Even Saints Row Devs Admit to Enjoying GTA

Scott Phillips, design director for Saints Row IV (of Volition,) discusses his experience to date with the Grand Theft Auto series of games and says he can't wait for GTA V.

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N7Lukas1751d ago

And why shouldn't they? This mentality of giving allegiance to one single company is pathetic. If you like the look of something, buy it, regardless of who the company is that made it.

Wuket1751d ago

The article makes this point too. It's more about his thoughts on the series.

vishmarx1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

only person i can imagine not enjoying gta would be a wii u fanboy after he learns that it'll never come on his beloved system
disagree all you want but its the truth
at first they want all games ,but when the game bombs or never releases(i.e.everything cept first party) ,its supposedly the worst game ever, nobody wanted it in the first place

fsfsxii1751d ago

Ignorant statement.
I do not enjoy GTA games, am i a wii u fanboy now??

SlapHappyJesus1751d ago

So . . .
This was less about the article above, more about you ranting over something you don't like.

All right then.

nick3091751d ago

Saints row was created because of gta, of course they enjoyed the series.

ThisJarContainsTHC1751d ago

Obviously, it did inspire them to create Saint's Row afterall.

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