Interplay looking for Fallout MMO funding, announces raft of oldie sequels

Interplay has announced earnings of $6 million for fiscal 2007 and plans to gain funding for a Fallout MMO.

Outlining a roadmap for the company's future, a statement said that "management is working to secure funding for the development of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) based on the popular "Fallout" franchise. Interplay sold "Fallout" in 2007 while obtaining a license back, under certain conditions, to create and develop a Fallout MMOG."

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Bigrhyno3904d ago

Every company announcing they are going to make MMOs based off their popular titles.

JsonHenry3904d ago

Yeah, same here. But only because I find MMOs to be extremely boring. Go here, bring back this many of this, rinse, repeat. Come back in six months when you are level capped and start over with a slightly different character.

No thanks. Not even for Fallout.

Captain Tuttle3904d ago

Has been talking about doing this for years. Whoever owns them now is just using them as a tax right-off. This will never happen.

socomnick3904d ago

Fallout mmo is kinda interesting. I wouldn't mind trying it out.

Percy3903d ago

This would be a cool mmo but not by interplay. The only reason they want to raise money for it is because they are running out of time. Bethesda will soon own the rights to the mmo do to the sale of the fallout ip. The deal said that if interplay can not raise money and release the game by a certain date then bethesda has the rights to make them mmo which im pretty sure they will do. So hopefully they get no funding and bethesda makes it instead.