been a success, or a flop. It would have bolstered Sony, or doomed them to the same fate.

Not both.

If you and every other "core gamer" buys a PS4 because of XB1 policy choices, then the market would decide the victor, and the spoils would go to the console with higher adaptation rates. This is what you would have us believe with all the ranting about "consumer rights".

Such a poorly conceived, convoluted argument. Lathered in BS. If its as universally bad as you people seem to suggest, than it was doomed to fail, and bound to add credence to Sony's position.

The only logical conclusion is that your all talking from between your @sscheeks, and that the whole "DRM/always online" isn't as horrible as everyone here seems to yell.

GT671590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


MS is FORCED to listen to investors only...listen to consumers???? really!! the people who pay their checks by buying their products naaaaaah!!!! if companies did that we would have full complete games as it was back in the day
no DLC crap.

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Maddens Raiders1590d ago

"When do we recognize what Microsoft has done right?"

When they are not talking.

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andrewsqual1590d ago

That I will agree with. If you told me 6 months ago that Microsoft "might be dropping the paid for Gold on Xbox Live" I would have laughed.
Now, since their forced DRM gargantuan screw up and the eyes on the naysayers being opened for the first time ever to Microsoft's ways, I would believe it.

Rushing_Punch1590d ago

You know what both consoles HAVEN'T done right? Release dates... Give them to me, pls.

agentxk1590d ago

It sounds like the 2nd and last weeks of November.

xilly1590d ago

Last rumor I heard was the last week of November for the XB1 and second week of December for PS4.

JeffGUNZ1590d ago

I highly expect the Xbox One to release on or right before COD Ghosts as MS probably wants that to be viewed as a XBOX platform type of game. I am expecting both the console and the system to launch the same week if not the same day.

NYC_Gamer1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I have always bought 2 consoles to go with my PC and that's not going to change..PS4/X1 are both worth buying in my opinion and i'm not looking for acceptance or the popular vote on my decision to want both/ view them as great machines that will offer quality features and software..Nintendo could turn things around software wise and have me wanting Wii U down the line too.

agentxk1590d ago

Very well said, it's too bad that everyone isn't as level-headed as you!

hellvaguy1590d ago

Thats pretty expensive and puts alot of electronic clutter under your tv. But I can see some benefit to going that route. Kinda sux next-gen isnt bc so you could sell off older systems.

fermcr1590d ago

Smart man. I'll probably get them both, just not at launch. Actually I'm not getting any of the consoles at launch... no rush.

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Septic1590d ago

Microsoft got off to an awful start. I mean, it was terrible. I can't even stomach watching the first unveiling because it was that terrible.

Microsoft made all the wrong moves. It unveiled the console and relegated games to the background whilst confirming everyone's fears via leaks that it was trying to be an entertainment machine first. This was made all the worse when considering how good Sony's first show was and how they reinforced their commitment to games.

Microsoft then really redeemed itself in the gaming front with a great E3 as far as games were concerned. No long marketing spiel and overly long sales figure spouting, no...they just showed back to back games. This was a far cry from their previous E3 performances (and I can't recall anyone else doing it in such a committed fashion).

But then, all this was eclipsed by their DRM policies and Sony's announcement just added salts to the gaping wounds.

Microsoft then made things worse again with the completely vague nature of their responses. To this day, does anybody know exactly how the games sharing feature was supposed to work? If you're going to be bold enough to take the lead with the digital future, at least have the decency to spill out exactly what you're doing.

And then the U-turn. This still irks me because it shows that Microsoft really didn't have a concrete plan for their vision or had the conviction to stick by it.

Microsoft is still on the defensive. It has done certain things right and has learnt its lessons. Microsoft has been slapped in the face by the community and therefore, you'll see more disclosure from them, more attempts to 'properly' engage with the community. But there are still things that it needs to do, mainly because of the strong position that Sony is in right now.

Has it done right? To an extent but it had no choice considering the shambles that was the reveal. Has it done enough? Time will tell but I still think there is a lot Microsoft have to do to reinforce the confidence that it shattered so quickly with the X1 reveal.

Chaostar1590d ago

Another one trying to convince himself that MS are 'listening to their fans' in regards to the 180.

You can give them that massive benefit of the doubt or you can look at exactly when they changed the policy and come to a more balanced conclusion.

Did they change the policies after the Adam Orth incident? No

Did they change the policies after the reveal backlash? No

Did they change the policies after E3 backlash? No
(they didn't even have it planned as the Angry Joe interview revealed)

Did they change the policies after PS4 pre-orders shot way up above Xb One? Yes

Now really, what does this tell you?

MS have really started to turn things around as of late but pretending like it's because of a loving kindness toward their fans is pure fantasy.

golding891590d ago Show
agentxk1590d ago

Fairly certain that this article does address the timing.

With that being said, they still are listening to what consumers want. Of course they want to sell consoles.

Also, they changed their first set of policies soon after E3. It likely was a major decision in the change. Do you really think that Major Nelson sits in on development meetings?

Chaostar1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

NOW they are listening yes, but it took a massive hit in pre-orders before their ears opened. If they had it planned to change the policies at E3, why the smeg would they let their PR guys go out and argue the importance of having the DRM and always online stuff in place?

Also the article does not take the timing into consideration, which is why I brought it up.

UnHoly_One1590d ago

It tells me that like every other business in the world, they enjoy making money.

And every once in awhile, a business will choose to change their product or service in order to make more money.

I don't get you guys that have this opinion that MS is this horrible money hungry company, but Sony is somehow just in the games market to listen to customer feedback and make the product that you want.

The truth of the matter is that they are EXACTLY the same, the only difference between them is your perception of their intentions.

Chaostar1590d ago

Woah woah woah, you're putting words into my mouth.

I never said MS is a "horrible money hungry company", nor do i think "Sony is somehow just in the games market to listen to customer feedback and make the product that you want". We actually agree that both are just companies trying to make money.

I'm only arguing against the perception that MS made the decision to change their policies due to the outcry of fans and not pre-order numbers. If the former were true, the Adam Orth incident would have been the time to do it.

UnHoly_One1590d ago

I realize you didn't say either of those things, but your entire post was designed to give the impression that MS made the change only because of pre-order numbers (money).

And I addressed that part of the post to "you guys" as a generalization towards all of N4G and their anti-MS attitudes.

Yes, they made the decision when the pre-order numbers started showing up, because that is how businesses operate.

They obviously talked about this a lot before deciding to go ahead with the DRM thing. They probably had a whole team of people just to research and make these decisions.

Things like the Adam Orth incident happened and they probably had emergency meetings about if they should change or not.

When it all came down to it, they decided to take a calculated risk and see if it worked. They probably thought a lot of people were "all talk" when they make big statements like "if they do that I'll never buy anything from them again".

People say stuff like that all the time and don't mean it, especially on the internet. So it's awfully hard to figure out exactly what people do and don't want, and what people will and won't buy.

They decided to go for it, and it wasn't working, so they changed it.

I'm sorry if I came off as aggressive towards your post, my reply was honestly meant for everyone, and yours just seemed like the appropriate place to put it.

CYCLEGAMER1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


Look I am going to tell you like I have told many others, I really wasn't going to say anything, but I want you all to get this through your heads or at least, think about how this works.

We as consumers have to speak with our wallets, there is no real way to get ur point across. As far as Microsoft is concerned, the people/their fan base has spoken.

Think of it this way, your girlfriend says that she is really upset with you and if things don't change today she will leave you, won't speak to you anymore and will find someone else. Would you take her words seriously if she is still having sex with you 2-3 months down the line?? She is going to have to tell you AND show you by not seeing or having sex with you anymore in order for you to make any changes, if you you want to keep her.

Show me a REAL WORLD example of a company changing its policies, strictly based on the consumers words. This is almost unheard of in the consumer electronics business. It takes the conjunction of the peoples voice and wallets (mainly wallets) for things to change. Your voice TELLS the company how you feel and your wallet SHOWS them what you are going to do about it. They will not believe what you are saying unless you show them (with you wallet). They will not know why the product is not selling unless you tell them. One will not work without the other. What Microsoft has done, is considered listening to your market/fanbase. There is no other realistic way to get it done in this market.


Man I wish I would have read your comment b4 I started typing....would have saved me a lot of time.

Bubbles to you for a well said, sensible comment and for helping me TRY to help these guys understand how this works.

Chaostar1590d ago

A loving partner would try and implement changes after being asked and not after being black mailed with no sex.

LoveOfTheGame1590d ago

You have no idea how the real world works do you, lol.

Also he never said anything about love, only sex. Two completely different things.

CYCLEGAMER1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


Is that really all that you got out of my comment??? Its an analogy, you are a smart person (bubbles galore), take my analogy and apply it to the situation, these companies do not love us like a person would, they love our money (you know that already).

And for those who disagree with my statement, show some courage and speak up on how my comment doesn't make any sense (if you really believe that).

Chaostar1590d ago

We're making exactly the same argument here, which is why I'm not refuting you.

The only difference is you are equating 'listening' as acting only after you are threatened with action and not after being asked nicely.

We're both saying same the same thing, that MS acted only after being threatened with 'no sex' (pre-orders) and not before. I agree that it makes business sense only to react when you see a negative impact. I was making the same point that you have just reiterated, "these companies do not love us like a person would, they love our money (you know that already)" and I called out the writer for thinking just that.

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