New screenshots of Halo 3's Legendary maps

Bungie has released batch of some new screenshots in hi-res of Halo 3's Legendary maps.

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SuperSaiyan43609d ago

Am sorry but imo Halo 3 was hyped even more than Halo 2 and it turned out to be nothing special, Halo 1 is where its at, story, music, gameplay and AI the overall feel of HALO 1 is awesome.

I think many are more interested in COD4 than HALO 3 and once GTA 4 comes out game over for tons of games I reckon.

iAmPS33609d ago

COD4 and GTAIV are way over HALO 3, way over.

kcdude3609d ago

I think it would be cool if they remade Halo one with updated graphics, but did not alter gameplay/style at all.

EastCoastSB3609d ago

Meh, all I really wanna play is Blackout. I'll probably just DL them when they're free during the summer slump.

George Washington3608d ago

wtf is up with all you halo haters. probably just ps3 fanboys flaming away like always. halo 3 is better than cod4. it has alot more veriety and modes. which is what keeps me playing it. cod4 just got boring as hell. its the same thing every time. just run, shoot ,run ,shoot. halo has tons of vehicles and tons diffrent modes where killing everyone on sight isnt the objective.

blucas3608d ago

They clearly have nothing better to do than post in treads "their not interested in"