Saints Row 4 opening mission revealed

VG247:Saints Row 4 is coming at you with guns and anal probes blazing soon, and to prepare you for the onslaught, we’ve got the opening mission.

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wow this is too cool got it pre-oreded on PSN

stone_cold1151d ago

the game looks bad and why the Hell they killing Arabs

nick3091151d ago

Why kill americans in games?

KarlaJBroadnax1151d ago SpamShow
Tdmd1151d ago

Take away the super-powers and the invulnerability, and this could actually be a fun game... maybe.

maximus19851151d ago

yeah seriously i wish they didnt go so far with the crazyness but who knows maybe its good that way

ChickeyCantor1151d ago

If you want GTA wait for GTA5. FFS it's meant to be over the top.

CrossingEden1151d ago

"Take away the things that are making the game a unique satirical open world sandbox style and maybe I'LL find this game fun, because if I don't find something fun, then it's obviously not fun"
seriously, people like you are the reason why game developers are afraid to try new things

Tdmd1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Trying new things is not the same as to completly change a franchise into something else - which is what have happened here. Rocksteady tried new things with Arkham City, but it was still an Arkham game.

Seriously, people like you are the reason why developers have been butchering so many great franchises this gen (Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, DmC). Change is good - but you gotta respect your source material, as well as your original fanbase.

Heisenburger1151d ago

I didn't enjoy three at all.

However I will be getting four for the co-op.

Something my buddy and I can play together that isn't competitive while we wait for PS4.

Anthotis1151d ago

Good stuff. Looking forward to getting this.

TheCatsMeow1151d ago

This games looks like its going to be fun, but it looks exactly like 3.
Saints Row 3 > GTA 4.
But this year I'm absolutely stoked for GTA 5 and I'm so happy its coming out next month.

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